Inspire your kids! {Make a painting inspiration file}

Happy Saturday folks! About 3 weeks ago I undertook the daunting task of helping my children clean their rooms. It was a major production. Well, in the midst of cleaning out bins, baskets and boxes I came across a stack of Ranger Rick magazines. The girls said they could be recycled. I remembered when I was a child my art teacher having files of pictures from magazines so whenever I wanted to paint or draw something she had a few pictures I could look at. I have always done this myself too. I tear out interesting photos, or flowers mainly, from magazines and I print photos I have taken and they go sorted by color in a  large accordion folder. If I want to paint and I don’t know what I just sift through my file. It usually takes a few photos melded together to get what I want but that is part of the fun!

DCF 1.0
My daughter and I each used water-soluble oil pastels to paint this parrot from Ranger Rick.

So, you are probably thinking “hey Lindsay, it’s not 1985, we have the internet and we can find any image in 10 seconds.” That’s true, you can probably find just what you are looking for, but, having to think about how to change the photo you have to paint what you want is a fun challenge! Also, I don’t know about you but the minute I sit in front o the screen I lose time, get distracted and often forget what I came for in the first place. That kind of defeats the purpose of creativity. So, before you  toss those magazines in the recycle bin clip out the good ones and file them away for future inspiration  Here are some category ideas:

Animals (jungle, farm, fish, birds)

Flowers (by type or color)

Still life

People (keep the sports illustrated figures for comic book art inspiration!)



Fuel your child’s creativity! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!