Kid’s Craft: Clay Shamrocks!

Happy St. Paddy’s Day! I just wanted to pop in with a quick craft that you can make with your kids today: Polymer clay shamrock pins!

DCF 1.0

I taught this to the children in my library craft class last week and they all turned out great. Here are the supplies you need:

DCF 1.0

Here’s how to make these. Condition 1-2 oz of clay (depending how big you want your shamrock.) Divide the clay into 8 equal sized balls. Take 2 balls and gently press them together then pinch them together on the bottom to make  heart and pinch the bumps at the top of the heat flat to make a leaf. Make 3 more leaves. Stick the leaves together by the points. You may want to make a small disk of clay to attach them to. Try to keep the pin about 1/4″ thick throughout. Dust the shamrock with gold eye-shadow or pearl ex. Add details to the brooch with a toothpick if desired  Bake per clay package instructions, cool,  and glue a pin finding on the back.

DCF 1.0

Note: I recommend Tacky Glue for gluing the pin on but it takes hours to fully cure (it will turn clear as in the photo when cured) but if you want to wear it today just use hot glue for now and re glue with tacky glue later if needed 😛

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and as always Happy crafting!

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