Sketchbook Sunday Strawberry Ice Cream!

Hi friends! Today I decided to sketch something summery! I am always a bit sad when summer comes to an end. I love the hot weather, long days and carefree feeling of the summer season.

We can keep summer going a bit longer in our sketchbooks at least!


That’s it for today! I hope you are having a lovely weekend and til next time happy crafting!

Don’t Buy Copics Until You See these Markers (Art-n-Fly Brush Marker Review)

Hi friends! Everyone is looking for an alcohol brush marker that is the same quality os Copics, refillable and with replaceable nibs. Often you can find a cheaper one but you can’t refill them or the tips fray. Today I am going to share a marker that is affordable (around $2 each in sets) refillable (refills are $4.99 for 25 cc of ink) and has replaceable nibs should you damage your marker or wear it out. Sounds pretty great huh? What are these markers you ask? Art-n-Fly and I will go over them in depth in today’s marker review video!

The full selection of Art-n-Fly markers, replacement nibs and refill inks can be purchased on the Art-n-Fly website. Sets can be purchased on Amazon as well ranging in 6 count to 48 count packs. *Affiliate links used

Art-n-fly markers are currently available in 90 colors and they are planning to expand to 200 colors in the next year or two. All of the colors available can be obtained by buying the multipacks where they run about $2 each. You can also purchase individual colors for $4.99 each (the same price as a refill) by contacting customer service.

*note the 24 colors in the 24 pack are duplicated in the 48 pack. Other than that there are 3 colors duplicated if you were to purchase all of the packs as told in their FAQ section:

Q: Do any sets have duplicate colors?

A: Yes, the pastels do have overlap with two sets. The 107BR and 29YR are in both skin tones and pastels (the 107BR is a different shade in the two) and 77PB is also in the 48 marker set. We are working to make that no longer the case!
(end quote)


  • High quality flexible Japanese brush style nib (very similar to Copic)
  • Price: Around $2 in sets
  • Refills available for all colors at $4.99 each
  • Individually colors available by contacting customer service
  • Vivid smooth ink
  • Blends well
  • Replacement nibs available
  • Great customer service
  • Few duplication in color (except for the 24 set is in the 48 set) so you could try a 6 pack of colors to see if you liked them and add packs as your budget allows.
  • Comfortable to hold (rounded octagon shape) and attractive to display.

Potential Cons:

  • As with any alcohol marker, the color chip at the end is not a perfect match for the ink color so swatching is a good idea (this is the case for all alcohol markers tho)
  • Currently the range is only 90 colors and they plan to expand to 200 (which seems like a lot to me but Copic has around 350) *Keep in mind that these marker will blend with Copic or any other brand of alcohol marker you already have.

Bottom line: I like the price of these and the fact that they are refillable and a lifetime marker. With so many disposable markers out now for budget-conscious consumer, it is refreshing to see a company come out with a low price point and a sustainable product. I also like the look of these markers and having the longer color chip make it easy to tell the color no matter how it is laid on the table. I think these are a great alternative to copic markers. You can see all of then Art-n-Fly markers here. I want to thank Art-n-Fly for sending me these products to review as well as thank the viewers who made me aware of this company and requested the review. Happy crafting!

Practice Your Sky Painting!

Hi friends! Need help with skies? This tutorial is for you!

If you want an in-depth class on painting landscapes please consider my Watercolor Landscape Workshop! I’ll walk you through skies, trees, rocks and more and then show you how to put the elements together to create 4 unique landscapes. You can learn more about that here. Now on to today’s free tutorial!

Supplies available at sponsor Jerry’s Artarama! Use coupon code: frugal20FS49 for 20% off $49 + Free Shipping (Excludes: Sale, Super Sale, Egift Cards, Buy It Try It’s and Vendor restricted items. Look for the green coupon eligible icon on the product listing.

That’s it for today! Thanks for watching and if you like it share it with a friend!

Whoo’s Ready for Fall!

Hi friends! Today we are making a stamped card with alcohol marker coloring and rub-on transfers.

There are lots of techniques and ideas in this seemingly simple card, watch the video to see!

This tutorial is sponsored by Top Flight Stamps! SAVE 10% off your next order with coupon code: thefrugalcrafter10 *USA orders of $50+ ship free!


Thanks for stamping with me today and til next time happy crafting!

Fixes for problem pencils!

Hi friends! Today I am going to share a fix for broken colored pencil leads and some ways to prevent the breaks in the future.

I love colored pencils and the softer the better (hello Prismacolor!) But those softer art pencils have a tendency to break. Today I’ll share my quick fix with you and some other longer fixes so you can keep those pencils working well until use use them up because I’d rather see the beautiful pigment on the paper and not in the waste basket!

You will need (affiliate links used)

Directions (if the lead fell out after sharpening)

  1. Dip pencil end in water and blot of excess.
  2. Add a tiny about of gorilla glue to the broken lead and push back in the pencil. Wipe off any excess glue. *If you are using normal super glue do not wet the pencil first. Regular super glue is more brittle so the lead may resnap but it should get the job done.

Prevent breaking leads by using sharp blades in your pencil sharpener. I like this KUM sharpener and you can get replacement blades for it. Or try an electric sharpener, I rarely suffer breaking when I use an electric sharpener, just remember to occasionally sharpen a graphite pencil in it to keep it clean and sharp. If you find you have a problem pencil that is always breaking and dropping lead then you can heat it up to fuse the wax pieces together. Leaving your pencils in a hot card for 10 or 15 minutes should do the trick or folding them in a heating pad (protect it with scrap paper just in case) for 20 minutes should work too. Just keep an eye on your pencils and check then every 5 minutes to make sure wax is not leaking out of the pencil, if so you have heated them plenty. Let them cool completely before sharpening. Also, avoid dropping or banging your pencils as that is what causes the breaks in the wax/oil core of the pencil. If you get a set of pencils with lots or problems contact the seller as they may have been dropped during shipment.

I hope this tip saves you some money and grief! I think I’d like to do a series of Quick fixes like this so if you have an artsy or crafty problem please let me know in the comments below. It might be used in a future video! Happy crafting!

Sketchbook Sunday: A Pair of Pears

Hi friends! I went to visit my sister last week and my nephew picked me these pears from her pear tree. They were sitting on my windowsill and I thought they were to pretty to eat at least until I got a chance to paint them (they were delicious by the way!)

You can find the 1 hour and 25 minutes real-time tutorial in Critique Club. Critique Club is a membership group that allows you to upload 2 original paintings per month for an in-depth critique from me and gives you two intermediate/advanced long tutorials each month. Members also have access to past real-time tutorials posted for Critique Club Members. Critique Club costs $5 a month and you can cancel anytime. If you want to grow as an artist and have access to more advanced tutorials please check it out:)

Supplies (affiliate links used)

I hope you enjoyed this Sketchbook Sunday time-lapse! Remember the real time tutorial can be found in Critique Club and members get access to all past Critique Club tutorials as well so there will be lots to keep you creating! I am enjoying seeing my artists grow in the group and I’d love to have you join us. Thanks for your support! Happy crafting!

Easy Brush Lettering Tricks (anyone can do!)

Hi friends! Today I have some tips to make your handwriting pretty enough for the front of the card!

Best of all you don’t need to have a huge collection of sentiment stamps to make a thoughtful card. Watch the video to see how!

This video is sponsored by Rubber Stamp Tapestry. Use coupon code: LINDSAY and receive 15% off your retail order of $10 or more of peg stamps, peg stamp sets, and unmounted stamps! Coupon expires a week from this video publication. Continue to receive great deals by becoming a PegStamp VIP here. As a PegStamp VIP you’ll get a weekly deal via email plus links to fabulous tutorials by me, Lindsay the Frugal Crafter and other designers.



  1. Working directly on your card (or a separate panel as we did for the embossed card) lay a stip of masking tape wher you want your sentiment to be.
  2. Stamp your images overlapping the tape.
  3. While the tape is still on lay a strip of ⅛” score tape right next to each edge of the masking tape but don’t peel off the backing.
  4. At this point on the dark cardstock you want to remove the masking tape and score tape backing and sprinkle on gold embossing tinsel and heat set.
  5. Remove the masking tape and print, or write your sentiment as neat as you can using big letters with a fine tip pen. Then use a brush tip pen to go over the letterns pressing on the down strokes. Use a bright dye based marker on white cardstock and a metallic on dark cardstock.
  6. On the white card add accents wto the lettering with a Quickie glue pen. Remove the backing on the score tape and sprinkle with red glitter.
  7. If you worked on a separate panel mount it to a card base.

You can change up the stamps, inks and glitter colors to suit your style! Give it a try and til next time happy crafting!

Fall Cornucopia Watercolor Painting

Hi friends! Today we will paint a fall cornucopia!

This can be done by artists of all ages and skill levels. I will show you how to draw this (I used a dry erase board for the drawing, please let me know if you prefer this to just seeing me lightly sketch it on my paper, I think it is easier to see this way.) Then we will paint is starting with wet-in-wet and then refining it afterward. I suggest taking a break after the wet-in-wet portion as this is a long video and it may be hard to find an hour just to paint. Here is the video!

The mat under my painting is the Waffle Flower media mat.

Supplies *I am using Micador for Artists Watercolor supplies for the first time, this is not a review nor is it a sponsored video. I will post a review of these paints after I have used them more. These products were given to me by Micador to try out.

I want to thank Micador for sending me these products to test out. I will post a review once I have used them more. If you are interested in their art and hobby products you can find them here. *I was not paid or obligated to make this video. I hope you give this a try, happy creating!

Simple Sushi Cards!

Hi friends! Today I want to share the cards I made for my teen twin daughters birthday last week.

This is a pretty simple video, you probably know all of this stuff but if you want to visit for a bit and see how it went together here is the video!

*Note: Affiliate links to Hallmark Scrapbook are used. They have the lowest prices on popular stamps, check there first if you are looking for something, plus the owner is super nice!


Something that I wanted to mention about is that you do not have to make a card all at once. There is no race. You can stamp out a bunch of images and then color them as you want. You can get a lot done in 10 or 15 minutes while you are waiting for an appointment. Or maybe you are having a “lazy day” and you just want to cozy up on the couch and watch Netflix, well, grab your markers and color too! I love lazy days! You can save all of your colored images in an envelope and then knock out a bunch of cards all at once. This is really good if you send Christmas cards because you can pick away at the time consuming coloring at your leisure and ENJOY it rather than feeling rushed at the last minute. It’s something to think about anyway:) Happy crafting!