I went to a groovy yardsale yesterday: Sat Chat

Hi friends! I am a day late with Sat Chat here on the blog because I was very busy yesterday. One of my childhood friends helped her parents with a yard sale and my mom, sister, and I went to it. Then I spent the day down in my hometown. It was fun and a good day for all I think! I’ll show you what I got next week! On to Sat Chat!

Before I go I want to remind you that I have a FREE Michaels class on august 15th, you can sign up here and it is fun for the whole family!

I hope you have a great rest of your weekend! I am going to try and score some vegan donuts and then it’s dorm shopping! Happy crafting!

Review: Regina’s Watercolors

Hi friends! Today I am reviewing the sampler set of watercolors and coloring book from Regina’s Watercolors. They are handmade watercolors using the Dr. Ph Martin Hydrus watercolor as a base. To that, they add honey (a humectant), gum arabic (binder), ox gall (flow aid), and clove oil (preservative). The paints are available in small metal pans as well as traditional half pans. Their palettes accommodate the metal pans. All colors are made with the 11 foundation colors found in the Dr Ph Martin Hydrus liquid watercolor set one. *Regina’s watercolors are a nice option if you like the vibrant colors of Hyrdus but you prefer the convenience of a pan paint. Also, I have issues reactivating the Hydrus on my palette as my hard water makes it sediment out.

I will have a video on this sketch this Sunday on YouTube.

This is a long review so I have timestamps if you want to skip to the parts you are interested in:

  • 01:00 unboxing
  • 11:26 Palette Assembly
  • 16:45 Watercolor Coloring Book Flip Through
  • 21:33 Swatching
  • 34:22 Full review, color mixing, pigments, etc
  • 53:07 Artwork samples

*This watercolor set was sent to me for free to review.


  • Vibrant transparent color
  • Mixes cleanly
  • You can make the full range of paint from 11 colors
  • Compact Palette is sturdy with a glass mixing area
  • The price is reasonable for the quality
  • Very honest and transparent company


  • Only 7 of the colors are single pigment (including white and black)
  • The paint is very sticky and you can accidentally lift the metal pans off the magnetic palette when you are using them.
  • It’s easy to accidentally get paint in neighboring colors on the palette.

Bottom line: These paints are lovely. The company is honest. I think the 11 foundation set might be the way to go as the metal pans are larger and you can spread them out in the palette a bit to avoid contamination. I also think purchasing half pans of Fuscia, Poppy, Daffodil, Aquarium, and delphinium would be a great way to sample the colors. They are clean, strong, and mix well. I still wish to have a traditional yellow ochre, burnt sienna, and Ultramarine blue but I would have no qualms using the other colors in the set. You can learn more about Regina’s watercolors and see what they have to offer here.

I hope you found this useful and til next time happy crafting!

Faux Batik (Frugal fabric dying fun!)

Traditional batik involves hot wax and bottles or vats of liquid dye. In today’s tutorial, I’ll show you how to recreate a batik look using white glue and Derwent Inktense blocks. This project is suitable for all ages and skill levels and can be more complex depending on the skill of the artist! This video is an educational collaboration with Derwent.

Materials (Affiliate links used)

The downside to this over traditional batik is that you can’t remove the glue whereas you can iron out hot wax. The glue method is safer for kids and gives them the process of how it is done and I think it’s a good tradeoff for wall hangings or other decorations. What do you think?

Happy crafting!

Let’s Paint Something Easy & Fun! Cherry Blossoms on Black

Hi friends, here is a fun exercise to knock the rust off those paintbrushes! You can use traditional Chinese or Japanese watercolors or simply add some gouache to your watercolor for opacity. Working with watercolor on black paper can give you a whole new perspective on the medium.

Supplies (affiliate links used)

I hope you enjoyed this lesson and til next time happy crafting!

Review of Supervision Bamboo Palette (24 colors)

Today I am going to unbox one of the most beautiful watercolor palettes I have ever seen! The Supervision 24 half pan set in the Bamboo palette. *Disclosure: I was sent this palette for free to review.


  • Nice color selection
  • Some unique colors I have not seen before (rare/unusual pigments)
  • Colors mix and layer well
  • Beautiful palette
  • Pigment info included on paint wrappers
  • Most colors are very transparent
  • 20 out of 24 colors are single pigment


  • The lid is great so not great for using as a mixing palette I think a couple of the colors have incorrect pigment info.
  • This set could use a strong pure cool red

Bottom line: If you like unusual watercolor palettes this is for you. The paint is high quality and performs well. If you are a beginner I would not recommend this set due to the dark mixing surface (you will need another palette for mixing) and the lack of a real cool primary red for mixing. I do recommend this for seasoned painters who want to try something new. I am glad to have it.

Wild Hair? Don’t Care!

Hi friends! All you need is a Prussian Blue/Indigo and Scarlet/Cadmium Red watercolor paint to create this fun portrait! Well, you do need paper and brushes too LOL!

Find a real-time version of this lesson up in Critique Club! For $5 a month you can access over 80 real-time mixed media art lessons (2 more added every month!), over 40 creative prompts (with a new one added each month!) and you can upload your art for personalized feedback from me. Learn more here. Please note I am on vacation from 7/17/22 to 7/25/22 so comments left during that time may not be responded to until 7/25. Thank you for understanding.

The paints I am using are from my Lukas Signature Set. It also contains 100% cotton watercolor paper and Creative Mark Mimik brushes. All you would need is a red and blue watercolor pencil for this lesson. My new brushes will be available in August. If you want to be notified when they become available click here.

I encourage you to use what you have when you are trying loose and experimental works. It takes away the feeling that it has to be perfect. Sometimes art supplies get a little too precious and the longer we put off using them the less likely they are to ever get used. Don’t let that happen, you are worth the good supplies. Use them in good health! Happy crafting!

This is NOT an Inside Toy // Sat Chat 7/16/22

Hi friends, this has been an interesting roller coaster of a week, to put it mildly. I am off for a week starting today so if you post a comment for me here, on Youtube, or in my teachable school it may not be responded to until the 25th when I get back online. Depending on my internet availability, I might pop in here and there, but I really feel the need to unplug for a week. Thank you for understanding. I always feel bad when I take time off but you guys are the most understanding folks and I am so thankful for that:) I have videos scheduled out on youtube so it will be like I never left LOL! Now, here is Sat Chat!

Stuff & Links:

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Happy crafting!