Had To Have IT {yet to use it!} Fun with Bleeding Tissue Paper

Hi friends! Last weekend I asked you if you had any supplies that you couldn’t wait to buy but have not used yet and boy howdy did you ever! I was so glad I wasn’t alone in this struggle. So for fun I decided to grab one of my “Had to have, but yet to use” items and make some cards!


Bleeding tissue paper was a must buy item for me when I saw Vicki Boutin release some in her new mixed media line for CHA last January.  I had used this before in my kids classes and in mixed media paintings and it was a lot of fun, and bleeding tissue paper is extremely inexpensive and versatile. So why haven’t I used it? True confession, I bought not 1 but 3 packs because I got it on sale. I gave one pack to a friend to ease my hoarding conscience. You can test the colored tissue paper you have to see if it bleeds before buying new. Generally tissue paper for gift wrapping won’t bleed (can you imaging the tragedy if you wrapped a gift with bleeding tissue and you had to carry it from your car to the house in the rain?!? Another fun variation would be to use regular tissue paper and mod-podge to adhere it to the cardbase, it would give you a stained glass look and be fun and lovely! Use what you have!

Watch the video to see if it is a technique you want to try!

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Supplies from Rubber Stamp Tapestry:

Other Supplies:


When using bleeding tissue paper you can try many different ways to apply it to come up with unique backgrounds. You might even be able to get a couple of “dyes” from a dark-colored piece. If you know how you want to arrange the tissue you can pre wet the paper you will be placing it on and it will help the color transfer. You can even use the scraps laid out in random order on the paper to make unique backgrounds. Have fun! There is no wrong way to do it! I hope this inspired you to dig out the “had to have it, yet to use it” supplies in your stash and play with them! Happy crafting!


Better Late Than Never {Mixed Media Vineyard Grapes}

Hi friends! I am so sorry that I couldn’t get this blog post up before the live stream today. I just remembered yesterday that I scheduled my last kids art class at the library at the same time as my friday live stream and it had been advertised in the local paper so I couldn’t move it so instead of cancelling my live stream I decided to do it earlier. One of these days I’ll have my act together (probably not this summer though!) 😉 I did notify folks on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so if you want to make sure you hear about any breaking art live streams be sure to follow me there as well. The best thing is to subscribe on YouTube and click the notification bell to make sure you get updates when I am about to go live.  Here is what we did today!

Picture 100

Here is the replay!

Supplies can be purchased from our sponsor Jerry’s Artarama. Use coupon code: frugal20FS49 for 20% off $49 + Free Shipping (Excludes: Sale, Super Sale, Egift Cards, Buy It Try It’s and Vendor restricted items. Look for the green coupon eligible icon on the product listing.


Have a great weekend and try to make some time for art and creativity! Happy crafting!


Why I didn’t “Yard Sale” My Unwanted Craft Stuff

Hi friends! I have been decluttering for 5 months now. It is amazing the amount of things we hold onto for “someday” or “just in case.” I honestly thought was done decluttering my craft stuff back in April but what that did was clear my mind so I could start to see past the fog of my excess. All that stuff takes up space in your head so I needed to make space in my craft room to make space in my mind. For that reason I needed to get rid of a massive amount of stuff quickly. Many people,asked me why I didn’t have a yard sale or sell my items online. I’ll explain why in today’s video!


I was so against the thought of trying to sell my excess (and the time involved) that I didn’t even post the declutter video until after I had given away all of the stuff. I know my weakness and that is seeing the potential in everything that could possibly be used for art so the longer those discard boxes sat around the more tempted I would be to put items back in my craft room.

I am not thumbing my nose at money by not having a yard-sale or to say that my time is more valuable than someone who would choose to do a yard sale. Heck, many people love the community aspect of it, haggling over prices and visiting with customers and there is nothing wrong with that at all, if it adds value to your life do it! I just know what is right for me, I am never going to get what I think the items are worth, the money is already spent and my time is a truly finite resource that I am very protective of and want to spend wisely. As always I welcome your thoughts in the comments below! Happy crafting!

What do you think of speedpaints?

Hi friends! I hope you had a great weekend! As you might have noticed during Friday’s live stream I had a few tech difficulties, hey it happens with live-shows, I’ve learned to go with the flow. 😀 It took much longer than expected to edit out the big glitch in the replay so while I was waiting I took the footage and made a speedpaint (you can watch it below if you like) and surprisingly several people on YouTube said they liked it better than the long version because they don’t have time to watch an hour-long video.


So I am thinking that I might take the footage from past live shows and turn them into speedpaints with a voice over if anyone would be interested, let me know in the comments below. Don’t worry, I have NO INTENTION of speeding up my regular videos, this would be an “in addition to” not an “in place of” situation. at the very least I might just make a speed version of the live shows going forward and see if anyone watches it LOL:) It actually might be kind cool, people can pick what suits them best! In any event I hope you enjoy this bonus speedpaint and if you want more info on the supplies and products I used as well as the real-time tutorial you can find all of that on Friday’s post.

One more thing! Today is the last day to get the birthday special on my Essential Tools and Techniques for Watercolor course. Use the coupon code BITRHDAY41 to get my class for $41 (that is 48%off!) if the discount does not appear in cart. I have tried to post a link with the discount attached so nobody pays full price on accident:) I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my first watercolor course a success. I started with a beginner course because that was what you asked for. My next courses will be more advanced but I believe with a strong foundation of skills you will be able to break down a subject, no matter how daunting, and paint it.


Also thank you for the wonderful birthday wishes, it has made my 41st birthday truly magical:) Till next time happy crafting!



Watercolor Crayon Cards (you can use other stuff too!) & Moldy Oldies!

Hi friends! Today I want to challenge you to dig out a supply you have not used in a while and use it. Try to think back to when you bought or were given the item and think about how excited you were at that moment and channel ‘past you’s’ excitement into ‘present you’s’ project! As an added bonus ‘future you’ will be happy you used up some of your stash!


When I was almost done making these cards I went rooting around in my embellishment drawer looking for the “perfect” accent for the card (bonus points if it had a sentiment on it!) and came across these tags from Making Memories. This product came out in 2009 and I think that is when I got it. It was a gift from my mom. I think I was afraid that this product would be discontinued so I hoarded the tags for the “perfect” project and then simply forgot I had it, until I saw the tags on clearance at Big lots and bought a ton, came home, put them away and again and forgot that I had them. It is time to stop the insanity people! I have decided that saving a special paper, embellishment or supply for “someday” is a bad idea because someday never comes. Today is the only day we have so go on, use the beautiful things you have collected. You deserve to:) Whoa, that was deep. Now on to the tutorial!


This video is sponsored by Rubber Stamp Tapestry  Use coupon code: FRUGALJULY17 – 10% off everything in the store. Coupon expires July 31, 2017. Become a Peg Stamp VIP & get an instant coupon for 20% off RST stamps here plus the deepest weekly discounts available! Offer expires July 31, 2017


A word about color mediums…

This project is the perfect example of how you can substitute products. In fact I dare say many products out there are near duplicates of each other or at least are close enough that you don’t need both. For instance, instead of watercolor crayons you could use: watercolor sticks, woodless watercolor pencils, water-soluble oil pastels, gelatos, scribble sticks or gel crayons. You could also use watercolor or gouache paint applied with a  flat synthetic brush. You could use any water based markers or your trusty ink pads. We are not making a souffle here folks, it’s more like a gumbo and the more you infuse your own personality and supply stash in to it the more spicy the result will be!


I am thinking about starting a new series making use of the “I have to have it!” supplies I’ve bought over the years but have not used that much. What are your “had to have it, but barely used it” supplies. Let me know in the comments below and til next time happy crafting!

Let’s Get Loose with Today’s Live Painting Tutorial! 12:30pm ET!

Hi freinds! It’s Friday and that means time for a fun and free live painting class! Speaking of watercolor classes there is only a couple more days to save 48% on my Essential Tools and Techniques for Watercolor class, find out more here. This is the quick sketch I did to prepare for today’s live show:


We are going to start with a loose watercolor pencil sketch and then start flinging the paint around, sounds like fun huh? You can watch the live tutorial or replay in the player below but if you want to chat live with fellow painters or ask me any questions you will want to watch on the youtube watch page.


If you enjoy this free watercolor lesson you will probably love my watercolor course Essential Tools and Techniques for Watercolor!  


I have been asked hundreds of times to create a class that shows you the basic techniques that any painter should know to start their watercolor journey off on the right track. I have distilled all of my best tips and tricks for watercolor painting including color mixing, what paper and brushes to pick, wash and texture techniques (and even how to hold a brush) down to just over 5 hours of content packed video lessons. You can go at your own pace working through the 11 lessons in the course and have 3 completed paintings to show for your efforts when you are done. Best of all you will have the confidence knowing you have all the tools you need to attempt any painting you like in the future. To top it off I have put the class on sale for $41 (regular $79) because I turned 41 this week and it is the project I am most proud of creating this year:) The sale runs through monday the 17th, why not join the hundreds of students who are now confident watercolorists. Here is what a few of them have to say:

“Thanks so much for this class Lindsay as well as all the videos you do. You are so encouraging and motivating.” -Virginia Staib

“Lindsay, you’re the greatest! I’m pleased with the results of my still life after a second try. I’ve definitely enjoyed your in-depth course. Still need work on glass but it’s the best I’ve done. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to more classes.” -Priscilla M. Ware

“I hate for this to end. I have never done watercolor before because everyone said it was so hard but you made it so enjoyable, I’ve done oil and acrylic but I think……I really like the water color. Especially how you never waste any paint! It was so much fun and relaxing. I want to learn more, more, more so I hope you will have another one.” -Sherry Sandberg

“Lindsay, I am enjoying your class so much! You have such a nice manner and make everything look easy! Your lessons are such a pleasure, it is like spending time with a fun friend who also happens to be an artist!” -Gerri Dauer

The class is broken up into two parts. In the first part we go over techniques on their own and color mixing. We also learn washes. It is important to isolate these skills so you can practise and perfect them.


In the second part of the course we put those techniques to good use as we complete three finished paintings. Learning a technique is only useful if you see how to apply it in a painting.

blog_iris2 - Copy

In the iris painting we learn wet-in-wet wash, plastic wrap texture, scraping, glazing, shading, color mixing, masking fluid and cutting highlights.


In the landscape we learn wet-in-wet washes, lifting, layering, composition, perspective, spattering, masking with tape, side load shading, scraping, shading, color mixing and reflections.


In the still life we learn masking with masking fluid, controlled wash, wet-in-wet wash, salt texture, layering for texture, glazing, lifting, shadows, reflections and glass refractions.


You can see that many techniques are repeated in the painting lessons, that’s because application and repetition over different subject matters will help you learn where you can use those techniques on your future paintings making the techniques you learn in this class extend to your art outside of the classroom.


If you love watercolor but feel you are missing some of the foundations or you want to brush up (pun intended) on your skills and have three new paintings to show for it consider enrolling in Essential Tools and Techniques for Watercolor Today! On sale for $41 (regular $79) through July 17, 2017. The discount should show up on the page but if not use coupon code BIRTHDAY41 to get the deal. Don’t miss out, learn the essentials 48% off! Thank you so much for your support, it keeps me inspired to create tutorials everyday!

I hope you can join us live at 12:30pm Eastern Time for this fun, free & loose watercolor class!

2 Custom Cloth Crafts! {Great gift ideas!}

Hi friends! Today I have a couple of fun ideas that you can make from inexpensive raw canvas or other fabric you like! Raw canvas is a great supply to have on hand. I get mine from our local discount fabric store and I use it for making custom sized stretched canvases to paint on as well as other rugged garments and crafts. Today I am going to show you how to make custom canvas art and a tote bag that you can customize with iron on transfers.


The technique I show you for stretching the canvas is the same if you were going to make a stretched canvas to paint on, after stretching the fabric on the frame simply prime it. I will also show you how to sew a tote bag but you can also purchase raw canvas totes if you don’t want to go to the trouble (they might even be cheaper to buy than make.)  Feel free to use the tote bag directions to make fancy bags with printed (even the pretty double-sided quilted material you can get at the fabric store) fabric if that is more your style!

And now on to the tutorial!

This tutorial is sponsored by Tomato ink offering inexpensive, high quality and environmentally friendly products such as ink, toner, papers and more! Save 8% on your entire order with code: 3TSWIM8 through 7/31/17 or join their mailing list for deeper discounts!


  • Canvas
  • Stretcher bars or wooden frame
  • Sewing machine and thread
  • Iron on transfer film
  • Heavy Duty Stapler (Power Shot)
  • Household iron and ironing board (or heat press)
  • *Saw tooth hook or eye screws and wire to hang the canvas art
  • Computer and printer
  • Vintage clip art such as this one I downloaded from graphics fairy


You can use iron on transfer film to customize inexpensive blank T-shirts for group trips or other events too! Or make a tote bag for your kids library books. The possibilities are endless! If you have other ideas to adapt this project leave it in the comments below. I always forget how much I enjoy sewing and I’d love to do some more projects! Happy crafting!

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