It’s Ask a Crafter Time!

Hi Friends! We have another extended Ask a Crafter show for you tonight. We decided that before Lorraine left for Florida we would empty the question jar and we did! However, that was 5 weeks ago and the questions that have been left over the last 5 weeks have not been answered yet. So if you submitted a question and did not hear it answered that’s why:)  The good news is that Lorraine is on her way back to Maine as we speak (I hope she misses the storm we are supposed to get tomorrow! Lorraine, be careful out there!) Some assortment of the 3 craft-a-teers will be back to fill the question jar again next week so don’t fret if we have not got to your question yet, til then here is Kathy, Lorraine and myself for ask a crafter:

By now you know the drill, leave a question and it will go in the jar! Thanks so much for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

We are in rare form today, but first, an apology…

Hi friends. Do you ever have that feeling that you forgot something but can’t place it but then when you remember you are mortified? Well, that is me right now. I guess I was preoccupied this week being on jury duty that I completely forgot about my mom’s birthday! I know, I am a terrible human being! Mom, if you are reading this (I tried to call, no answer) Happy Birthday! And I am so sorry for forgetting, I am truly ashamed of myself :(

Happy Birthday Mom!!!!!

Please forgive me. I am feeling like the most ungrateful kid in the world tonight. I am so sorry:(  I hope my mom knows how much I love her and how truly sorry I feel.

Now back to our regular scheduled programming. It is Wednesday and time for Ask a Crafter. As I mentioned before we taped a few episode ahead of time to be sure to have new shows when I was in jury duty so you get Kathy, Lorraine and I in all of our silliness. And there is a lot of silliness this week:

If you have a question for an upcoming show leave them in to comments! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting…and happy birthday mom!

Ask a Crafter S3:E20

Hi friends! I hope you are having a good week so far and if you are in my neck of the woods I hope you are coping well with the snow. Many of my neighbors have snowbanks nearly up to their roofs and when Monday’s snow finally lets loose off my metal roof my house is going to look like an igloo. I hear that igloos are really well insulated so maybe it will be a good thing, and extra layer of R-value to my home during this very cold winter would be nice! We are supposed to get another 6″-8″ of snow tonight which sounds like a “dusting” compared to the storms of the last week and a half. Luckily hubby fixed the snow blower today so we should be all set. I’m not sure how I will cope with another snow-day if school is cancelled tomorrow, we are all feeling the cabin fever around here! If you are snowed in why not grab a hot cuppa and hang out with crafty friends? Here is this weeks ask a crafter!

Thanks for stopping by today! If you have a question for an upcoming episode please leave it in the comments. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

A very snowy {and very long} Ask a Crafter!

Hi friends! It’s a good thing that the girls and I filmed extra episodes last week because we are having a wicked blizzard up here! Actually, I am writing this post on Monday night because I fear that by Wednesday my power and internet will be out, better safe than sorry. There will probably be more spelling and grammatical errors than usual on this weeks posts due to the feverish pace I am scheduling them at. So, with those disclaimers out-of-the-way here is this weeks super-sized ask a crafter:

If you have a question for an upcoming episode (cuz we filmed until we emptied the jar the other day) leave them in the comments section. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

It’s time for the Three Craft-a-teers! (Ask a Crafter)

Hi friends! A YouTube viewer call us that yesterday and I thought it was so cute! I had Lorraine and Kathy over yesterday to shoot a couple episodes before Lorraine went south for the winter. I can’t blame her, I have been super annoyed lately and it seems to be temperature related, I have had such a hard time getting motivated to walk the dog or even go downstairs to my studio (did I mention is was 48 degrees down there this weekend…oh yes, I’ve whined about it every day…) Matter of Fact I have been toying with throwing my treadmill out and putting a nice art desk in my office so I could create in the warmth but I am not sure about being away from my supplies. First world problems right? I have no right to complain, I have supplies, I have a space of my own, so what if it is a little chilly. Maybe I am just getting old, I still have not warmed up from working down there today, I even still have my stocking hat on! I offered to let the girls film this weeks Ask a Crafter upstairs but knowing how much you all like the ambiance of the craft room we shot downstairs, and actually, I think all of our hot air warmed the place up! LOL! Sit back with the toasty warm beverage of your choice and enjoy this weeks Ask a Crafter:

I think I am ready for a nice hot cup of tea. If you have a question for an upcoming show or you want to offer some advise or add to something we talked about be sure and leave a comment. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Ask a Crafter S3 E17

Hi friends! I’m not going to complain about the cold today but it was -3 at dog walking time and 50 in my studio today. Much to the disappointment of Hazel she did not get walked but a few steps outside and she is holding her paws in the air because it is too darn cold and I don’t think she would appreciate wearing booties if the hunting vest I had her wear this fall was any indication. I’m hoping for a heatwave (that would be 15-20) tomorrow so I can take her for her usual walk. Oh well, it really makes you appreciate summer! Only 6 more months :D I am hoping that I can film with Kathy and Lorraine next week, I am sure you miss them as much as I do. I don’t know what is keeping me so busy that we can’t get together (it isn’t the housework!) but something is using up my time, basketball season maybe? Poor time management? Distraction of cool CHA 2015 videos…ding ding ding! Nobody’s perfect:) And on that note, here is this weeks Ask a Crafter:

Thanks so much for stopping by! Leave your questions below and they may be on a future Ask a Crafter! (the jar is getting lower!) Have a great night and til next time happy crafting!

Flying solo for Ask a Crafter this week…

Hi friends! I am not going to whine today but I have to tell you the funniest thing. I went to pick up my kids from basketball last night and they asked me if I got picked for a jury and I said yes and they said “Mom! that is so exciting, we can see you on TV!” then I had to explain that Judge Judy was not presiding over these cases and tell them that The Peoples Court was not trial by jury, or even real. It took them a while to grasp that. They were very disappointed. It would be entertaining if the judge heard testimony and shouted “Baloney!” I love sassy TV judges…I wonder if they are really judges or just actors? Let’s get back on topic shall we? I shot my first craft storage video the other day on beads and jewelry making supplies and I plan on knocking out a few more tomorrow so if you have requests for storage videos let me know. I am going to try to show how to store all my crafty stuff but you will probably think of things I forgot. I have been a bit spacey lately so I’ll tale all the help I can get! The next couple AACs will likely be me solo (sorry bout that, I’ll try to be entertaining  or at least informative without the crafty ninjas at my side) due to unpredictable jury duty requirements. At lease doing these solo and the craft storage videos I can pretty much film them when I have a spare moment with little planning:) I hope you like them!

You can leave your questions below. Thanks so much for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


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