Merry Christmas! Santa in Colored pencils!

Hi friends! I figured I’d take this time while my family is showering and getting ready to venture to my sister’s house to wish you a merry Christmas. I hope you are enjoying some time with your family today and if you can’t in person hopefully virtually. It’s been a challenging year and I am hoping 2022 will be more normal!

I hope you relax with a cozy drink and snack and enjoy this colored pencils video I have prepared for you.


  • Marco Tribute colored pencils (I am using the 120 oil based set from Andstal stationary shop sent to me for review)
  • Canson Mi Tintes pastel paper: I like the convenience of the pads for small colored pencil work but they no longer sell the assortment that I have but here is what is available in pads. Here are the per sheet options. The sheets are large so you will need a place to store them or you will need to cut them down when you receive them. *Actually they are now selling 25 sheet packs of 8.5″x11″ of single colors if that is more convenient for you and there is a color you want a lot of. I used the textured side.

Stay safe, be kind, merry Christmas, and until next time happy crafting!

A NUtcracker in Mixed Media and a Giveaway!

Hi friends! I hope you are having a nice weekend. We just got back from my daughters’ holiday concert at their school. Since they are seniors it will be the last one and it was just wonderful to hear the kids sing and play. They are so talented and all of their hard work paid off! Before we get to today’s project I wanted to give you a heads up that I am teaming up with Derwent for their holiday giveaway over on Instagram. Check out my giveaway post with the picture of the amethyst in colored pencils and leave a comment on that Instagram post for a chance to win a Derwent Lightfast set of 72 pencils. I will pick a winner from Intagram comments on 12/14/21 at 6pm so you have till then to enter. Only comments left on that Instagram post will be entered in the drawing. Full rules are also on the giveaway post. Good luck to all that enter!

My video for today tho used another set of pencils by Derwent as well as markers and gouache. It was so much fun to create this artwork and I hope it inspires you to paint a favorite Christmas ornament or nick-knack you own. You can find a real-time version of this tutorial (along with 70 other in-depth art lessons) in Critique Club.

Supplies (affiliate links used)

That’s all for today! My mom took us all to dinner after the concert so I don’t even need to make supper so I am going to head down to my workshop and get some Christmas projects done! Enjoy the remainder of your Sunday and til next time happy crafting!

Let’s paint a sweet kitten & 50% off Handpainted Holiday!

Hi friends! There used to be a really cute commercial that ran on TV around Christmastime for a local bank that featured cute kittens playing under a Christmas Tree. I thought that it would make a sweet painting that could be used as a Christmas card so I played around with that idea today. Here was my first version that took about 40 minutes:

I liked it well enough that I decided to do a video on how to paint one, notice how dissimilar the cats look LOL! Also notice how much longer it takes when I have to talk and paint at the same time!

You can watch the tutorial in the player below. I also wanted to let you know that I just put 4 new handpainted card lessons and 3 tag projects (an extra 2 and a half hours of content) into my Handpainted Holiday class. If you purchased this class in the past you can log in and enjoy the bonus material. If you are not enrolled but would like to be you can click here to enroll and save 50%! *Use coupon code XMAS50 if the discount doesn’t appear automatically. Regular price is $39, with discount $19.50 (may be subject to tax) Offer good through 12/1/21

Supplies (Affiliate links used)

Don’t fret if you don’t have Inktense blocks, you can use watercolor crayons or pencils and your regular watercolor paint to follow along. Art is for everyone so use what you have! Happy crafting!

Cute little gift box!

Hi friends! Many of us are in the countdown the Christmas and you might be in need of a last minute gift or a cute DIY packaging idea and I have got you covered with today’s project!

You can follow the steps in the video below or head over the the Ohuhu Blog for written instructions!

This video is sponsored by Ohuhu, they just released a brand new set of super-light pastel tone alcohol brush markers. See them here. Also available on Amazon.


  • Cardstock in White, lavender, mint green, pastel blue and pastel pink
  • Stamping ink in black and Turquoise
  • Stamp (House Mouse Designs: Marshmallow Bounce)
  • Ohuhu Pastel Alcohol Brush Markers
  • Ribbon
  • Double sided tape
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Scoring Board
  • Snowflake punch or die-cut (optional)
  • Rhinestones (optional)

You can use the cute gift box to wrap other things too such as a notecard set or baked goods. The sky’s the limit! I hope you found this project useful and til next time happy crafting!

Feeling Stressed? Paint a Zen Branch with Leaves & Berries!

Hi friends, Looking for some chill-out time? Here you go! An easy and relaxing branch with leaves and berries to paint in watercolor.

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In other news my signature sets are back in stock at Jerry’s Artarama. **I used paints from my Turner Signature set on today’s painting.

Colors used:

  • Quin Magenta
  • Perm. Scarlet Perm. Gamboge
  • Pthalo Green
  • Turquoise
  • Burnt Umber
  • Reference photo
  • You only need 1 round brush, any size on the #8-#12 range with a good point.

I wasn’t sure if I like the painting better the way I painted it or turned on it’s side. What do you think?

Happy crafting!

Let’s Paint a Pinecone & Berries!

Howdy friends! Last week I created this marker illustration:

I shared it on Instagram and I had many people asking for a tutorial. I have to admit that it took quite a long time to create, this 8″x 8″ drawing took about 2 hours and marker work is very relaxing but can also be kinda repetitive and dull for a real time tutorial so I decided I would do a looser one in watercolor. Since I used my original drawing as my reference you can look at that as you work if you like:)

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I hope you enjoy this relaxing project and til next time happy painting!

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Whimsical Deer in Watercolor Real Time Tutorial

Hi freinds! Today we are going to paint this fun, colorful deer!

Watch the video and draw and paint along! You can do it!

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If Christmas is your thing…

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Happy painting!

Did you know you could make an ornament with this?

Hi friends! When I designed the Let it Snow stamp set for Rubber Stamp Tapestry I knew that I wanted to be able to more with it than just snow globes, that’s why I drew ornament hangers along with the other elements in the set. A viewer who purchased the stamp set asked me if I could show her how to make an ornament so today I’ll do just that!


Watch the video to see how easy it is! As always substitute stamps you have if you don’t have what I am using. I also have some fun tips for heat embossing!

This video is sponsored by Rubber Stamp Tapestry  Use coupon code: LINDSAY and receive 15% off your retail order of $10 or more of peg stamps, peg stamp sets, and unmounted stamps! Coupon expires a week from this video publication. Continue to receive great deals by becoming a PegStamp VIP here. As a PegStamp VIP you’ll get a weekly deal via email plus links to fabulous tutorials by me, Lindsay the Frugal Crafter and other designers.


Another fun idea would be to use the globe as a frame and put a photo behind it for a photo card. I love stamps that do double duty and coming up with ideas to use with my older stuff. I hope you give some of these ideas a try and til next time happy crafting!

Inspired by Christmas Decorations!

Hi friends! I spent the morning teaching a workshop making DIY kissing balls, it was so fun! I wish I took a photo because you would not believe how lovely all of the Christmas kissing balls looked hanging in the greenhouse as my beginner students put the finishing touches on them. Now I am enjoying a hot cup of tea before climbing into the attic to fetch our Christmas decorations. We decorated the porch last weekend when the weather was nice and it has been so cheerful to come home to. I enjoyed the decorations on my porch so much that I thought it would be fun to create cards inspired by them!


We still have a few finishing touches to add like icicle lights at the roof and greenery in the ice skates but all in all I really like it! We have a small ranch style home so I think it is enough to look nice, classic and cozy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Inspiration is all around you! If you feel a spark of creativity in your surroundings make a mental note and use it to fuel your next craft idea! Watch the video to see how I made my decor inspired cards!

This video is sponsored by Rubber Stamp Tapestry  Use coupon code: LINDSAY and receive 15% off your retail order of $10 or more of peg stamps, peg stamp sets, and unmounted stamps! Coupon expires a week from this video publication. Continue to receive great deals by becoming a PegStamp VIP here. As a PegStamp VIP
you’ll get a weekly deal via email plus links to fabulous tutorials by me, Lindsay the Frugal Crafter and other designers.



  • Have a look at other stamps you own and ask if that can be combined with peg stamps for new looks.
  • Draw a line or circle if needed to help you placing your images. You can erase it later with a soft white eraser after your stamping ink is dry.
  • Peg stamps are great for adding little touches to tags and envelopes so leave a few holiday themed stamps and ink pads out when you are addressing Christmas cards or wrapping gifts so you can make tags and envelopes extra special!

I hope you have something fun and crafty planned this weekend. I’d love to know what your favorite holiday decoration is, let me know in the comments below! My favorite decoration from my childhood was a scene of ice skaters on a pond from the 1970s. There were white plastic snowbanks surrounding a mylar mirror-like pond and the ice skaters were brightly colored clear plastic. I used to skate those around the plastic pond all season long. I wonder if my parents still have that old decoration in their basement LOL! I am sure it is worse for wear with all of the skating I made those figurines do! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!