Watercolor Mouse on Berries

Hi friends! I had high hopes for this painting but to be honest I wasn’t 100% happy with it when I was done. That’s how it goes sometimes and that’s OK. Don’t expect every painting to be a masterpiece, that’s unrealistic. Try new things and explore the medium! I hope you enjoy!

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That’s all for today! Happy crafting!

I got a haircut, took a week off and now I’m back!

Hi friends! I just thought I’d pop in with an update as I did not blog much last week. I was away at the cabin by the lake for a week and didn’t have time to schedule all of my posts before I left. You can catch up on any video you might have missed on my YouTube channel. I thought I’d share my pre vacation Sat Chat with my Corona-haircut my daughter gave me first. didn’t she do an awesome job?

Clearly I needed some time off when I filmed this LOL!

And here is the video of what I brought with me for vacation arting. Filmed before corona haircut…

Click here for a list of what I brought in the video description on YouTube.

Annnnnd….I only used the watercolors! Lila used the pencils so that was’t so bad. The gouache never got opened. Oh well, I did what I pleased that’s what vacation is for. I’ll share a vacation art update soon (probably in the next Sat chat as I am in need of material LOL!)

I hope the weather is nice where you live so you can get out in nature and camp, hike and shake the dust off for a few days (or even an afternoon.) We can all benefit from a change of scenery, especially now. Take care and til next time happy crafting!

Portable Painter Micro Review

Today we will have a look at the latest offering from The Portable Painter, the Portable Painter Micro!

The original portable painter is my favorite travel palette. I love everything about it and it accompanies me on all of my outdoor painting adventures. The main reason I love it is because there are two water buckets that attach to the sides making legs for my palette that can keep my paint up high off a sandy beach, or can rest on the arm of an Adirondack chair or rest on my leg as I paint from a Kayak or canoe. You can see the original in the photo below.

This is the original I recommend 100% The Micro is much smaller and comes with 6 half pans that you can fill with the paint of your choosing. They also make packs of extra half and full pans so you can have 1 full pan and 4 half pans or 2 full pans and two half pans is it works out better than having the original 6 for you. The extras are also handy if you want to swap out pans and rearrange them. All other half and full pans I tried from other manufactures fit in the micro palette so purchasing the extras from a portable painter aren’t necessary and that also means that if you have a collection of pans already you can put them in the micro as you like. No need to fill more pans, nice! The palette can be arranged for left or right-hand use. Watch the video to see more!

For me holding the palette with water in it will take some getting used to, I prefer it to sit on a table and it takes so little space it would be great for painting in crowded cafes or classes (on small projects.) I found as I used it more I preferred to use it with a waterbrush and use the water area as a place to mic or clean my waterbrush, I think putting a small sponge in that section would work better (with a waterbrush) then filling it with water. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

Wild Watercolor Feather!

Hi friends! Here is a loose easy painting you can paint today!

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Have fun and splash some paint around! Happy crafting!

Christmas in July!

Hi friends! If the summer heat is too much for you why not cool down by crafting some Christmas cards?

Today we will make 7 card ans learn some more fun ways to use masks and stencils!

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That’s all for today! I hope you find time to use your masks and stencils in fun new ways. Happy crafting!

Art Supply Shelf Life

Hi friends, you have heard the saying “use it or lose it” but did you know it applies to art and craft supplies? Watch today’s video to learn how long your favorite supplies will last.

I hope this video give the the permission and inspiration to use your precious supplies. the only way to really waste a supply is by never using it. Happy crafting!

Sketchbook Sunday a Day Late! Tree Frog

Hi friends! I got so busy on projects this weekend that I forgot the share my sketchbook Sunday project with you. I have had so many little projects I had been neglecting around the house and last week they were really bothering me so over the weekend I tackled a bunch of them such as washing the drapes and repainting the big bay windowsill which leads to touching up the paint on the trim and wiping down the grimy baseboards. Speaking of grime my kitchen floor was disgusting, I had just vacuumed and spray mopped it but there was just so much ground in dirt that my Libman (like a reusable Swiffer) was no match for. I saw a hack online where a woman used scrubbing bubbles on her kitchen floor and I tried it, I still had to scrub but now it looks brand new. It’s a black and white checkered floor which I “had to have” and it shows every speck of dirt. I’ll be able to enjoy a gleaming floor for a few hours anyway:) My son had friends over so I had them help me move furniture around the house too. It was a productive weekend! Thre is always more to do but those were my big annoyances and I am so glad they are done!

Anyway, on to the video!


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That’s all for today and til next time happy crafting!