How To Re Cover Shabby Cushions!

In today’s tutorial I’ll show you how to freshen up your patio with washable cushion covers!

Here are the covered cushions sitting in the chairs. Fabric by Waverly. The outdoor Throw pillow was purchased at Lowes.

Outdoor cushions are pricey so it makes sense to keep them around for as long as you can. Usually it the fabric that fades or wears out but the cushion underneath is fine so covering them is a wonderful option. Learn how in today’s video!

Here is the diagram I showed in the video.

It really is a great sewing project anyone can have success with. I hope you give a try and enjoy the last few weeks of summer in style! Happy crafting!

Alcohol Marker Sunsets (and a great marker deal!)

Hi friends! I wanted to challenge myself to draw waves and skies in alcohol marker because I never seem to draw scenery in marker. I think because you end up needing to use large swaths of color and blending and those two techniques are not suited to alcohol markers over larger areas…or are they?

I ended up drawing 2 pictures today because I learned a lot on the first sketch and I wanted to keep going and push myself on the second on to really get the water look I wanted.

I hope you enjoy this time-lapse and get some good tips and inspiration for your next marker project!

This video is sponsored by Bianyo! They are running big sales on the 168 set of markers. All sale information and coupon codes were provided to me in good faith by Bianyo to advertise these markers. Sale dates and times are provided in pacific time (PDT) used, convert to your time zone. Times reflect the early access for Amazon Prime members, nonmembers get access to the deals 30 minutes later. Offer good while supplies last.

That’s all for today! I thought it was going to rain but it turns out that it will be sunny so I think we will go out and take advantage of the tail end of summer in Maine! I hope you are having a lovely weekend and til next time happy crafting!

Sat Chat: Markers & Controversy

Hi friends, I hope you are having a good week. In this video I talk about a month long art challenge called Inktober. I mentioned how excited I was to participate this year because I completed all 31 days last year and felt so good to have finished it. I also felt that I leveled up on my skills as an artist too. After uploading this video I was notified about some controversy regarding Jake Parker, the creator of Inktober. He had been accused of plagiarizing another artist in an upcoming drawing book due out next month. I am not one to pass judgement only hearing one side of the story. I am sad to hear these accusations because it hurts more than Jake’s reputation but it takes the shine off the wonderful community that has been built around the art challenge and it damages the reputations of the art business that have sponsored the event. I’ll share any info I get as this story unfolds.

Other Stuff from the video:

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  • Ohuhu has a brush bullet combo alcohol marker set out

How many markers does the world need? I’ll let you know LOL! You can find reviews and demos with the markers I mentioned here on my blog or on my YouTube channel and the new sets will be reviewed soon. Honestly, I think nowadays you can find the exact perfect marker for your preference and budget. There are so many! Take care of yourself and take care of each other and as always happy crafting!

Pretty Polaroid Paintings

Hi friends! Today we are going to paint some mini painting that look like retro Polaroid prints, how fun!

Follow along with this easy tutorial!

This video is sponsored by Bianyo! Check out the watercolor kit I used in today’s video. It contains 36 paints in a metal tin, watercolor paper, brushes and a swatch chart in a cute reusable zippered bag. *30% off coupon code for this set: 8BIANYO3 30% off through 08/29/202011:59 PM PDT *8I cut the paper in the kit in half, each polaroid square measures 4 1/4″ x 4 3/4″

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I hope you enjoyed painting these Polaroid landscapes with me and til next time happy crafting!

Watch me Make a Scene!

Scene building with rubber stamps is so fun! You get to compose an environment as you like even if you don’t want to draw. Rubber stamps are versatile tools and today I’ll share how I built this scene card.

Watch the video to see how and then try it for yourself!

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I hope this inspires you to make a scene too! Happy crafting!

Final Days to Save 50% on my new Watercolor Glass Class!

Hi friends! As August comes to a close so does the launch month special on my new Watercolor Class Class. You have til August 31st to save 50% on the class by clicking any of the discount links in this post or using the coupon code SHINE.

I have been so pleased at the response to Watercolor Glass Class and amazed by the student artwork shared. Check out these sparkly bottles painted by student Marianna Panopoulos in the perfume bottle lesson in the course:

Stunning, right? You can get these same results by following the lessons step by step. You can paint with me right by your side and ask questions if you get stuck. You can also share your work like Marianna did above! You can join the hundreds of students learning to paint beautiful glass in watercolors and save 50% today! Here’s what some of my students had to say about Watercolor Glass Class:

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Hi Lindsay, this course is amazing! I’m still watching everything, but I wanted to say that the whole time and can’t wait anymore LOL! I always watch the course one time through first before I even attempt one. I’ve learned a lot already and can’t wait to try it. My daughter called dibs on this rainbow glass still life before I’ve even had a chance to start it! ~Faye Lukezich

You may be wondering if this Watercolor Glass Class is the right class for you. If you have followed along with my tutorials in the past and you enjoy my teaching style and you want to learn to render transparent glass objects in watercolor than I’d recommend it! You will learn how to observe the characteristics of glass, render the colors, tones and textures in watercolor. You’ll also learn how to use masking fluid as well as other tools for highlights. We start with a refresher of basic techniques and finish with 4 glorious glass filled paintings!

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Thanks so much for helping me make my dreams a reality and til next time happy crafting!

Sat Chat (Yes, I know it’s Monday.)

Howdy friends! Just thought I’d pop up my sat chat in case you were interested. You can find my Sat Chats every Saturday morning on YouTube:)

BTW I did film and edit the outdoor cushion cover tutorial and will post it in a few days. I will share a pic of the fabric tho!

Neat Stuff:

I’m Representing Maine in the United State of YouTube. Click to explore the interactive map.

School Stuff:

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And finally the teacup painting lesson in Critique Club now 🙂 I hope you are having a fantastic start to the week and til next time happy crafting!

I knew I was forgetting something…

Hi friends! If you were waiting with bated breath for the real-time version of this project to be up in Critique Club it is up now! I usually post it the Saturday before it’s due but it completely slipped my mind.

And if you prefer the time lapse version, here it is!

Supplies: (affiliate links used)

Just a Reminder…

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That’s all for today, we went hiking by the coast today and the salt air and exercise wiped me out. I’ll sleep well tonight! Till next time happy crafting!

Super Easy Sunset!

Hi friends! Need help and courage for painting those fiery sunsets? You can use this sky technique ad then paint any kinds of silhouette item in front, today we will do an windmill but you could do trees, people or buildings in silhouette, it;s a fun and versatile technique. Watch the video and paint along!

Supplies: Affilate links used

I hope you enjoyed this relaxing painting today and til next time happy crafting!