The Fanciest of Pastels (Sketchbook Sunday!)

Hi friends, today for sketchbook Sunday I am breaking out my new fancy Sennelier oil pastels!

You can find the real-time version of this lesson in Critique Club. Critique club is a monthly membership group where you can upload up to two paintings a month for a critique from me. You also get access to dozens of real time narrated art tutorials with two new ones posted each month so you will never lack for something to paint as you grow your skills as an artist. Click here to learn more!

Supplies: (Affiliate links used)

These oil pastels were so fun to use and I can’t wait to play with them on a larger paper. What supplies are you currently excited about?

8/8/2020 Sat Chat: Teen Drivers, Fancy Pastels and Colorful Mushrooms?

Hi friends! Time for this weeks Sat Chat, enjoy!

Tonight I actually tried the recipe for fried green tomatoes that was in the back of the book and I followed it to a T except I used vegetable oil instead of bacon drippings to cook them in because I am a vegetarian. The recipe didn’t call for milk or eggs so I thought it would be perfect for me to try as I only needed to change one thing. ( #veganproblems )They were OK but I probably won’t wake them again. It’s fun to try new things tho.

More Stuff I Mentioned…

  • New Watercolor Glass Class 50% off Launch Month Special, use coupon code SHINE is discount doesn’t appear automatically
  • Local King Magic Mushrooms *Demo and review coming soon, I can’t wait to play with these **Also, Lisa gave me a 20% off coupon code: tfcyt20 for any regular price products at Local King Rubber Stamps, they have wicked good stuff. ***As promised, this is their YouTube channel, Lisa is so fun, you’ll love her demos!
  • Oh My Gosh! The Sennelier oil pastels are amazing. I played with them today and they are like painting with lipstick. I totally recommend.I’ll share more on Sketchbook Sunday tomorrow:)
  • Clearance SOHO photo paper,there is the sampler pack of 6 sheets of letter size for $1 and they have a variety sizes/sheet packs but the best deal is the 20 packs of letter size. The 200 packs actually cost more per sheet, go figure. Still a great deal and the quality is excellent. Too bad they are getting rid of this product.

Til next time happy crafting!

Live Stream Today & Watercolor Glass Glass is Here!

Hi friends! I am happy to report that I have finally finished the much anticipated Watercolor Glass Class! As always I want my blog friends to get the best price so use the coupon code SHINE or click any of the special discount links in this blog post to save 50% throughout the month of August 2020. 

Thank you for being so patient waiting for this class. I have been working on it since January but finding quiet times to film with construction and then the kids home due to the pandemic has been challenging. But we did it and I think this might be my best class ever! With over 8 hours of in-depth step-by-step instruction, you will know the ins and outs of painting glass and how to deal with any unique variable you come across.

I’ll share 3 different approaches for creating transparent glass: We will start by learning how to use masking fluid and where it will give the best results as well as the pros, cons, and concerns of that product. I’ll show you an easy method of using white pen or gouache for quicker glass renderings perfect for sketchbooks or when you just want to jump in and start painting without a lot of planning and finally I will show you the heavily planned and methodical techniques of building up layers and painting around the whites for flashy, refined sparkle.

You will learn how to paint clear glass and colorful glass and learn how patterns and textures on the glass affect the other objects around, inside, and behind the glass. By the time you are done with this course, I am confident that you will be able to paint any translucent glass that comes your way!

In addition, I have added a bonus section with resources for finding interesting things to paint and shopping recommendations. I have even organized an archive of past still life tutorials featuring glass if you are looking for more to paint! As with all of my class you can ask me questions as you go along and upload your paintings for feedback. You get all that for $39.50 (That’s half off the normal price of $79) just for being an early bird. You can click here and enroll at a discount or learn more about this new exciting class!

…today (Friday, August 7) at 12:30 Eastern Time I will be having a live stream on YouTube where we will paint this sweet little railroad lantern perfume bottle. It’s a beautiful mix of glass and tarnished metal and so fun to paint! Join me for the free live painting lesson and you can ask me any questions you have about the new class too! Just make sure to tune in on YouTube at 12:30pm ET if you want to chat live.

A replay of the live stream will be available if you can’t join live. I have a pattern available for you here and a reference photo. Just grab your basic set of paints and watercolor brushes and you will be ready to roll!

I hope to see you later today for the live stream and maybe even in the Watercolor Glass Class! Happy crafting!

A Fast & Easy Water Lily Watercolor!

Hi friends! Let’s relax, unwind and paint a quick loose watercolor!

Watch the video and follow along!


  • My travel palette is the portable painter classic
  • Colors for this project: Quin Rose, Ultramarine, Cobalt teal, Serpentine, Hookers green, Burnt sienna, gamboge (I keep warm/cool versions of each primary plus yellow ocher, BS and Diox Violet and cobalt Turquoise/teal in my palette, but you can put in whatever you prefer)
  • Mimik #12 round (on Amazon the best deal is this set as costs $20 on its own)

If you liked this lesson then you will love my Watercolor Flower Workshop! It’s loaded with tons of loose floral tutorials that you can combine for infinite bouquets, wreaths and swags. Click here for more info!

Just a heads up, I will be having a live-stream tomorrow at 12:30pm Eastern Time. We will be painting an old fashioned railroad lantern perfume bottle in watercolor. I’ll have an exciting announcement too! Here is the link to the location on YouTube in case you want to set a reminder! Happy crafting!

Sketchbook Sunday Flip Through & a Quick DIY!

Hi friends! I hope you are having a good Sunday. I spent the day tackling some projects around the house (more on that later) and as promised I have a flip through of the sketchbooks I used on vacation as well as a completed one because I was not as prolific as I thought during my week off LOL!

Stuff I mentioned:

  • Some of the sketches you see are available as real-time lessons over in Critique Club *You can scroll down to the curriculum and see a list of all the projects.
  • Some time-lapses can be found by searching Sketchbook Sunday on my YouTube channel
  • This is the loose watercolor flower workshop I mentioned
  • And this is the comic faces video from Becca Hillburn at Natto Soup that I followed along with on the tiny face sketches.

Today I decided to tackle a couple of projects that have been grating on my nerves. The overstuffed living room coat closet (too many shoes, winter gear and a vacuum cleaner that attacks anyone who dares to open the door) and the front porch that had stuff stored on it that belonged in the garage and shed. The closet was pretty easy and now it is spacious, yay! Quick win! The porch took a couple of hours but I needed to take everything off it and wash it from top to bottom and hubby put the heavy stuff in it’s proper place. Now it is a lovely retreat! Somehow we had manged to collect 3 door mats on the porch: a Christmas one, a scrubbie one for mud season and a rubber welcome mat that was best suited for non winter. I wanted to use it but it was looking pretty shabby and my porch was so clean that I didn’t want a tired old mat on it.

So I grabbed some paint and sponge brushes and pounced color to match my house on the raised areas.

And viola! A practically new mat!

I love a good DIY! I hope you had a good day and til next time happy crafting!

August 1st Sat. Chat! (actually posted on Saturday!)

Hi friends! Every Saturday morning on YouTube I post a weekly chat video. Today I actually remembered to post it on my blog the same day haha!

I’ll share a flip through of my vacation sketchbook for Sketchbook Sunday tomorrow:)

Stuff I mentioned/Books I read (affiliate links used)

I’ll share a flip through of the art I created on vacation tomorrow:) Happy crafting!

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