Sketchbook Sunday: Raspberry

Hi friends! It’s amazing how fast the trees change this time of year. It seems like only days ago the trees were bare and now I walk the dog through the woods and everything is green, even the wild raspberry bushes along the trails. It is such a mood boost to see green leaves, flowering trees and to feel the warm sun on your face. With that summery feeling in mind I present today’s sketchbook Sunday time lapse!

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That’s it for me today. I have several videos I haven’t had a chance to blog on my YouTube channel if you missed them and need an art/craft fix. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Paint a Pineapple!

Looking for a fun and easy painting to do? Here you go!

I used black watercolor paper but thick black cardstock will be fine too.

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Take a few minutes to paint today! Happy crafting!

Stamping with bleach & tinfoil!

Hi friends! I though with many of us being stuck at home I’d revisit a technique using supplies that almost everyone has.

We are going to use bleach and tin foil! Watch the video to see how these household helpers can be fodder for fun Father’s day cards!

This video is sponsored by Top Flight Stamps! SAVE 10% off your next order with coupon code: thefrugalcrafter10 *USA orders of $50+ ship free!


  • For bleach stamp pad you will need a tray or plate, folded paper towel and household bleach *I recommend washing your stamps with soap and water after using with bleach.
  • Stamps: Katzelkraft owls, Katzelkraft Accessories and Steampunk Ornaments
  • Cardstock in brown, white, and cream. This is the white cardstock I use for stamping
  • Gear die
  • Metal gears
  • Screw top brads
  • For the foil you can use a metallic foil paper like this or take household tin (aluminum) foil and coat it with alcohol ink and let dry and you will have a very similar surface that I used. Alternatively you can also paint the foil after embossing and sand some off when dry. It will all look awesome and you can use what you have!

I hope this project sparked some ideas of things you can make with household objects. Til next time happy crafting!

Weekly Crafty Chat & Sketchbook Sunday!

Hi friends! I hope you had a nice weekend! I realized that I am few posts behind on updating my blog (We spent the weekend painting the addition!) so I am going to post my weekly Saturday chat and sketchbook Sunday in one post! I hope it’s not “too much Lindsay” for you.

And here is a look at this weeks Sketchbook Sunday painting.

And here is the time-lapse video. There is a rel time lesson for this painting in Critique Club.

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Looks like it’s going to be a great week! Til next time happy crafting!

Kinetic Card: Blooming Bouquet!

Hi freinds! Today I am going to show you how to make a card that moves when you pull the tab!

Watch the video to see how!

To see the colored pencil blending demo for these flowers/leaves check out this video.

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I got a great suggestion from a couple of viewers who suggested using clear plastic packaging or acetate cut into strips for the blooming mechanism and that is a perfect idea! I hope you give something like this a try and til next time happy crafting!

It’s going to be a beachy day!

Hi friends! This weeks has gone from highs in the low 50s to the 80s! Only in Maine folks. As someone who is always cold I couldn’t be happier and plan to takeout the the kayak or paddle-board this afternoon at peak heat. I am sure the pond is ice-water-cold but I will gladly stay above it and soak up some sun! The weather man says we have 2 good days before we are plunged back into reality and I plan to enjoy them!

Today we are going to paint a peaceful, easy beachscape. Use any paint you have and join me!

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I hope you find some joy in your day. I have been rather stressed out this week so hopefully I can get out on the water and unwind today! Happy crafting!

Brushes & Bread-Weekly Fireside Chat

Hi friends! Here we are on the 87th of March, it’s a beautiful Blursday. How are you holding up? I’m doing fine, let’s chit chat!

I thought I’d share a few bread pics. It’s quite a thrill to see how each one turns out!

I used the starter recipe from Kitchn, it was the simplest, quickest and I had everything I needed. I’m not fancy as you know. Scroll to the end of the sourdough starter recipe for the bread recipes.

I never realized how dull my bread knife was until I had to cut these thick crusted sourdough loaves.

It’s like magic. How does this make bread and not paste? I am in awe.

I brushed these with olive oil, garlic, salt and “everything” bagel topping. It was tasty but obscured by slicing design which as a bummer.

After this last loaf I stuck my starter in the fridge because I was feeling like sourdough was taking over my life. I never did have to throw away any starter tho, on one “non loaf day” I made scallion pancakes with the discard and one day I just made a sourdough discard pancake and put peanut butter and sugar-free jam on it. Both were so delicious and so light and fluffy! As a dietary vegan any pancakes I’ve ever made have been heavy so I usually don’t bother but pour off the starter you’d toss on a hot oiled pan and it is the perfect vegan pancake and no waste! After the scallion pancake (you pour off the starter you would throw away at feeding on to a hot oiled pan and sprinkle on sliced green onions, sesame seeds and salt, wait for it to bubble a bit, flip it, cook a couple more minutes and eat!) I decided to see if I could keep my green onions growing so I plopped them root down in a mason jar with 2″ of water in it. We’ll see how that goes but if I don’t have to buy them every week I can literately save dollars by the end of the year LOL! I’m practically a homesteader now. They look cute in the mason jar too, I think I feel another quarantine still life coming on. I was thinking I might like to try wine making next. Happy crafting!

Sketchbook Sunday Pomegranates!

Hi friends! Today we draw pomegranates! Why not?

I had a lot of fun with these (even though I find 100% colored pencil work to be a bit tedious and time consuming LOL!) I hope you enjoy it!

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I hope you are doing something you love today! I spent most of the day outside in the sun. First out walking the dog and then lounging in the backyard reading old watercolor and scrapbooking magazines. It was lovely! Happy crafting!