Loose Lilac Paint & Sip at Accents in Bangor Maine!

I will be teaching two watercolor workshops at Accents Home Furnishings & Decor in Bangor Maine. The August 4th class is already sold out but there is room in the September 8th class. Click here for more more info and to sign up! Thanks to Hahnemühle for supplying the gorgeous watercolor paper for these workshops! Can’t make it to this workshop? You can find the step-by-step lesson for this painting in my Watercolor Floral Workshop class listed below!

Online Classes

In my online school you can take classes from home whenever you like and you can return to them as much as you like! Once you buy a class you have it for life making it not only convenient but a great value!

Watercolor Landscape Workshop

Have you ever wished you could paint the beauty of nature with skill and ease? In Watercolor Landscape Workshop I will show you how to paint the different elements of landscapes! We will begin going over basic supplies, both from the art supply store and from your home and yard so you can start off on the right foot. Then we will break down the parts of the landscape and finally we will paint four complete landscapes together!

Soft Pastels for Beginners

In Soft Pastels for Beginners I will show you the tricks of the trade for creating beautiful works of pastel art with ease! Painting with pastels is the most direct form of putting pigment to paper. Nothing stands between you and the color in this medium! We will walk through the supplies and techniques and then create 4 complete paintings. I’ll even share how to mat and frame your works for longevity in the comprehensive class.

Watercolor Flower Workshop!

In Watercolor Flower Workshop I will share the techniques of capturing the beauty of flowers in watercolor using an impressionistic style. We will combine fundamental stroke work and disrupt it with splashes of water so the resulting paintings have a strong foundation with a effortless looking fluidity that characterizes the loose watercolor look.

Learn to Draw with Lindsay!

Learn to Draw with Lindsay is a complete drawing class that focuses on drawing skills and techniques. You will learn how to break down your subject into basic shapes and draw what you see. We begin with a series of timed warm up sketches and then proceed into complete drawing lessons focusing on form, shading, highlighting and composition. You will learn the basic tools and materials you may want to use for your drawings and discuss the advantages of each. We will work on toned and white paper in a variety of sketching mediums. My goal is for students, by the end of this course, to be able to take the skills they’ve learned and apply them to any subject matter so they can draw what they see accurately and with confidence. With nearly 8 hours of step-by-step instruction you will learn the fundamentals of drawing and sketching people, animals, landscapes and still life.


Texture Toolbox: Feathers & Fowl

In this class you will build the skills necessary to paint expressive portraits of your feathered friends! You will learn techniques to effortlessly build feather texture from fluffy and fuzzy to sleek and smooth. I will show you simple methods for drawing birds as well as a fancy peacock feather, then we will paint them using a limited palette of colors. We will complete four finished paintings in this course, from a sassy bird shaking off after a bath to an elegant swan and a regal looking colorful duck. We will also paint the trendy and decorative peacock feather (better paint a few of those because your friends will ask for them!) Don’t worry if you don’t like to draw as there will be patterns you can print and trace on your watercolor paper if you prefer. I will show you how to use, and were to find, reference photos for your artwork and give you tips on how to use the photos as a jumping off point and alter them to meet your artistic style. Finally I will share how to fix problems with finished paintings or enhance them with optional mixed media techniques using colored pencils and pens. Are you ready to embark on a flight of fancy? Well then, let’s get started!

Essential Tools and Techniques for Watercolor Painting

This class will teach you fundamentals of watercolor through a series of techniques and finished paintings. Learn what supplies you really need for watercolor painting as well as a few DIY options. With over 5 hours of in-depth video instruction this class will start your watercolor journey off on the right foot or fill in any gaps you currently have in your watercolor education. Find out more here or enroll today!


Mixed It Up Mixed Media Step-by-Step!

You will learn how to use watercolor, watercolor crayons, collage, pastels, found objects and so much more to create 3 beautiful paintings. Click here for to learn more or enroll!


And I am a Guest Teacher Angela Fehr’s Creative Watercolor Course!

This class is designed to teach stampers, scrapbookers and cardmakers how to use watercolor in their crafts. Learn more here.


If you want to be informed about any classes or workshops I am teaching please join my mailing list, thanks! Happy crafting!

59 thoughts on “Classes!

  1. Your classes sound so inspiring. Shame I live on the other side of the world and cannot attend. I wish you luck with these classes, not that you need it. I love the way you teach techniques when I watch you on your Your Tube channel. Keep the inspiration coming! 🙂


      1. OMG! Craftsy?!

        If you have any spare time in Denver, try to get down to Terry Ludwig Pastels. Not only are their pastels awesome, but you get a little discount and can tour their workshop.


      2. Hi Lindsay, do you still offer online classes for coloring pencils?
        My email is

        And by the way if you’d like to learn Spanish, I am a teacher and would be happy to share a fun, enthusiastic and online 1 on 1 lesson 😊
        I already subscribed to your newsletter in this blog 😊
        Have a great day!

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        1. I don’t have a clas on colored pencils but I have several projects on my youtube channel and critique club


  2. Lindsay – love your watercolor class last year and will plan on attending these! Let me know when registration opens please.


  3. I am so excited to hear you are filming for Craftsy. I have thought you would be an excellent instructor on that platform. Can you share the class subject? (Or is that super secret info. known only to high ranking crafting executives?🤐)😉
    I would selfishly love to have you teach in Southern California if you get the opportunity.



      1. I only have a couple free classes at the orrington library this summer, I like to take summer off as much as possible to be with my kids:)


  4. have you ever done a painting class in Windsor

    P.S. can you do a review of the Sonnet St.Petersburg watercolor paints on YouTube?

    sorry I had to ask you hear, I just don’t have a YouTube account


      1. The sonnet watercolors are in the Nevskaya palitra set, so no I do not think the Yarka is the same. I am buying them and hoping somebody will make a tutorial because nobody does. though everyone seems to do the White Nights watercolor paints which are in the same brand.
        I hope you can help,


  5. your videos have inspired me to start painting with watercolors after a long break. thank you so much!


  6. You are an amazing watercolor artist.I just started watching your u tube videos on all of your flower creations. I am a beginner and would love to learn but I can’t draw. How do print the printable patterns you offer? Can I purchase them? Thanks for your talent


    1. I have patterns in my Craftsy class, other than that if there is a pattern for one of my youtube videos it would be on my blog on the post where the video is:)


  7. I’ve been watching your stamp school classes with awe. So many New ideas. On the first one you refer to a tool as a color duster, or stippling brush. Can you direct me as to where to find them? And will men’s shaving brushes have the same texture to get the sme result?


  8. Hi Lindsay, I think I finally found a way to send you an email where you might see it! I have so many questions to ask you about art, but I just want to start with how much does it costs for a class and if you have online classes before 2016 is up?
    Susan, your fan since 2015!!!


    1. Hi Susan, You can get 50% offmy craftsy class with this link: and it is currently availbe, you go at your own pace and you have lifetime access.

      You can still get my class in Wanderlust 2016 and you also get 49 other classes too included in the price, I think you can only sign up for this through August and you have until July 2017 to take the class but you can downlad all of the classes and save them to your computer if you want:


  9. I can not access the reference photo for leaves and textures class. It keeps going back to the whole class. I am terrible at drawing. Need to trace. Can you send back or re post?


    1. Hi Ann, do you mean the landscape from Essential Tools and Techniques for Watercolor? We just make a few lines on the paper and the composition is done with paint on that one, there is no pattern. I used a combination of reference material and mostly my imagination with that one so it is best to follow along step by step with the class. Alternately you can pause the video when the sketch is complete to check your work and pause as needed as you paint. I hope that helps, if not let me know:)


  10. Lindsay, I have watched so many I’d your videos and maybe I missed it, but I never see any stampers use ethnic characters other than Caucasian. You have so many supplies and seem to know where to get everything; can you tell me where to buy African-American, Asian American, Native American, etc., character stamps? I contacted Tim Holtz, but no one there would contact me back. Penny Black had a couple of Afrocentric kids but no adults, and no other ethnicities. I would love to find characters that look like my children and grandchildren, but have very little luck. Rubbernecker??? has adults but no kids. Any suggestions?

    BTW, your work is great!


    1. gosh, there is not a lot of representation of non white stamps of kids. I searched Simon says stamp and did google searches and found noting much but you might be able to use coloring pages to get images to represent your grandkids. Surely other customers want these kinds of stamps. Let me ask the facebook group “Stamping enablers” to see if anyone has any ideas! I’ll let you know what I find out, if I find out anything:)


  11. Lindsay, I have enjoyed the video journey (with you) toward “decluttering and refocusing”. My home, art room, mind, and wallet are believers in “less really is more”. Thank you for sharing and being so honest, enthusiastic, and optimistic. Last year I read a book, by Cecile Andrews & Wanda Urbanska, titled – Less Is More. It explores the idea of “embracing simplicity for a healthy planet, caring economy and lasting happiness.”
    I also learn techniques and advice from your watercolor videos. I love being renewed when I have painted a new piece. Thanks for reminding everyone that the “moments spent creating and learning are treasures”, Wildflowersong.

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  12. Hi Lindsay – After spending hundreds of dollars on art supplies (just love new stuff), I now am thinking about taking one of your online classes. I wanted to know if you do a class specifically on negative painting. I’d like to learn this so I can do better flower and tree paintings. I’m looking forward to your reply back! Thank you! Susan

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  13. Hi, Lindsey! Thanks so much for all your great videos! I think I’m going to take the drawing class, you are such a wonderful, kind, and thorough teacher! i love hanging out with you & Sarah on your Friday live YT.

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  14. Thank you for offering ‘how to draw’ classes!
    I’m 57 and have been getting my lost-kid-learning-to-have-fun-artsy time back. And drawing is a talent I haven’t learned before, yet it is the bedrock of so much that I want to do.
    And it’s lovely that we don’t have to purchase everything to begin, but can add to our supplies as we progress.
    So again, thank you for this opportunity.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have 2 options, on the top left of the page you can subscribe to blog posts via email and you will get an email every time I publish a new blog post which is nearly daily. I also have a special events newsletter which is monthly and I notify about new classes or if I will be teaching workshops anywhere in person or highlights from the month. I’d love to have you join either or both! It’s free to subscribe:)


  15. When I watched your youtube tutorial on painting the rose watercolor card today (1/31/19) when I scrolled down it mentioned a floral watercolor class – $79. I assume that when it’s purchased the person receives the videos to watch and work with as they please. Would they come in my email or how would I access the class? Thanks much. Love your work. I just want to make sure I can go back time and time again and watch your instruciton. Thanks much! I did not see this class on this site. Do I simply enroll via the youtube video I mentioned?

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  16. Hi Lindsay,
    I have a friend who wishes to take your drawing class. Can you tell me if you’ll be running any special pricing to in the near future for that class?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I always run a birthday special in July. Ask her to subscribe to my blog or newsletter to be notified of sales:)


  17. Good morning, Lindsay. I signed up for your beginner drawing class yesterday so that I would get the discount you were offering. My credit card was billed for the full amount. Please help. Thank you so much…..Fran Smith

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Fran, I just looked up your account and I will refund you the difference. It looks like the coupon code didn’t get entered but no worries:) you will get a refund of $31.60 (40% off)


  18. Hi Lynsay,
    I am a new beginner into acrylic paint.I do a lot of acrylic paint on porcelain,I am using Pebeo 150 Porcelain but it is a very expensive medium.Can you tell me if there is a product that I can use instead of the Pebeo product.A kind of vitrification transparent product that can replace the 150 Pebeo.Something you put on my acrylic to have the glazing look.(oven way).My English is poor,hope you understand.
    Guy Rancourt
    Quebec city


  19. I absolutely love all your work and video’s, thank you so much for sharing everything so graciously!! I can try your paintings without feeling guilty for copying it, because you give us the green light! Thank you for being you. I am no longer a true beginner with aquarel paint, just trying new things every day and I loooove this!
    I will try your classes one day too, but right now I am just enjoying your video’s.

    Thank you ❤

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  20. Hi Lindsay,

    The website is currently down for Accents Home Furnishings & Decor. I’d love to sign up for the September class but I can’t find it! I don’t see a year, so maybe it’s an old post, but if you are teaching in September ’22 I’d love to attend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Its an old listing. I’ll have to update it. Accents went out of business earlier this year.


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