First Impressions VS In Depth Reviews? It’s Sat Chat time!

Hi friends! I hope your Saturday is going well. I decided I needed to pull everything out from under the bathroom and kitchen skinks today and organize it. It’s a great feeling to have it done but when you close the cabinets you can’t even tell. I think I need to declutter something more visible, maybe the counters? They have been getting a bit out of control lately so I think I will. I did manage to clean and vacuum all the glitter up from my studio after filming Sat Chat so that’s going to be a nice feeling when I go in there Monday morning. Speaking of Sat Chat, here it is!

Stuff I mentioned:

I hope you are having an awesome weekend whether it is lazy or productive, enjoy it! Happy crafting!

Join me for a craft-along! How to make classy cards with Dollar Tree Supplies!

Hi friends! Last week I visited several Dollar Tree stores in my area and bought some craft supplies. The problem with dollar store supplies is that you pick them up on impulse and sine you don’t put a lot of planning into buying them you can easily forget about them. that’s why I decided to play with them right away! Firstly because I wanted to make sure there was nothing wrong with them (the dies cut and the stamps stamp etc.) and secondly I wanted people to be able to find these supplies if the want them. Please keep in mind that you can use stuff you have in your stash already and try these techniques. The more unique the better I say! Another reason I am excited to share this project is because I want crafting to be accessible to as many people as possible so if you can make something pretty with a $1 stamp set it will make the craft available to more people. Granted I will pull inks and other things from my stash (as I am sure most will) so not everything will be from the dollar store. Use what you have (even the kids watercolors and markers!) and let’s have a crafty good time!

I’ll be be chatting live during the premiere of this video at 12 noon Eastern time today over on YouTube so be sure to watch at that time on the watch page if you want to chat with me and fellow crafters! We’ll have an arty party! don’t worry if you can’t make it, a replay will be available too!


Supplies from dollar tree: *You might be able to order some of these things online from dollar tree (affiliate links used) but you might need to order in bulk.

Stuff from my stash:

In the video I mentioned the DIY cloud stencil tutorial from Local King Rubber Stamps, it is such an ingenous idea! Lisa is so fun too, you will enjoy her videos. Happy crafting!

Don’t Get Too Excited, These Markers Are Sold Out (Arrtx Oros Alcohol Brush Marker Review)

Hi friends, these markers were released yesterday and already the assorted 80 set is sold out although you can still order them and take advantage of the $7 off coupon through next Monday (March 1st) I believe. These markers were sent to me for free to review from Arrtx a few weeks ago and always you have my honest assessment on the quality and how they preform. Affiliate links are used in this post. Check out the video for a look at the markers and a demo and below I will have a breakdown of these markers.

Overview: The new Arrtx Oros alcohol markers have the same color selection and marker body (except they are grey rather than white) as the Arrtx Alp markers, but instead of a bullet/chisel nib they have a brush/chisel nib. Currently they are offering the 80a assorted set and the 36 skin tone set. Each set comes with gridded marker stands that will display your markers and keep them in order as well as a carry bag. Currently, they are available in the 80a assorted color range and the 36 skin tone range but they will eventually come out with all of the colors in the Arrtx Apl Range in the Oros format. My contact at Arrtx says they will either offer open stock markers or replacement nibs/ink refills in the future!

Want more info on the Alp Markers? Here is my review of the 80a set with lots of color blend combos and Here is my review on the 36 skin and 24 grey set. Here is my overview of all the Alp sets and their configurations. *Arrtx Alp markers feature bullet/chisel nibs as opposed to the new Oros which have brush/chisel nibs.


  • Price (around $1 per marker)
  • Nice color selection (My contact said they are planning to offer another skintone selection with darker colors in the future too)
  • Good ink flow
  • Blends well with little effort
  • Includes sturdy, reusable storage and display
  • Includes swatch sheet
  • Colors will appear lighter on this paper than other paper I have, it responds in tone like their marker pad which is very affordable, your colors will look lighter on it so if you like a pastel aesthetic give it a try.
  • Reversible nibs (if a brush nib starts to fray, pull it out and reinsert it backwards)
  • High-quality matte plastic marker body. Comfortable to hold and non-roll
  • I found the caps easy to remove and replace.


  • Color chips on caps are not accurate, you should swatch on the paper you usually use
  • The bag for the 80 set is really tight and hard to access the markers when the grid is in there. I wish they had the extended zipper on the big case like they did for the small one to make it easy to access
  • Fiber nibs
  • Markers are juicy and can release droplets of ink when uncapped so do not open over your work (brush nib)

Bottom line: I like these markers and I think they are a good value. They feel like a quality product when you are using them. The 80 set is a good all-around selection for everyday use. The 80 colors set follows the Shinhan and Art-n-Fly color system so you can get refill inks and nibs there if needed. The Skintone set seems to follow the Copic colors system by color name (names are on the swatch so do not throw that paper away) so you can purchase refills that way until Arrtx comes out with their own. If you already have the original Arrtx Alp markers and would prefer a brush nib to a chisel nib you can pull out the chisel end and insert a brush nib. The Altenew nibs will fit (they use the same bodies) and they are a foam rubber nib that I prefer. *Keep in mind the nibs are $2 each and the Oros markers are only about $1 each.

As long as there are markers left unreviewed in this world I shall not rest LOL! Happy crafting!

Let’s make custom stickers using supplies you probably have!

Hi friends! As you might know I love making my own embellishments (of course remembering to use them is another thing and we won’t get into that LOL!) and today I’m going to share some really cute and easy ones. Best of all you probably have everything you need already!

I made these stickers and die cuts using label/frame stamps, botanical and butterfly stamps, ink sticker paper and cardstock. My sticker paper is actually white full sheet labels you can find at any office supply store. Just use cardstock if you don’t have that, it is just as cute and only needs a bit of glue when you use them, also you have all of your cardstock colors to work with. Watch the video for a step by step demo with lots of tips!

Supplies (affiliate links used)

  • Label stamps The ones I have sold out but these are great too! Use coupon code LINDSAYWEIRICH to save 12% at TopFlight Stamps.
  • Pretty stamps you love for the insides of the labels
  • Black and Red ink (I recommend Ranger Archival or Versafine Clair)
  • Post it tape or masking paper *post it notes can be used too
  • Scissors or a scan n cut machine (I have a scan n cut 2 model CM350) These are easy to cut out tho so scissors are totally fine.

I hope you give this a try and knock the dust off of those old stamps!

So, the Dollar Tree is Upping Their Craft Game (Sat Chat 2/20/21)

Hi friends, I had a chance to pop in to 3 of my local Dollar Trees this week and I have to say they are courting the crafters! I will be testing out the product I bought (and share in this haul) and bring you some tutorials with them on my blog and YouTube. Keep in mind, just like any “deal” art supplies are only a bargain if they work and you actually use them.

Now, before you rush out to your local Dollar Tree keep in mind all stores carry different stuff. You can order some things from their website however you may have to buy a large amount and not everything I found was on there. I am hoping they are trying to get more things to stores first before stocking the website. I tried the dies and they cut great. The stamps are the cheap silicone kind but I have stamped out 2 of the 3 sets already with no problems, although I recommend washing them first to remove any factory grease and using pigment ink. I’ll post a video using the watercolors later this week so you might want to hold off on buying them until you see that video. Luckily every store I went to stocks that so you should be able to find it if you want it after seeing the quality.

That’s all for today! Happy crafting!

5 Awesome Watercolor Techniques & Supplies to Try Today!

Hi friends! Today I have a fun technique video for you where you try lots of things and make a batch of watercolor greeting cards!

Watch the video and see how!

  • Supply #1: Altenew Watercolor coloring book: (affiliate links used) Here you get 24 5″x7″ floral designs printed on watercolor paper. There are 12 designs, each version has a dark line version and a light line version so you can have a choice. This is fun and relaxing even for experienced painters who can draw because sometimes you just want to play!
  • #2 Watercolor pan paints: These are the basics, they will provide you all the colors you need and you can mix other colors too. Probably the most versatile supply.
  • #3 Watercolor pencils: This woodless variety gives you 100% usable product. You can even save the shavings if you sharpen them to use as paint!
  • #4 Dual brush markers (waterbased brush and a fine liner) at about 30 cents a color you can color and outline your work for definition and you get a beautiful carry case you can use for other supplies after these are used up!
  • #5 Gouache (opaque Watercolor) is great for when you want an opaque highlight or if you completely want to cover your lines. It is available in cups like I used today and tubes. The quality is the same, go for the kind that is more convenient for you.

Also in this project, I wanted to use an old tool that I’ve had a long time, the Making Memories Tag Curler. I actually found a few on amazon if anyone wanted one. I know many of you already have this so it would be fun to use it. Keep in mind this is a discontinued product so getting tags for it will be difficult, if you are going to buy one make sure you can get some tags with it. This seller has a bulk pack of 54.

Other Supplies:

Well that was fun! Keep in mind you can cut down watercolor paper and stamp any stamps you have or freehand draw designs if you don’t have the coloring book I used. Make the project work for you and til next time happy crafting!

Struggling through a painting…

Hi friends! Today I am sharing a painting I struggled with. I’d been out of sorts all week and I found it hard to focus or even decide what to paint. As I worked through this painting there were many times I just wanted to toss it in the garbage and I probably would have if I didn’t need it for work. This brings me to the thought that there are several ways we can deal with a problematic painting. You can pitch it in the trash, you can set it aside to return to at a later date when your might has had a chance to forget the struggle (probably the best option but you may risk losing interest in the project) or you can do what I usually do which is to fight through and finish it. How do you deal with this?

The real time version of this tutorial is up in Critique Club if you want to see the struggle in real time and see how I solved the many issues that came up in this painting. You can also watch the time lapse below.


If you want to learn more about soft pastels I have a course: Soft Pastels for Beginners you might like and you can save 40% on that class, or any other class in my Teachable school by using the coupon code LOVE40 now through 2/20/21. The pastel class link above should contain the discount but if you don’t see it click “add coupon” at checkout and type in LOVE40 to get the Valentines sale price! Happy crafting!

Happy Valentines Day (A Snarky Card)

Hi friends! I wanted to pop in and wish you a happy Valentines Day and since I know not everyone one loves this holiday I thought I’d make a funny card. Honestly I about died laughing when I saw these stamps at the Lost Coast Designs booth at the last stamp show I went to. Remember the “before times” when we could go places and do things…

This is not a sponsored post, I just love these stamps from Lost Coast Designs and Carmen’s Veranda! BTW Use coupon code QUARANTINE to get 25% off any purchase of stamps at Lost Coast excluding Katzelkraft and Stencil girl products. *Carmen’s Veranda and Lost Coast Designs are owned by the same person, Linda will combine orders if made on the same day to save you a shipping charge or to meet shipping minimums and refund the difference.


  • American Gothic Couple Steampunk style (Lost coast designs)
  • Funny saying (Carmen’s Veranda) There are loads of funny sentiments here, some are a bit raunchy but they are pretty hilarious!
  • Cardstock & patterned paper (unknown, probably American Crafts)
  • Mini playing cards from a bubble gum machine
  • Memento black ink
  • Alcohol markers (random assortment)

That’s all from me! I hope you are enjoying this day however you wish! I’ll be spending it with my hubby:) Love and happy crafting to you!

Sat Chat! Happy Valentines Weekend!

Hi Friends! Welcome back to the weekly show about nothing…

Yes, I realize that my face was out of focus at parts during the video but it’s smoothing out my wrinkles so I’m OK with it.

Stuff I mentioned in the video (that my mid-40 brain can remember LOL!)

I hope you have a great weekend! Happy crafting!