Let’s Draw Jellyfish!

Hi friends! Today I have a time-lapse of some jellyfish for you!

You can find a real-time version of this tutorial in Critique Club. You can use any toned paper you like and any colored pencils that show up well on dark paper.

Enjoy the timelapse!

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Jellyfish are so fun to draw because of the swirly undulating lines and organic shapes! I hope you give it a try soon!

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Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Did You sign up for my free class yet?

Hi friends! I just wanted to remind you that I am teaching a free class for Michaels Craft Stores and Derwent tonight at 8pm Eastern Time (New York Time) and you can sign up on the class page. Here is the project we willl create!

The class will take about an hour. You must sign up on the Micheals’s website to attend. It is totally free and available worldwide. There is a supply list including a drawing you can download and print or transfer on your paper prior to class. I will be using Derwent Chromaflow pencils on Toned Tan mixed media paper but feel free to use what you have! Grab a brown bag if you don’t have toned tan! I hope you can join me for this fun free class and til then happy crafting!

Substituting products on Mixed Media Paper!

Hi friends! Have you ever seen a tutorial that you would like to try only to find out that you don’t have the supplies the artist is using? I think we have all been there. Today I will show yuo how to get a very similar look with 3 different media so hopefully you can find a product that will suit your style or give you ideas on how to make what you have work better!

I also want to mention that this painting took nearly 4 hours so please don’t expect similar results in 30 minutes. I didn’t want to time lapse this so I had Jason edit it down but keep it real time so you could get a feel for the techniques better but I realize that might make you think it was drawing quicker than it was and I like to keep it real:) Often when someone isn’t happy with their art (especially colored pencil or marker) it’s because it’s not done yet. I hope this video inspires you!

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Here is a closer look at the artwork:

Colored pencil with touches of white pen

Adding a base media can save time and give great results!

Watercolor base with colored pencils & white pen.

And my favorite…

Alcohol marker base with colored pencils and white pen.

Which one did you like best? Happy crafting!

Using Colored Pencils on Pastelmat For The First Time!

Hi friends, today I am going demonstrate colored pencils on Pastelmat paper by Clairfontaine.

Pastelmat is a unique textured surface that was designed for holding many layers of pastel but is also popular with colored pencil artists. It has an almost flocked feeling to it but the surface is hard and not soft like velour paper. It’s textured but not rough like sanded paper (one of my favorite colored pencils surfaces.) If you want to see colored pencil demos on sanded paper I have a blue jay painting here and a sunset here. Although these are both textured paper they are very different in how they take colored pencil.

Pastelmat allows the artist to apply more layers than they would on ordinary paper but doesn’t grab as much pigment as sanded paper does meaning you can add more thin layers on Pastel mat and it also means that it will take a lot longer to create a finished work of art. In today’s real time demo I will paint one bud, a branch and some leaves. I’m not sure how long I spent on the flowers but it was several hours. I really like the look of my painting on this paper but it sure took a lot of time. I plan on testing this paper with different pastels next to see if I like it more with those mediums.

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So, what do you think? Have you tried Pastelmat? I need t use it more and with other media before I make my final decision. I do like the lo of this painting but it was very consuming. Let me know what you think and til next time happy crafting!

PS I forgot to post my SatChat here yesterday so if you are looking for it you can find it on my YouTube channel.

Pelican in Pencil & Happy Father’s Day!

Hi friends! Happy Father’s to all the dads out there. I hope you have a special day:) Today we are going to work in a variety of black, gray and white pencils in a grey sketchbook.

You can also use charcoal and chalk for this. The grey of your paper will take out some of the work of shading. You can find a real time version of this tutorial in Critique Club. Critique club is a monthly membership group in my teachable school that allows you to upload 2 paintings a month for an individualized critique from me to help you grow as an artist. You are not required to upload any artwork though, if you want to join just for the bonus tutorials and camaraderie of other like minded artists that’s fine too:) All are welcome! In addition each month you get 2 new long format intermediate/advanced art tutorials from me. You also have access to all past tutorials while you are a member (there are currently 36!) and you can get inspired by past creative prompts as well if you need inspiration. Click here to learn more about Critique Club or sign up today!

Now, on to the time lapse!


Want more help in the drawing department?

Drawing is the foundation to all art. If you are feeling weak in that area I have a course that will teach you how to draw what you see as we work through a variety of lessons. You will learn drawing, shading, perspective and other techniques so you can go from “I can’t draw a straight line” to “I can draw whatever I have in mind!” Click here to find out more about Learn to Draw with Lindsay. It makes a great Father’s Day gift too!

I think we are going to take a drive to the coast today. I hope you find a nice way to spend the day and til next time happy crafting!

Blue Jay in Colored Pencils on Sanded Paper with Powder Blender

Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you are able to safely visit with your mothers, children or grand children this year whether in person, on the phone or via the Internet. Today I am sharing a painting I did in colored pencil.

It was a lot of fun and really satisfying to draw/color/paint. Partly because of the pencils, they are decent quality but not so expensive that I have to worry about using up colors and partly because of the sanded paper and powder blender which let me layer up loads of saturated color. If you have never tried colored pencils with sanded paper before you are in for a treat, it is effortless to lay down color and build layers. Watch the video for a time lapse demo. If you are interested in a real time tutorial of this painting you can find it along with dozens of other long format tutorials that are more advanced than what I do on YouTube in Critique Club.

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Have a great Sunday everyone and til next time happy crafting!

Review of Cezanne Colored pencils

Hi friends, today we are going to take a look at the new 120 set of Cezanne colored pencils available from Creative Mark. These pencils are also available in a set of 72.

Overview: These are touted as a lightfast brand of artist quality blendable wax-based set if pencils that can hold up to other more expensive brands. Today we will put these pencils to the test on a variety of surfaces from watercolor paper, to sanded paper to a coloring book page and standard drawing paper.


  • Price (around 50 cents a pencil)
  • Blendable
  • Performs well on all surfaces tested but better on more textured surfaces as it allows for more pigment saturation.
  • Sharpens well to a strong point. (I only had one issue with breakage with a handheld sharpener and it is in the video, that pencil sharpened well in an electric tho) It also sharpens well with a blade.
  • Nice selection of colors although many pencils in the 120 set are “samey”
  • Colors layer well
  • The tin is nice and the trays are sturdier than most.
  • Very little glare or wax bloom even when burnishing.


  • Not available open stock
  • Several leads not centered making it wasteful when sharpening with a pencil sharpener so a knife was needed to sharpen those.
  • The white is weak, better as a blender than a white

Paper I tested these pencils on:

I will have upcoming videos for the bird artworks.

Bottom line, the more I used the Cezanne pencils the more I like them. I think they are a good value for your money but not as pigmented as Polychromos or Prismacolor. I recommend adding a Prismacolor white to this set for maximum versatility. These pencils felt more like an oil-based pencil (more like Polychromos than Prismacolor) than wax and they worked very well on sanded paper with the powder blender technique. I plan to use that a lot with these pencils as they are much cheaper than Polychromos for practice. I got much nicer results with rougher paper and had a bit of difficulty getting the color saturation I wanted on the smooth coloring book page but the smooth drawing paper with just a bit more tooth worked well. I recommend these for non-permanent work because even though the tin say these pencils have good lightfastness there are no ratings on the pencils.

I hope you found this review useful and til next time happy crafting!

Markers + Colored Pencils on Toned Grey Paper is the Best!

Hi friends! I really enjoyed creating this drawing. I think one of my favorite sketching combinations is markers on toned paper. It is such an interesting experience.

Watch the video and see how it all came together!

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You can find a real-time tutorial for this project in Critique Club. Critique Club is a monthly membership group that allows you to upload 2 of your original paintings a month for personalized feedback from me and it gives you access to dozens of in-depth, more advanced tutorials. I add two new long tutorials and a new creative prompt every month and while you are a member you can access all past tutorials and prompts. You get all of this for $5 a month and you can cancel anytime:) If your goal is to grow and improve as an artist Critique Club is for you! Learn more here! That’s all for today! It’s March, that means Spring is on the way and soon we will have real flowers growing outside to paint (in the north anyway:) and that is an inspiring thought. Happy crafting!

Sketchbook Sunday: Rainbow Roses!

Hello friends! Today in my sketchbook I decided to paint a rainbow rose!


This was a fun loose watercolor that I enhanced with Prismacolor colored pencils. Watch how it all came together in this weeks Sketchbook Sunday timelapse:

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I also wanted to share this lesson I added in my Essential Tools and Techniques for Watercolor Class. If you purchased this class in the past you have access to it in now in the classroom. If you would like to enroll you can use coupon code DRAWME to save 50% on the class (Regular price $79, sale price $39.50 with coupon code DRAWME through 3/31/18)


The Hydrangea lesson is focusing on the skill of negative painting and I think it rounds out the Essential Tools and Techniques for Watercolor course very well. If you are new please make sure to do the lessons in order so you get the most from the class as the hydrangea lesson assumes you have already completed the previous lessons in the course. I can’t wait to see your work in the classroom!

2018-03-22 (1)

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I hope you enjoyed this weeks Sketchbook Sunday video, tell me, what are you working on in your sketchbook today? Let me know in the comments below and til next time happy crafting!