Loose Watercolor Roses!

Enjoy this fun warm-up painting! Then mail it to a friend!

If you like loose florals you’ll love my Watercolor Flower Workshop

I’m using the Artify folding watercolor palette, Watercolor paper and Creative mark brushes.

My latest Sat Chat is up on YouTube if you are interested. Til next time happy crafting!

Do You know What Your Water-based Blender Can Do?

Hi friends! Today I am going to share many ways you can use a water-based colorless blending marker.

I’ll show you several ways to color with it, how to refill it and also how you can use it for embossing! Watch the video to see how! Oddly enough the technique I didn’t think would work well was my favorite!

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I did a similar video on using the the clear alcohol blending marker too. You can check it out here. What was your favorite technique? Happy crafting!

Let’s Use Up some Crafty Crap: Chipboard

Hi friends! Do you have a stash of chipboard shapes from back in the day? Or maybe a stach of cereal boxes you have saved to make your own DIY chopboard shapes? Well, todayis the day we dig them out and put them to good use!

I have also been hearing of many people who have recently purchased their first gel printing plates so we will give that a workout too and create some really fun cards. This is a longer video so grab your supplies and craft along, or you can put this on as you do other things for a bit of company.

Supplies: (affiliate links used) *I have lined up to what I can find but I like to use old stamps that may no longer be available. Have fun and substitute with what you have!

Now I did whip up a few more cards with leftovers while I was at it that did not use the chipboard shapes. I think it is fun to make use of these extra doo-dads at the end of a crafting session. They are fun to mail out for a quick hello for no particular occasion. I hope something in this video inspired you and til next time happy crafting!

Oil Pastel Fun! Let’s Paint a Lily!

Hi friends! I love this time of year when I start to see bulbs pop out of the ground on my walks. The flowers will be blooming before you know it and one of my favorites are lilys.

The real-time tutorial is up now in Critique Club if you want to see this in real time or you can watch the sped up version below.

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Also, because I am super into to pastels of all types right now I am offering 50% off my Soft Pastel for Beginners Course! *Use coupon code APRILSHOWERS if the discount doesn’t appear. Offer good through 5/1/21 on one-time payment and payment plans.

What’s your favorite spring flower? Let me know in the comments below and til next time happy crafting!

Floral Facemasks

Plain white cotton face masks get a stylish upgrade with a little creativity from you! We will use Inktense on fabric to make permanent reusable masks. You can also use these techniques to decorate t-shirts and other cloth items! Watch the video to see how!

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The only think you really want to pay attention to if your mask has a nose wire and your design has “right way up” is to make sure the nose wire is t the top when you paint so the mask will the right side up when you wear it. Happy crafting!

How About Some Oil Pastels?

Hi friends! I have a Two-fer today! I have a comparison of the oil pastels brands I use and recommend and also a painting of a bunny using watercolor as the background and oil pastel over top.

Let’s start with the bunny demo:

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Now on to the Oil Pastel Comparison:

Read more about it!

The firmest oil pastels I use, and also the most budget-friendly, are the Pentel Arts set of 50. ***Some viewers told me that they reformulated these pastels and now have a very strong odor. You can get a set of 50 for $7.04 on blick or slightly more on Amazon and it’s a great start on your oil pastel journey. I even use them to block in areas or add detail at the end as they are firmer. Even tho they are harder than the other brands I mention they are very pigmented. These are great in sketchbooks as they don’t transfer much to the opposite page. The downside is that they are not lightfast so use them only in sketchbooks and for experiments if you are concerned about fading.

Mungyo Gallery Soft Oil Pastels: Mungyo makes many pastels for other companies including the Master’s touch at Hobby Lobby so if you wait for a 50% off sale you will pay the normal Mungyo price on Amazon. Mungyo makes a regular and a soft and I purchased the soft. They are really nice for learning and are a bit more lightfast than the Pentels so your work will not fade as quickly in the light. They are lovely to work with. Expect to pay between $20-$30 for a 48 piece set, they also offer a 72 wood box set

Paul Rubens Oil Pastels: this 48 set is a great option for the budget-conscious artist who also cares about lightfastness. Every stick has pigment info and a lightfast rating. These are soft and very nice to work with. They have also come out with a pastel color set an iridescent set and 6 pack of white pastels. These would be my top pick for budget and quality

The softest pastels I have are also the most lightfast and you can buy individual sticks but they come at a cost. The Sennelier oil pastels are spendy but awesome. They also have larger sticks if you want to work big. These are lipstick soft and so pigmented. They are truly a luxury art supply.

I also showed the eye-pencil like Dramasticks. I did not have a lot of luck with these but if you think they may be right for you you can see them here. They might be discontinued tho. Jane Davenport also has Power Pastels but they are more like a wax crayon than an oil pastel so I did not include them in this comparison. I do like the power pastels but I have not used them much, I think I will, stay tuned! They are a good price on Amazon right now.

Last but not least are the Winsor & Newton Oil Bar, these are paint in a stick, they dry just like oil paint, unlike oil pastels which never truly dry to a durable finish. I think these might be discontinued but the Shiva brand is available.

Wow, I think that was a lot of info but hopefully it is helpful if you are interested in oil pastels! If you are interested in soft pastels (the kind of pastels that feel chalky) I have my Soft Pastels For Beginners class on sale for 50% off this month by using the coupon code APRILSHOWERS or clicking the special discount link here. I am in a pastel mood lately! Happy crafting!

Easter Cards To Make Using Older Supplies!

I love to use up older supplies. It validates the stuff be bought years ago and held on to. If you have some oldies in your stash that you want to give new life to read on!

I start with patterned paper and then pull the embellishments and do any stamping and coloring to match. I like to make envelopes with the pattern paper and then use the scraps to decorate the cards. To make the envelopes simply measure corner to corner, add one inch to that measurement and cut a square that size. Then fold the points around the card. This will work for any square or rectangle card! Watch the video to see it done!

I also have the habit of making embellishments. I think I enjoy making embellishments more than finished cards sometimes so it’s easy to end up with too many. I went through quite a crochet flower phase about 12 years ago and I am still enjoying the bounty LOL!

Here is a list of supplies I used in this video. Many things are discontinued but I used affiliate links if they are still available. Fee free to substitute with what you have. (If you are making Easter cards today you will probably have to LOL!)

I also have tutorials for my DIY supplies (warning, the crochet flower one is OLD!)

As you can see I was pretty late to the Easter card making game this year. They have not been sent out yet, I might try to hand some out or just save them for next year and be ahead for once, what do you think?

I hope you have a great weekend and till next time “hoppy” crafting!

Drawing Apples in a Bag in Colored Pencil Real Time Tutorial

Hi friends, yesterday I hosted a live tutorial for this project on my YouTube chanel.

You can watch the replay in the player below.

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I hope you have some time to paint along, it’s a fun one! Happy crafting!