Happy New Year!

Here is a clean, simple one layer card that takes all of 10 minutes to make:

Step 1: Make a standard card base from white cardstock.

Step 2: Stamp banners (Pink Persimmon), kewpie doll (Crafty Secrets), Sentiment (My Sentiments Exactly) and Numbers (PSX) on card.

Step 3: Color Kewpie doll and megaphone.

Please be safe while ringing in the new year tonight, here’s to a fabulous 2012! Til next time happy crafting!

Tutorial: Make your own clay molds!

Howdy folks. I have been holding on to this tutorial for a couple of months. Why, you ask? Because I wanted to make a card with one of my hand embellishments before showing the tutorial and I did this morning, check it out:


I used a vintage button to make a mold {or mould} for the silver button on the card:


I tend to be a button hoarder, especially the really cool ones or really old ones I have saved from my grandmother. So I took the lovely buttons I could not bear to part with and made molds of them with scrap polymer clay so I can make as many as I like. Here are some of my handmolded buttons:


Scrap clay is the leftover scraps of polymer clay you save after you finish a project. Just toss them in a sandwich bag until you have a need for custom molds 😉 I store my scrap clay in a fish ‘n tackle style box:

How to make Clay molds. If you don’t have scrap clay you can use new clay.

Step 1. Condition the clay. Knead all of the various colors of scrap clay for about 10 minutes in your hands, it will turn a uniform grey-brown color. You can use a clay dedicated pasta machine to speed things along.


Step 2. select a button, bead, key or whatever you want to mold. Dust it with cornstarch or baby powder so the clay won’t stick to it.


Step 3. Press the clay on the object making sure to pull the clay up over the sides so you get a good deep mold. Don’t encase the object though, you then need to remove the item you are molding. If it does not look good just knead the clay again and re press the object in the clay.

Step 4. Bake the clay. I bake it at 275 for 15 minutes per 1/4″ thickness but refer to your package of clay when in doubt. Most of my clay scrap is Sculpey 3 so it has a shorter baking time. Finer art clays like Sculpey Premo have a longer bake time.

Step 5. Take it out of the oven and let it cool. Then you can make as many of the embellishments as you like. For really detailed pieces you will want to dust the mold with cornstarch or Pearl-ex (if you want some sparkle!) so it doesn’t stick. Never bake the clay in the mold or it will stick for good!

I think making homemade molds and buttons is a great way to spend an evening!

Before I go I wanted to show you a variation of the new years card I made since I plan on mailing these cards and the buttons are thick. I found these great bottle cap stamps by inkadinkado months ago and could not find a use for them til now, I’ll hand deliver the clay button cards and mail the stamped bottle cap ones!


And in case you are wondering here is a list of the other stamps I used on my cards:

Mouse: Crafty Secrets

Banner: Pink Persimmon

Sentiment: My Sentiments Exactly

Numbers on banner: Personal Stamp Exchange (funny story here, I was getting ready to write this post and realized I forgot to stamp the year on the banners, Doh…ha ha, nobody’s perfect)

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

So Lazy…

Yesterday I did nothing. I finished a book, puttered around the house in my jammies and reveled in the day after Christmas lazies 😉 Ahhhhh. That was nice but now I am ready to get back to it! I wanted to share the finished calendars that I made for my parents and in-laws this year. Here is the cover:


I am so glad I bought a binding machine this year, it really speeded up the process for me, I got a simple office supply version for $20 and you can read about that on this post if you want.

My other secret weapon for putting this together so quickly was Picture Collage Pro software. I was able to collage my photos on my computer and print them so all I needed to do was cut the collage out and glue it to my pattern paper. You can get Picture Collage pro software here. I love it! Disclaimer: I love this software and use it every time I scrap so I signed up to be an affiliate so if you end up buying it (through clicking the above link) I will earn a commission 🙂 Thanks!


Excuse the bad lighting, I literally took these photos on Christmas Eve on my scrap-table seconds before wrapping them 😉


  • Stick to one line of paper for east coordination. I used a stack of K&co paper for most of the album.
  • Be sure to write names and dates on the pages, you do not need fancy journaling but get the facts in there, these calendars will be saved for years to come.
  • Print an extra copy of the photo pages for you and scrap a year in no time!

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Christmas is almost here {relax}

My Christmas shopping was officially done yesterday.  I have to say that I have never been more relaxed about an impending Christmas. I have been kicking back and enjoying time with my kids, volunteering to do crafts with the kids at school and the library and just having fun. Let’s do more of that Okay?  So, the other night I picked up a skein of yarn and some knitting needles and decided to make a dishcloth. I figured it would make a nice last-minute gift and after all I enjoy knitting. Plus it would be a good way to get back into practice after a long hiatus.  After the dish/wash cloth was complete I thought it would be nice paired with some homemade soap:


Here’s how to make a dishcloth {the easy-I haven’t knitted in over a year method} you will need a ball of cotton yarn {I used Lily Sugar & Cream, it is $1-$2 a ball} and a pair of US#8 size needles.

Cast on 35 stitches. knit every row until 7″ long {or square} and bind off.

I have several colors of cotton yarn on hand because it makes nice {and quick} baby booties and bath mitts as well as dish cloths and it is very inexpensive.
Another quick gift you can make is lemon hand scrub and you can make it by the jar. Simply fill a jar 3/4 full with sugar. Fill to just above the sugar with oil {olive or soybean} and stir. Add more oil if it is dry. Then add 1-3 Tbs of lemon juice and you can grate in some zest if you like for extra lemon smell. Stir and screw on a lid. Be sure to package this upright so it does not leak. To use you simply place a tablespoon of sugar scrub in your hands and scrub and rinse. It is heaven for dry hands and does a great job of removing stamping ink too!


If you run out of small gift bags try this! Simply take a kraft lunch bag and trim of the top with fancy scissors then cover the front with pattern paper. Insert your gift and fold over the top and punch a couple of holes and tie on a bow. Pretty cool and zero stress!


These quick and simple gifts are great to have on hand for when a friend comes to call. They are not fancy but they are useful and they show you care and that is one of the best messages of Christmas.

Happy Holidays to you and til next time happy crafting! ~Merry Christmas!!!~

Another recycled craft supply!

Have you ever thought about dryer sheets? Beyond providing you with static-free goodness in your laundry they can also be useful in the craft room. Here I used a dryer sheet (used, thank you very much!) to make the cloud in the heavenly Christmas Card. The stamp used in this card is by Pink Persimmon.

Remember yesterday when I showed you the “Jolly” card that was published in the Winter Rubber Stamp Madness Magazine? Well, this one was submitted too but not picked. The call in the magazine was for holiday cards that had song lyrics in them. I thought of this song needed an angel, clouds, gold leaf and musical notes and rich jewel tones. I colored the angel with Promarkers then colored the wings and halo with a gold paint pen (Sharpie) and for the lyrics I printed them out on cardstock, trimmed them into strips and ran the pen around the outside, it’s really easy to edge paper in gold!

Now…on the the dryer sheets!

To make the clouds I used a glue stick to adhere a used dryer sheet to a scrap of white card stock. Then I spritzed it with metallic pearl shimmer spray and ran it through my die cut machine with a Fiskars texture plate (swirly design) then I simply freehand cut a cloud.

Other ideas for dryer sheets in the craftroom:

  1. Used dryer sheets are great to wipe out glitter and embossing powder trays, they attract the static-y bits of stray glitter and powder.
  2. Take a new dryer sheet in your favorite scent and cut it into 1″ squares and place one between layers when you are making a card. The recipient will have a lovely scented card in the mail. Make sure whoever you send the card too is not sensitive to scents 😉
  3. You can layer a used dryer sheet on a card the same way you would use mulberry paper. You can spritz it with spray ink to change its color too!
  4. Die cut layered flowers from used dryer sheets.
  5. Use them in paper piecing whenever you need a sheer fabric such as a wedding veil or curtain.
  6. Place a new dryer sheet in your waste basket for a fresh scent!

You are probably thinking “Great Lindsay, now there’s one more thing I can’t throw away!”  but don’t worry or start hording, the thing about laundry is that there’s always more to do so you can save a used dryer sheet when you need it, no hoarding necessary 😉

Thanks for stopping by and till next time happy crafting!

I’m Jolly!

Hey! I am so excited! I just got my copy of Rubber Stamp Madness (winter edition) in the mail today and I had this card published!

I used papers from my Handmade Holidays kit and a bingo card from my Vintage Christmas Labels set and as a bonus they are on sale for 40% off today {Wednesday the 21st} only along with everything at Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff so you can stock up and make a few more last-minute goodies:

Vintage Christmas LabelsHomemade Holidays Paper PackGingerbread House SVGWee AlbumsPretty Packaging SVGChic Calendar Scrapbook kit

Don’t you just love the cute santa and alphabet stamps I used? I just love combining digital and traditional products. It is the best of both worlds. I keep a stash of  printed bingo cards in craft area so I can stamp on a quick sentiment when I need it (I also like to keep a stash of library cards on hand too like the one in the Teacher’s Helper set, they are so handy!) Also I love printing just what I need for paper. I tend to hoard my favorite sheets of traditional papers for just the perfect project but with digital papers I can simply print another sheet. The rubber stamps I used on the above card are by Pink Persimmon:

Both sets are so versatile! I’ll show you two other cards I made with that set later this week!

Thanks for taking time out of your busy holiday schedule to have a visit and til next time happy crafting!

Crafty Fun with Eyeshadow and Hot Glue!

Have I mentioned lately how much I love the Dollar Tree? Of course I do not love the cheap crap that is imported from China that breaks the second you get it home but it can be a treasure trove of inexpensive crafting supplies. The trick is to keep your mind open and look beyond using the items for their intended purpose. Case in point-shimmery eyeshadow! When I saw this in the cosmetic isle I couldn’t believe how much it looked like Pearl-Ex (one of my favorite crafting supplies) and at $1 a pop i had to try it out. See how it looks on the butterfly on the upper right of the card:


The nice thing about the loose shimmering eyeshadow is that it comes with a brush in the cap and it is in a spill proof jar. And yes, it is cruelty free (not tested on animals) I always look for that when shopping cosmetics.

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Stamp image with clear embossing/watermark ink.
  2. Use the provided brush to tap the powder on the design and then brush it around to cover well.
  3. Now take a larger softer brush (any soft brush will do) to brush off the excess.
  4. If desired you can add a fixatif to seal down your design.


After making this wonderful discovery I ran into my sons cub scout leader and she wanted to make the boys some “good deed coins” and she wondered if I had any ideas. This is a great idea for kids, they start out with the coin in their right pocket then when they do a good deed they put it in their left pocket. Here is what I came up with:


I think these would also look great on a card or scrapbook page! Here’s how to make them:

  1. Squeeze a dime size dab of hot glue on a silicone mat.
  2. Ink up a stamp with clear or pigment ink and place in the glue puddle.
  3. let dry completely then remove glue from stamp.
  4. Dust the “coins” with shimmer eyeshadow.
  5. Seal with clear spray paint.

I used a green hot glue stick for the coins. I was voiding the green glue out of my glue gun and since I hate to waste I made some hot glue dew drops and used them on my card as embellishments. I played along with the sketch challenge at Oriental Stamp Art this week.

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Fast & Easy Gift Card Holders!

Wow, Christmas is 11 days away and it really snuck up on me (which is quite odd since I have been working on Christmas projects since June because of magazine deadlines) so I made these cute gift card holders to wrap up my last-minute gift cards for the hard to buy for folks on my list. I used my new Gift Card Holder SVG set on this:

My favorite part is that the cuff of the mitten slides off to reveal the gift card:

Wait, did I say that was my favorite because I think I would love this one the most:

You could substitute movie or theater tickets for the gift card in the wine hanger for a truly personal gift.  And I must admit I do enjoy that wine in the pic and it is only $7 a bottle-score!

I like that these gift card holders can be hung on the Christmas tree so they won’t get lost or buried in a pile of presents and they are pretty to look at too. You can whip up a bunch of the ball ornaments and add a little embellishing for a tree full of charming treats:

You can snag this set instantly right here. Well, I have presents to wrap and cards to address so I am gonna scoot, thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


Video: Gift Card Purse!

Happy Monday! I was asked to come up with a way to package a bunch of gift cards for a Christmas gift and I came up with this:


This cute little purse is so quick and easy and it is made from cardstock and standard envelopes. I made a video to show you how simple it is. I have a camera person (Hubby was in my craft area wrapping gifts so I asked him to film it.) He has mad camera skills such as keeping the project in frame. I know, fancy huh? Don’t get too spoiled, I’ll probably be back to the tripod for the next one LOL!

Who wouldn’t like to get a purse chock full of gift cards for Christmas? Fun, Frugal and Practical…that’s how I roll. Til next time happy crafting!