Watch this if you are scared of wasting supplies!

Hi friends! How are you doing? Do you need a bit of encouragement to stop worrying and start painting? well, I hope today’s video does that for you!

If you would like a real-time tutorial of this project along with 75 others, creative prompts, and the opportunity to get feedback on your art from me you can find all of those things in Critique Club for $5 a month. Or, if you are interested in learning how to paint loose florals intuitively you might prefer my Watercolor Flower Workshop where you can learn how to paint a variety of flowers and arrange them in bouquets, wreaths, or swags. Both classes are a lot of fun!

Supplies: *You can use any watercolors, paper, and water-soluble drawing sticks you have but here are the supplies I used. Affiliate links used.

So, did it work? Are you inspired to paint? I hope so! Til next time happy crafting!

Has Sat Chat Run Its Course?

Hi friends, I got a comment on YouTube today saying “No one want’s to hear about this!” regarding the ordinary chit-chat stuff we talk about on Sat Chat. Now, my first thought was to delete the comment (which I did) and then feel bad that I didn’t give my normal “Sat Chat definition and disclaimer” which states that this is not a tutorial, I have lots of those on my channel if you are looking for some but this is the weekly catch up with my awesome community video. Still, I’d be lying if comment’s like this didn’t bug me a bit. That said I did also get several comments that said that it has been a routine to kick off the weekend in a leisurely way with coffee and breakfast with the sat chat community breakfast club and that makes me feel good. With all of the conflict and troubles in the world, I think it’s good to have a comforting, crafty place you can count on, don’t you?

Video stuff!

I hope you are having a good weekend. I went out and bought a pair of sensible shoes that didn’t look like I’ve traipsed through mud and whatnot in (as all of my sneakers and boots do) to wear in New York as I imagine I will be on my feet most of the trip. I dread shopping so I feel good to have accomplished that task LOL! What are you up to? I hope it’s something good! Happy crafting!

Nubble Lighthouse in Derwent Graphitint

Hi friends! We had glorious 65-degree weather the other day which is remarkable for February in Maine! I was hoping it was a sign of early spring but mother nature swiftly corrected that notion with a snowstorm today LOL! It won’t be too long tho until we can head to the coast and enjoy warmer weather. I love to paint on the coast, the wild water, and rocky shoreline gets me every time!

I hope you will join me in painting this scene from York, Maine (via video because it’s too darn cold out LOL!)

Materials: (Affiliate links used)

Happy crafting!

Do you still like your hobby?

Hi friends, in today’s video we will discuss outgrowing a hobby.

Some questions you might want to ask yourself are:

  • Do you still like crafting?
  • When was the last time you crafted?
  • Are you shopping for a hobby you haven’t practiced in a while?
  • Is your hobby aspirational, nostalgic or does it serve the person you are now?

These questions can help you determine if that hobby is still for you. We grow and change and have different seasons of life so it is normal that our interests change. Let’s dig deep and make sure we are serving our current selves. You get a finite amount of time, spend it wisely.

What do you think? Has this happened to you? Did you move on or come back to it later? There are some great comments under the video over on YouTube if you want to check them out. Happy crafting!

Painting in the Round: Daffodils!

I am playing with some new paper today, let’s see how it goes!

Today I am trying out a store-bought round watercolor bock. I have made them in the past (tutorial here) and I really liked the format so I was curious to try out one that was commercially made. I plan on reviewing this paper once I have done a few paintings on it but you can see my first attempt in today’s video.

Supplies (affiliate links used)

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Many folks have a long weekend and if you do and you like to read I just finished reading The Midnight Library by Matt Haig. It was a viewer recommendation and it was simply amazing, I read it in one session. I was able to borrow it from the library but it’s not too expensive since it’s over a year old. I literally couldn’t put it down and it was really uplifting even if the first couple chapters don’t seem like it will be. Read, paint, and happy crafting!

Frugal Friday: Trash you can save for art!

Hey Friends, what do you know, a frugal Friday tip on an actual Friday Yay!

There are so many items we throw away every day that can be useful in your art studio. I hope these tips helps you save money or inspire you to share with a friend!

  • Contact lens case can be used to carry small amounts of salt, gouache, masking fluid solvents or mediums while you are out painting (or share a small of these supplies with a friend!)
  • Same with cleaned-out eyeshadow palettes, they make a great travel palette for yourself (just fill with tube paints and let dry) or one to share with a friend!
  • An old cotton T-Shirt is a great travel rag and won’t break down or need to be disposed of like a paper towel. Also you can cut the end off an old cotton sock and wear it on your wrist to wipe your brush!
  • A small squeeze water flavor enhancer bottle (like crystal light Kool-Aid or Mio) can be cleaned out and filled with water to refill a water brush about 5 times when painting on the go.
  • Binder clips can hold a sketchbook open, so can thick rubber bands (like the kind on Asparagus and brocolli)
  • Old hairspray bottles with a pump top can be washed out and used to mist your palette and watercolor paper. the travel size ones are great to take on the go.
  • And plastic bottle with a good seal is wonderful for carrying water in and out of your painting location.

Happy crafting and painting too!

Tips for Stress-Free Cardmaking!

Hi, friends! I realize the title of this blog post might sound strange. Cardmaking is a hobby and shouldn’t be stressful. How silly is that? I agree! It shouldn’t be stressful but I know there have been times that I went to my art table to make some cards only to be so overwhelmed with the choices from paper to stamps, to ink and colors. I was overwhelmed and it just felt like a big ordeal. Our hobbies should not feel like a chore! If you agree, watch the video for tips to make cardmaking easy, breezy, and fun again!


Was this helpful? What was your favorite tip? Do you have a tip to share? I’d love to know in the comments! Happy crafting!

Wimpy paint? Let’s fix it!

Hi Friends! Do you have a tube of watercolor that just doesn’t do it for you? Do what the big brands do and goose it! Punching up the color with another pigment can help you get more useable paint.

For this tube of Potters Pink, I wanted a deeper color and I wanted to reduce the shininess of the binder and increase the flow and re-wettability. I added Turner Mars Violet to deepen the color and keep the heavy granulation and reduce the gloss from the binder as the MV is very matte in finish. I added a small touch of QoR Quin magenta to increase re-wettability and flow. I added W&N Permanent rose because that was the undertone I wanted.

Regrets? I have a few, OK 1. I should have picked a different QoR color because that pink was too vibrant for the look I was after and because it fills in the space around the granulating color it reduces the overall effect. I definitely recommend only mixing up a small amount and adding a tiny amount of colors because it’s very easy to overdo. That said, if you have a color that doesn’t work for you why not give it a try and see if you can improve it. It’s yours to do with what you wish! Bonus tips: Cut up your test papers for embellishments and bookmarks and save your paint caps when you use up a color in case another cap breaks. Happy crafting!