Let’s Use Soft Pastels Today!

Hi friends, I had a hankering to use my pastels this week and this is what I drew with them:

You can find a real-time version of this painting up in Critique Club. For $5 a month you get access to 84 long narrated real-time lessons (with 2 more added every month!) monthly creative prompts and the ability to upload 2 artworks a month for feedback from me. If this sounds good I’d love to have you join us in Critique Club! Thank you! On to the Timelapse!

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Do you like soft pastels or does the chalky feeling on your hands put you off? I love using them mess and all LOL! Happy crafting!

Sat Chat 6/25/22

OMG guys, I was on Samantha Bee’s TV show (for like 2 seconds but still…) That was my exciting start to the weekend, what’s up with you?

Other Stuff:

That’s all from me today, I am meeting catching dinner with one of my best friends (Katch from Ask a Crafter fame, I’ll tell her you said “Hi!”) so I am super happy about that. Till next time happy crafting!

Plein Air Beach Painting (only a little sand in my palette …)

Hi friends! I am still getting back into the swing of things this week. I woke up to a funny thing today, turns out Samantha Bee used a 2-second clip of my “Should we ban Glitter?” video from a couple years ago in her TV show this week! Here is a clip of that segment on Youtube if you want to see it! It’s only like 2 seconds but I feel kinda famous LOL! I think it’s kinda cool and I’m glad she didn’t make fun of my video because she is a comedian and I can be a bit kooky. But back on topic, I wanted to share the sketches I did on vacation last week. I think this one is my favorite:

They had some areas cordoned off to protect nesting birds so I got to see piping plovers firsthand. It was cool! You can see the rest of my sketches and a demo of a watercolor sunrise in today’s video!

Here is the photo of the sunrise we painted. It was cool to use my own sunrise photo!

Sketchbooks I used:

Here are some photos of the sketches. I share photos of art and sketches on Instagram so follow me there if you like that sort of thing:)

I hope you get the chance to do some outdoor painting this summer. Happy crafting!

How Statuesque!

Hi friends! Today I have a drawing tutorial featuring Derwent Graphitint Pencils. Feel free to follow along with the supplies you have! This is an educational collaboration with Derwent.

Materials: (Affiliate links used)

Happy crafting!

5 Ways to Earn Money from your Art!

Hi friends! I am back from vacation with a new video for you! If you have ever wanted to start making money with your art but you don’t have a large online following or a lot of money to get started this video is for you. I will share 5 ways you can start earning with your art today.

Here are some quick, low-cost ideas of ways you can make money from your art skills!

  1. Art Birthday parties for kids.
  2. Paint Parties (like sip n paint) for adults. Bridal showers, birthday parties, school fundraisers or even collab with bard or restaurants to host a sip n paint.
  3. Teach a class at a local community center or library.
  4. Sell custom arts and crafts on your local community Facebook page or personal page. Word of mouth is free and effective! Ideas: hairbows in local school colors, painted signs, painted magnetic mailbox covers, offer to custom paint planters and decor.
  5. Pet portrait commissions: Leave a painting and some business cards at your local veterinarian or pet store.

These are probably not the jobs you will want to do forever but they are great for making money fast with your art. Good luck my friends and til next time happy crafting!

Unique grad cards using supplies you have!

Hi friends! I really love how these graduation cards I made for my girls came out.

I used an easy kimono fold technique to make the gowns and decorated them with supplies I had on hand. Learn how in today’s video!

*You probably have what you need in your stash to make these, feel free to substitute supplies to get a similar look.

Supplies (Affiliate links used)

  • Paper: I used mulberry paper to give the robes a fabric feel but you can use origami or scrapbook paper. I suggest using acid-free paper as these cards will probably be a keept as keepsakes.
  • Adhesive
  • Ribbon 1/4″ satin and 1/2″ grosgrain (or whatever you have handy. Cardstock strips will also work.
  • Brads: Mini and decorative (or a metal button can be used as a medal)
  • Mini tassels (these are larger than what I used but you can easily make tassels from embroidery floss.
  • Embroidery floss or craft thread
  • Congratulations stamp
  • Ink and embossing powder
  • Cardstock (I used heavy weight purple and gold metallic card)

Customize these cards however you like! Happy crafting!

Rocky coast in Acrylics

Hi friends! This was so much fun to paint!

You can find a real-time version of this tutorial in Critique Club along with over 80 other real-time fully narrated mixed media tutorials. No matter what your mediums of choice are you are sure to find inspiration in Critique Club. You also get monthly prompts, 2 new tutorials posted every month, and the opportunity to post your work for feedback all for just $5 a month. Click here to learn more or enroll! Now, on to the timelapse!

Supplies (affiliate links used)

Just a reminder that I will be on vacation from 6/13/22 through 6/19/22 so if you post artwork or leave a comment in my teachable school it will not show up or be responded to until I return on Monday the 20th. Rest assured if you leave a comment during that time it will be safely waiting in the queue until I return. Happy crafting!

I will be away next week! Sat chat 6/11/22

Hi friends! I’m going on vacation next week so there will not be a typical sat chat next Saturday so savor this one LOL! I won’t be responding to comments in my Teachable school this week so if you leave a question or post artwork after tomorrow it will be responded to on Monday the 20th. Thank you for your understanding.

Stuff I mentioned:

  • The rocky landscape class is up in Critique Club now *I used Golden OPEN acrylics (I bought the modern and traditional sets of 6 for a good variety at a lower cost than getting the larger tubes to start out with) I’ll post the timelapse on youtube tomorrow.
  • Tutorial for my necklace
  • Earrings from ETSY shop: LosArtesanosShop but they seem to be closed down
  • Travel palette stuff: Portable Painter has new divided and slim plans for their classic and micro palettes. They make your old portable painter even better. Use coupon code FRUGAL for 10% off.
  • Zen art nomad palette, I plan to review this on Monday and I really like it so just a heads up in case you want one

I will have videos posted to YouTube all week so I don’t think you will miss me while I am on vacation with my girls. I am looking forward to some beach time with my newly graduated daughters and their awesome group of friends, and yes, I already bought sunblock LOL! Happy crafting!

A Quick Tip to Help You Improve Your Art!

In this quick video tip, I will show you how to improve old art in sketchbooks and critique yourself.

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Have a great day and create something! Happy crafting!