Take Your Paints on Vacation!

Hi friends!The other day when I shared how to make a DIY watercolor block I demonstrated removing a painting from the block and many of you asked for a tutorial on it so I made one just for you:)


I often feel like I lose the “freshness” of a painting when I try to paint it again back in my studio but I really liked the quick ease of this composition. I even decided to teach this painting at my free library painting class last week and the students did so well which was good because I had twice as many students than I usually get, I had to hop between 2 rooms to teach, it was crazy but a lot of fun!


I used my Koi travel paint set for this, I really enjoy using this set for travel, it has more than enough colors but it is inexpensive enough so I don’t have to worry if I lose or damage anything. I must remember to bring a couple extra water brushes though because my girls always want to paint too! Speaking of painting on the go, we spent the day on the coast and managed to paint two quick sketches while my kids splashed in the waves. The one on the left was done at Sandy Point in Stockton Springs and the one on the right was painted in Belfast, Maine, such a  pretty town.


I hope you enjoyed todays free painting tutorial and if you would like a more in-depth lesson on sketching landscapes on location please check out the class Sketching Landscapes in Pen, Ink & Watercolor available at Craftsy. This class takes you on location to sketch and shows you how to further develop a scene in the studio. It is a great reference for anyone wanting to know more and it is currently 25% off! And it is much better than anything I could film on location:)


Disclaimer, this post contains affiliate links which means I earn a small commission on products or classes you buy after clicking on them (at no additional cost to you) this helps to keep content on my blog & YouTube free and I thank you for your support! I hope you take your paints on a vacation soon and til next time happy crafting!

Watercolor & Alcohol and a Cute Origami Box!

Let’s have fun mixing up our supplies to make cute undersea gift boxes!


There are lot of fun techniques in this video, I hope you try one or more in your next stamping of painting project! Watch the video to see how!

Sponsored by Rubber Stamp Tapestry: Use coupon code: ORIGAMI to get 20% off orders of $10+ of mounted stamps. Expires Sunday, July 31, 2016

Watercolor paper or heavy cardstock cut 9″ square
Watercolors (or dye ink pads pressed to a block to make paintable ink)
Dye ink pads in bright colors
Stamps by Rubber Stamp TapestrySeahorse GardenSea Turtle MamaSea Turtle HatchlingSand dollar and Starfish BorderShell Border
*Stamps are available individually as well as in the above sets.
Circle template and ruler
Scrapbook paper 8.5″ square
Rubbing alcohol (I used 70% from a drugstore)

origami1thumb These boxes are quick and fun to make and when you use your paint and stamps you can customize them however you like! The alcohol technique can be used in your watercolor painting as well when you want that bubbly look, just make sure you drop in the alcohol while the paint is still damp or it will not work. I hope you enjoyed this project! Thank for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

LIVE “Coffee Break” Painting LEsson @ 12:30pm ET today!

Hi friends! We have another free painting class for you at 12:30 Eastern Time today! I saw this amazing Photo on my friend Tracey’s Instagram account. I asked her if I could paint it and she said yet, thanks girlfriend!


Here is my version:


I modified the design a bit. The tea cup in the photo was the same size as the pastry so I made it larger and full as coffee and I snuck it over to the side more so everything was not lined up. You can alter differently or even put a different kind of pastry in the dish if you wish. You might want black coffee and cherry pie (subtle Twin Peaks reference.)


Here are the 4 colors I am using: Yellow ochre, Perylene Maroon, Prussian Blue, Rose Madder. I can mix all of the colors I need from these 4. If you do not have these colors use the closest you have, it is OK if you need to use more. I just like to try to use as few as possible to get my point across.


You can watch the live show or the replay in the player below but if you want to chat live then you need to watch on the YouTube watch page and be logged in, it is that simple:)

You can find the supplies I am using at our sponsor Jerry’s Artarama

  • Watercolor Paint (Mission Gold)
  • 140# CP Watercolor Paper (9″x12″ Fabriano Artistico)
  • Brushes (Mimik Kolinski and Mimik Squirrel)

We are going to talk about color mixing quite a bit today but I always have people who want more info on color mixing. I am enrolled in a wonderful Craftsy Class called Improve Your Paintings: Luminous Color Mixing and it is 33% off right now! The teacher uses the same split primary system that I recommend and she goes in depth as to why it works so if you find yourself wanting more info in color theory please check out this class!
*Purchasing this or any other Craftsy class through my link helps me produce these free lessons on my YouTube channel and I thank you for your support! See you soon and Happy Crafting!

Are the Kid’s Driving You Nuts Yet? {Fun Summer Kids Craft!}

Howdy friends! Today I have a fun craft that will keep the kids from saying “Mom, I’m bored!” at least for an hour or so LOL!


Watch the video to see how to make these fun sun catchers!

Black cardstock or construction paper
Bright colored tissue paper
White Glue
Waxed Paper (from the kitchen)

1. Cut tissue paper into small squares. Cut a shape out of black paper (fish, seashells, sea horses, octopuses, dolphins, crabs, and mermaids are all fun ideas but you can cut any shape you wish)

2. Apply glue to the black paper around he cut-out and place a sheet of waxed paper on top.

3. Apply a layer of glue to the waxed paper on top of the cutout and cover with tissue paper squares. Seal the paper with another coat of glue and let dry.

4. Cut around the window shape, if desired, leaving a1/2″ border or leave it as is and hang in a sunny window and enjoy the beautiful colors!

Thanks to Papermart for sponsoring this video and thank you for spending some time with me today! Til next time happy crafting!


Life is Just a Bowl of…Strawberries? {Watercolor Tutorial}

Howdy friends! The other day I reviewed Mijello Mission Gold Pure Pigment watercolors. I had filmed this demo intending to have it on the same video as the review but it was too long and many of you have told me that you prefer the long videos with live narration to speed-paints so I decided to keep it long and post it separately.


Feel free to paint along using whatever watercolor paints you have!

Colors used:
Permanent Rose
Permanent Red Deep
Prussian Blue
Indian Red
Van Dyke Brown
Yellow Ochre #2

Brushes 1/2″ &, 3/4″ flat, #30, #8, #4 rounds

This took just under 40 minutes to paint in real-time. Feel free to speed up or slow down the demo using the setting gear at the bottom of the YouTube player to adjust it for your pace. I think you need to watch this on the YouTube watch page to adjust the setting.

Here is the reference photo I used from Paint my Photo.

Many people have asked me about mixing colors, I have a basic video here, but, if you are looking for an in-depth class I recommend the Craftsy class Improve your Paintings: Luminous Watercolor Mixing. Many people have told me that it was the best class on watercolor mixing that have taken (and it’s on sale for $19.99-regularly $29.99) so I am happy to recommend it to people who are having a hard time with clean bright mixes, plus it is a Craftsy class so you know it is top-notch.  The above link is an affiliate link so if you purchase that class or any others I do receive a small percentage of the sale and that helps me produce free videos for you every day:)


Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Limited Supply Double Gatefold Card & a Giveaway! Stamp School!

Hello friends! Tonight I wanted to do a simple card because I know that many folks that tune in for the Stamp School tutorials are beginners and it takes a long time to build up a stash of supplies. So tonight we are using 1 stamp (it is really 3 stamps but sold as one at Art neko) 2 ink pads and one sheet of watercolor paper or cardstock to make this:


Also I will draw a name from the comments in one week to win the stamps I used so just leave a comment and it could be you! This giveaway is open worldwide:) Yay!


Stamps by Art Neko  *Save 10% off your next order of any size or get free shipping on orders over $50 (whichever discount is greater you get!) just by mentioning thefrugalcrafter!

White watercolor paper or cardstock cut to 5.5″x12″
Dye ink
Washi tape if desired
Stamp: Sakura stamp and 2 blossoms *The entire stamp sheet “Spring in Paris” is on sale for $19.99 (Regular $29.99)
Silk flowers (dollar store)
Round brush and water

1. Score watercolor paper 2″ and 4″ from each edge. Make a notch 2.5″ from top and cut a diagonal line from the nothe to the 4″ score line on each side. This is your card base.

2. Stamp flowers randomly over one side of the paper keeping the center open for writing. Use a wet brush to move stamping ink around. You can also press the inkpad to an acrylic block and use that ink to color the designs. Repeat with another color on the back of the paper.

3. Apply washi tape around the perimeter of the card if desired.

4. Fold in the gatefold sides as shown.

5. Decorate a 1″ strip of paper to use as a “belly band”. You can also write your sentiment on the band.

I must admit, I get a bit carried away with colors and patterns but you can use softer colors and a plain washi tape if you prefer:) Don’t forget to leave a comment on this post for a chance to win the stamps I used from our sponsor Artneko and if you place an order with them be sure to mention “thefrugalcrafter” for 10% off. Thank for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


Review: Mission Gold Pure Pigment Watercolors

Hi friends! Remember when I was sick during my birthday and I mentioned some misspent time watercolor shopping online? Well, the first of my crafty loot has arrived, my set of Mijello Mission Gold watercolors. I had been hearing about these paints a lot lately because there is a very popular set of 36 colors with a palette that had been going for $57 on amazon (regular $180-$285 on sale at art supply websites) and I was quite tempted to buy them but I did not like the fact that most of the colors were mixed pigments and I prefer single pigment paints due to the fact that they are more vivid and mix well without becoming muddy. A friend had sent me a tube of Peacock Blue (thanks Jacqueline!) and the color was really pretty and vibrant but when I went to mix it with other colors it was very weak. It did not make mud but the color was weaker than the others I mixed it with. So I decided that I would pass on the tempting set. But then I saw that they offered a set of 24 pure pigment colors in larger 15ml tubes for $86 and I decided to take the plunge. The cold medicine made me do it, but I am glad I did!


The 36 set with a palette for $57 that most crafters had been buying had either 5 or 7ml tubes of paint, I heard it both ways and the listing did not specify which, even if the tubes were 7ml the pure pigment set of 24 15ml tubes only worked out to a few cents more per 7ml (not counting the black and white freebies that came with the set.) I feel that a single pigment color is more versatile and more valuable than a mixed pigment color so I was happy to pay the extra. That said, if you don’t plan on doing much mixing the 36 color set is fine. I asked folks on YouTube what they thought of the colors in the 36 color set and my viewers were pleased with the quality. I only had the one tube of mixed colors and it is not fair to judge a line on one tube.

If you want my full review and to see the paints in action watch the video!

Now let’s break it down:

  • No cadmium pigments are used (this can be a plus or a minus, cadmium is toxic)
  • Excellent/Very Good lightfastness across all pure pigment colors
  • Rewets well
  • Lots of reds in the kit, few greens so you will need to mix, the amount of reds might be wasteful to a landscape painters
  • Price: $86 on Amazon but individually the tubes for $15-$30 a pop! This set would cost over $500 if bought open stock at MSRP or over $300 o sale at the major online stores. PS I am not an amazon affiliate so click on an amazon link from another favorite blogger and help support their content:)
  • 15ml is a large tube for watercolor, it will take a while to use them up and you can replace colors as you use them up (however it might be cheaper to just re-buy the set if the price stays low.

I did notice that they relisted this set on amazon for $88 and included a palette with it, I kinda wish I waited for the palette but I have my eye on a Steven Quiller palette for these, I have always wanted one:)

So far I am very pleased with these paints and I look forward to painting more with them. If you have used these or any other Mijello sets and want to rate them in the comments below it would be helpful to fellow readers. I also wanted to let you know that I was not asked to do this review or compensated for it:) I will share a painting done with this set soon, til then, happy crafting!


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