Let’s Paint a Ballerina for Beginners!

Hi friends! A few people mentioned how much they missed my quicker card size watercolors so today I thought we would do one!


Don’t be afraid of the figure, I have a pattern you can trace or even re-size if you want to make it larger. This sugar-plum fairy would be a lovely Christmas present for any little ballerina you know! The key is to keep details to a minimum and let it be loose.

Supplies available at sponsor Jerry’s Artarama! Use coupon code: frugal20FS49 for 20% off $49 + Free Shipping (Excludes: Sale, Super Sale, Egift Cards, Buy It Try It’s and Vendor restricted items. Look for the green coupon eligible icon on the product listing.

This was a lot of fun to paint, I hope you give it a try! Happy crafting!


Gifts Guide for Artists on ALL budgets!

Hi friends! Last night I posted a 5 for under $25 gift guide for artists and the response was great! People wanted more ideas for different budgets though so below the video I will give you more great gift ideas that can be ordered and arrive in time for Christmas! But first here is my 5 for under $25 gift ideas for artists!

Here are some more ideas no matter what your budget is! Affiliate links are used (if available) in this gift guide. Prices were checked and reported on 12/12/18, I have no control over the linked websites pricing but as of my writing these items are in the stated budgets.

Under $10 gifts:

  • Waffle Flower watercolor swatch card stamp $4: Any artist or crafter would love this to swatch out their paints, markers or colored pencils. Add a waterproof Archival ink pad for $4.27 and to keep it under $10 this clear acrylic $1 picture frame will work in place of a clear acrylic block for stamping.
  • Small Koi Waterbrush $5.40, the brushes are lovely and the come in various sizes and lengths.
  • Set of 4 Pitt Artist’s Pens for $8.13: These waterproof black pens are ideal for sketching (you can watercolor over the dry ink), art journaling or scrapbooking. Even if someone has these they will want more:)
  • Any of the Keep & Carry Art Sets from Royal & Langnickel $4.21 Each keep and carry art kit comes in a sturdy nylon zipper bag and a starter amount of supplies. I have personally tried all of them and can recommend the Pastel (both oil and soft) watercolor and sketching very highly for beginners. The acrylic set is OK for kids but you might want to buy and extra tube of white. I am not a big fan of the colored pencil kit due to the limited color range but for under $5 they are good and the case can be reused to store other supplies when they are used up.

Under $25 gifts: (from the video)


Under $50 Gifts:

  • Waffle Flower Swatch Stamping kit $46: This kit contains the large swatch chart that I use in my watercolor reviews as well as the single swatch, an inkpad and stamp mount so this is good for artists who do not already have stamp supplies. If you just want the stamps or dies you can see them all here.
  • The Portable Painter Palette $27.80: This is my favorite travel palette because it comes with 2 waterbuckets that clip to the ends of the small travel palette. The waterbuckets slide over the palette for compact storage and it even comes with 2 travel brushes! You will need to add your own paint and you can get this intro set of 6 QoR watercolors for $21 to round off the gift under budget.
  • Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils set of 72 $48.72: No matter how many luxury pencils I try these continue to be a soft and blendable favorite!
  • Arteza Watercolor pencils set of 72 $35.99 (use coupon code FRUGAL10 for 10% off at Arteza) and pair it with a Canson Montville hardbound sketchbook for $8 and you are well under budget with a great gift!
  • Ohuhu Alcohol Markers Set of 80 $44.99 *there are smaller sets available if you are on a smaller budget as well as a 100 set if you have an extra $10 to spend.  I recommend at least and 80 set because you need more shades for blending with alcohol markers (especially if they don’t have a brush tip) than other mediums and also since this is a gift you want to make sure they have all they need to get started. Speaking of having everything including the Winsor & Newton Marker pad for $5.99 would be awesome and only bring you $1 over budget.
  • Studio 71 Brush Tip Alcohol Markers set of 48 for $46.97

Under $100 gifts:

Money is no object:

  • Scan ‘n Cut CM350 $227: This is great for any rubber stamper because you can stamp an image and put it in this machine and it will cut it out eliminating the need for expensive dies. This machine retails for $300 and this is the lowest price I have seen. I paid $250 for mine a couple of years ago and it was well worth it!
  • Pan Pastel Full set of 80 pans with sponges and tools $309.26: These gorgeous and amazing pastels would delight any pastel or mixed media artist and even stampers have been really into them lately!
  • Blick Studio Brush Markers set of 96 $199: These markers are as good as copic in quality and now have refills available. I purchased these markers when they came out and they have the same foam nib just like a Copic. (In contrast the Studio 71 brush marker in the under $50 section have a felt nib and eventually will wear down.) These blend well with my Copics so if you wanted to expand your colors down the road you can always add copics with no trouble. Best of all you get 96 blick studio for the same price as 36 of copics.

I hope you enjoyed this expanded gift guide for a variety of budgets. I did some shopping around for you to find the best deals at stores that can ship by Christmas. Affiliate links were used if I had them so I may earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase at no additional cost to you and I thank you for your support! Happy crafting!

I honestly didn’t know if this project would make it…

Howdy friends! Today I have a simple oil painting project for you…


It was simple and yet a challenge, you will see why in today’s video!

This video is sponsored by Smart Art Box. If you would like to receive a box of surprise art supplies in the mail every month consider subscribing, for plans and to see where they ship visit their website.

Supplies: (Supplies came from the November 2018 Smart Art Box, to see if they have any left you can check here, otherwise I will link to products individually. Affiliate links used.)

It’s kinda fun to jump in and create with supplies you didn’t pick for yourself, sure it can be a struggle but that is where you grow! As I always say you succeed or you learn and on a good day you do both! Happy crafting!

2 Reviews for the price of 1! Let’s look at beautiful Paul Rubens watercolor paint!

Howdy friends! I recently received the Paul Rubens (named for the painter, not PeeWee Herman LOL!) standard and glitter watercolors sets of 24 half pans and I was going to put them all together in the same video but realized that it would be very long so I have separated them. This post conains affilate links which means if you click through and make a purchase I may earn a small comission at no additional cost to you, thank you.

First up let’s look at the regular watercolors:

This set of Paul Rubens watercolors were sent to me for free by LightWish on Amazon and they sell for $38.99  *Note a set of 12 is also offered for $25.99 in similar packaging.


  • Beautiful artist grade colors that all unique making a useful palette
  • Pigment info is provided and most colors are single pigment and use tried and true pigments
  • The packaging is high-end and beautiful (perfect for gift giving)
  • The paints rewet well and have a smooth and consistent application
  • Good price for artist grade


  • The pink packaging may not appeal to all customers

Bottom line:
These a beautiful high quality paint and the high-end packaging and reusable palette make it a beautiful gift or a craft room staple HOWEVER I think the Pretty Excellent paints are just as good if not more transparent and vivid and you get 36 for $20 in the pretty excellent set vs 24 for $39 in the Paul Rubens palette. They don’t disclose the pigment info in the pretty excellent set but many of the colors looked identical but that could be that the cheaper colors were in that set while the more expensive colors were in the PR set. The packaging obviously is more high-end and expensive and I think that accounts for the price difference.

As for the Paul Rubens 100% cotton watercolor paper it is fantastic, as good as Arches for half the price.

Now on to the glitter watercolors!

This set of Paul Rubens glitter watercolors were sent to me for free by LightWish on Amazon and they sell for $49.99. *Note a set of 12 is also offered for $29.99 in similar packaging.


  • Beautiful colors that are quite opaque, all colors are unique from one another and they show up on black and white cardstock.
  • The packaging is high-end and beautiful (perfect for gift giving)
  • The paints rewet well and have a smooth and consistent application
  • The glitter colors offer a gorgeous sparkle and there metallics give an opaque luster, there is a good assortment of each.
  • Color are arranged in a palette so you can access them all at once (rather than having to uncap small jars like twinkling H2Os) and since the case is not air tight I don’t think moulding will be an issue but I’d still let them dry out fully before putting them away.


  • The pink packaging may not appeal to all customers
  • At nearly $50 they are a bit pricey
  • Small pans may prove difficult if you are trying to work up a lot of paint with a large brush.

I promised a viewer that I would swatch out my Twinkling H2Os that I mentioned in the video and post it to my blog but then I also got asked about the NIJI metallic watercolors that I had recommended in the past so I ended up swatching out EVERY metallic watercolor I had (which is an obscene amount of paint to be honest) and I made a new video, a metallic watercolor showdown if you will, comparing all of them. That blog post and video will come out next week and I will have photos of all the swatches on white and black paper as well as price info so you can see what is worth the money for the type of work you do. It was a really interesting experiment because I was sure my twinkling H2Os would come out on top but that was not the case and a very cheap set was really worth it’s salt! Even as someone who reviews a lot of products and tries to be completely unbiased it is funny to see how faulty our memory can be about products and how we can be wrong about quality unless things are swatched side by side in the same conditions. Anyhow, that video is filmed and will come out next week so be sure to come back and check that out and if you want to make sure you don’t miss it subscribe to my blog (there is a button in the upper left hand side of this page.)


Here is a photo in the misdst of my scientific swatching, glamerous, huh?

Bottom line:
These Paul Rubens Glitter Watercolors are a beautiful high quality paint (just like the standard watercolors) and the high-end packaging and reusable palette make it a beautiful gift or a craft room staple if you want to add glimmer to many projects. It might be a bit much (expense) for an occasional user who just want a bit of bling from time to time. For occasional users the Prima metallic watercolors (the round pans I showed) may be more suitable and budget friendly. Where the colors are not quite as nice the effect is pretty darn close so if you are looking for metallic watercolor choose the kind that suits you best. You can find the standard prima ones here and the pastels here for about half the price in less impressive plastic packaging (however the large pans are easier to work the paint from in my opinion. That said, quality wise -and I can say this will full confidence after swatching out my entire collection of metallic watercolors today- the Paul Rubens metallic watercolors are the highest quality metallic watercolor paint I have ever used. They are the most pigmented, the colors look unique from one another on black and white paper and there is enough color to them to shimmer with color on both papers. Also the variety of pearl and glitter colors in the set is great, not a color is wasted or too samey. As a consumer you need to consider whether these subtle improvements in quality are worth the increased price tag. I recommend you keep an eye out for my comparison of metallic watercolors coming soon! Happy crafting!

Warrior Elf Sketchbook Sunday & Review of Jane Davenport Making Faces Collection of Supplies

Hi friends! I couldn’t wait to play in my sketchbook this week. I decided to use my Grumbacher acrylic paper sketchbook because the paper is fantastic and doesn’t warp with layers of paint. It also works well for watercolor but I think it’s coolest feature is being able to remove a page from the book while you are working on it and put it back in afterward as I will do today. This is one of those projects where I enjoyed the process much more than the finished project and that’s how it goes sometimes but in a sketchbook you don’t need to be perfect or only stick to safe techniques, that ruins the fun! As yourself “what if?” and try it!


I also wanted to try some new supplies as several viewers asked me to try them out. The folks at Spellbinders/Jane Davenport were kind enough to send me a goodie box full of supplies from the Making Faces Collection of mixed media supplies and today I will put as many as I can to the test. I really enjoyed making this page and trying new things, I am not sure if anyone else will like it but at least you can see some new supplies in action and decide if you want to add any of it to your stash. I will go in-depth about what I think of each product (as well as substitutions you can use) below the video. Enjoy!

Non Jane Davenport Supplies (affiliate links used)

Let’s take a look at the Making Faces Collection. I don’t plan on reviewing all of the items in this line in seperate videos because there are so many but I can give you my impressions below. I will factor price and usefulness in my written reviews. Jane Davenport is the Maestro when it comes to selecting, inventing and packaging art products that we want to use. Her charming personality also makes us want to join in and create art. That said you probably have supplies at home that are very similar so if you want to do a project like this with what you have I will list alternatives but if you want to run out and get the cute new supplies I won’t blame you either:) I also wanted to mention that these are available at Michaels stores where there are often sales and 40-60% off coupons. I am using Michaels prices in the descriptions. You can also find these products on Jane Davenports website, the prices may vary as they are in Australian dollars but she does ship wordwide. *This is not sponsored although I did receive all of the Jane Davenport products in the review for free.

Let’s look at the cast in order of appearance…

Foundation Layers Stencil 3 pack ($12.99) These were high quality and very easy to use and make a front facing face. There are different options for noses, eyes and lips and you can selectively ink up the hair for different styles. I recommend this if you need help with drawing a face or if you just want to get that part over with quickly. The downside is that the face you make will only be forward facing and the same size but it’s a good start if you need it. there are 3 stencils and a canvas board in the pack.  Tip: If you have no stencil you can trace a face from a magazine!

Colorsticks ($13.99) There are two collection of Colorsticks available: silky skin (neutrals) and Soul Window (bright colors) and they remind me very much of gelatos but these are way cheaper! These are probably my favorite product in the line and I find them to be a good deal and just over $1 a color full price and the container can be reused. These are water-soluble crayons that seem to fix themselves when dry. They are similar to any water soluble oil pastel you might have such as the Prima Oil Pastels, Crayola portfolio, Gelatos/Gel Sticks or Tim Holtz Distress Crayons. I did find other media layer well over this so they may be a bit less oily but the difference is small. I would recommend them if you don’t have a similar product in similar colors. They are a ton of fun and not too pricey!

Just a quick sidebar about gel/water-soluble crayons: Many products like this come in a plastic tube like a chapstick. Since they are not used up very quickly (I use products like this a lot and I don’t think I’ve ever completely depleted one) and it keeps the mess down I am not going to be a complete buzz kill here…..HOWEVER you can find plastic free water-soluble oil pastels that might leave your fingers a bit smudged but you will probably get more product out of them and they will cost less. Just something to think about:)

Matchmaker Set Acrylic Paint ($19.99) This takes the guesswork out of mixing skin tones. You get a 4oz bottle of a peach base color and then a 1oz bottle each of a highlight and a brown. You can use this to mix a solid color and paint an entire face in and then shade and highlight with other products or you can mix values as you go. This paint dries very quickly to a matte finish so I found blend the paint a challenge but take that with a grain of salt since I do not paint in acrylics often. Also the bottles have tips like fabric paint so you can easily apply the paint right to your page if you like. If that feature is not important to you a flesh/apricot/peach, brown and light pink/cream bottle of a craft paint like Delta Ceramcoat (also has a matte finish) would be very comparable at under $2 a 2oz bottle. Tip! To add more dimension to the paint you can mix with the Colorsticks! I like how the paint colors are simple and not intimidating.

Blend-In Blenders ($11.99) Surprisingly this was one of my favorite products. Each sponge featured different shapes and edges so I could use it with many colors at a time and keep them separated. There was even a very firm one great for stenciling. I found the shapes of these much more useful than the wedge cosmetic sponges I usually would use for this type of thing and they washed out well but they did stain. I would avoid using acrylic with these unless you are diligent about washing your tools right away. If you have art dedicated beauty blenders I imagine these are the same and I have seen similar beauty blenders at dollar stores and discount shops for $1-$3 but I haven’t compared them. I liked these a lot!

Palette Pastels ($19.99 -4 different colorways available) and Shimmer Pastels ($13-99-2 colorways available) These are similar to pan eyeshadow and Pan Pastels although they don’t seem to cover as well as pan pastels but that might be due to the softer blenders I used. I like that there are a lot of colors in a small space (honestly that is the reason my panpastels rarely get used on a mixed media piece) and they come in coordinating colors if you are unsure of what goes well together. Also, as always the packaging is beautiful and high quality (it doesn’t feel like the lid will snap off like cheap eyeshadows do sometimes.) Let me be really honest tho, a few years ago before investing in PanPastels I bought a cheap set of eyeshadows from target to see if they would work as well and used them on some projects and these worked just like my cheapies, that said the JD pastels, well the larger sets anyway, were not much cheaper and the case was more rugged so I’d say if you have cheap eyeshadow lying around that you aren’t going to use it will be comparable but if you need to go and by some get the JD because it will be about the same price. Also her pans are larger than the typical eyeshadow pans making them a better value if you had to buy new. I would recommend the Palette pastels over the shimmer pastels because you get way more colors for just a bit more money and there is a shimmery set. These are much softer and more pigmented that the tiny tins of pastels in her older collection.

Licence to Quill Pen ($12.99) *I am also going to lump the Ultimate pens ($8.99) in here two because side by side the nibs and ink seems the same, there might be more ink in the LTQ pen as it is bigger and the LTQ is nicer to hold. This pen is great, the nib is responsive and you can get fine to bold lines. I’d probably wait for a coupon since $12.99 is a bit steep for a disposable pen but it is really nice. I don’t have a brush pen exactly like this but the Faber Castell Pitt brush pen would be a suitable replacement if you have one BUT if you intend on going over pastels and paint I would go with Jane’s pens as it held up, kept a dark line and didn’t clog with the media underneath. My Pitt pen was not this juicy out of the box, but if you only want to use ink on clean paper or over watercolor it’s great.

Dramasticks ($26.99 per set of 6 and there are 2 sets available) Folks, I am really torn on this product being an eco-conscience consumer. First off these are a super soft oil pastel that make opaque marks. They are what I have wanted every China marker to be but never was. The quality is lovely, they work great and sharpen like a dream and I think if you had issues sharpening them you could freeze them for 30 minutes and sharpen for a fine point. However, these are encased in plastic instead of wood (why Jane why?) so you are literally sharpening off shavings when you use them. I have learned too much about microplastics to be cool with this which is a bummer because they are so nice to work with. Speaking of packaging the plastic insert that keeps the sticks safe in travel is useless when you get it home so into the trash it goes. The tins are gorgeous and nobody in their right mind would toss those so I don’t mind that at all but the plastics and the price give me pause because $26 for 6 pencils is kinda high. Although these are dreamy my conscious recommends a china marker with a peelable paper casing over this ONLY because of the packaging. I really hate to give this a less than stellar review tho…

Baton Blenders ($7.99 for 30) I liked these a lot because they are long enough to stand up in a cup and keep handy. Because there are so many colors you can assign a color to each blender so you can keep using them over and over again with pastels. I have used foam eyeshadow applicators for years with my pan pastels so there is no reason these won’t last a very long time assigning a color to each blender. You might even be able to split a pack with a friend. I recommend this as long as you are not treating them as a disposable product because that would be an unnecessary waste.

Velvet Pastels ($7.99 each, 8 colors available) These seems to be a very thin, matte opaque acrylic that is quite durable (I know this because I swatched some on my arm and it took a lot to wash it off!) and has a built-in applicator like a lip gloss. This product seems best to add little touches to a product. Coverage on a flat hard surface like paper is tough because the foam applicator seems meant for softer surfaces (hey, it worked great on my hand LOL!) so personally I will probably use this to add a touch of color to a 3D clay embellishment or something embossed rather than an art journal page. Also to consider: it seems to be a small amount of product in an elaborate plastic container and the price isn’t cheap. Given the mixed materials in this packaging it is unlikely to be recycled. I am so sorry to ruin all the fun things in life… Of course if you are just using this as a touch here and there it will probably last you a long time. I think any matte acrylic would be a suitable replacement and you can apply it with a Q-Tip if you want a similar applicator.

Magnetic Personality Brush Set ($44.99) This set features 4 very stiff brushes with magnets in the ends and a metal frame you can suspend them from or stand them up in. The stiffer filaments in these brushes make quick work of dissolving watercolor crayons and pushing around heavy body paint. The brushes are more suitable to acrylics because they are less absorbent and stiffer, I have no qualms with the brushes. The thought behind the holder is that after you wash your brush you can hang them to dry but after trying the hang the wet brushes they seemed too heavy to be held by the magnets and they fell. Hanging them while dry was not much better as they could get knocked out of the box very easily and they wanted to clump together due to the magnets. With these issues and the price I don’t recommend this product. It also takes up a fair amount of space on your table where 4 brushes could easily be put in a cup with other supplies. To be fair I am not a believer that brushes need to be dried upside down. The biggest culprit to swollen cracked handles and loose ferrules are letting your wood handled brushes sit in the water too long (like forgetting them over night and I did that yesterday when I started this project and no amount of hanging brushes upside down will correct that LOL!) Simply wash your brushes, wipe them dry and put them bristle end up in a cup. Or let them dry flat on a towel. No need for contraptions IMHO. Maybe I am missing something here, I mean you can use this as a riser on a shelf and you can put magnets on it to hold notes and stuff but it seems like an odd product to me. If I am missing something please let me know.

The Palette Hotel with Built in Penthouse Storage Stand ($29.99) This I really loved, it held almost all of the collection and it was easy to fetch out the supplies I needed quickly without spilling everything else out. At $30 this is an item to use a coupon on but it is very compact and functional. A great space saver! *This was not shown directly in the video but it was on my table holding all of my supplies.

In conclusion I really like the collection as a whole. These products are fun and inspiring and if that gets you to create then I am all for it. Keep in mind the prices I noted are MSRP in American Michaels stores. You will pay less if you use coupons or wait for sales. I urge you to be mindful of the packaging in the products and keep in mind what you have so you don’t buy the same color of paint or pastel in a new form if you don’t intend to just because the container is cute.  As always Jane Davenport has delighted us with another beautiful and inspiring collection. We all have different tastes and styles so just because I like, or dislike something doesn’t mean that you will. You do you. Til next time happy crafting!

Did you know you could make an ornament with this?

Hi friends! When I designed the Let it Snow stamp set for Rubber Stamp Tapestry I knew that I wanted to be able to more with it than just snow globes, that’s why I drew ornament hangers along with the other elements in the set. A viewer who purchased the stamp set asked me if I could show her how to make an ornament so today I’ll do just that!


Watch the video to see how easy it is! As always substitute stamps you have if you don’t have what I am using. I also have some fun tips for heat embossing!

This video is sponsored by Rubber Stamp Tapestry  Use coupon code: LINDSAY and receive 15% off your retail order of $10 or more of peg stamps, peg stamp sets, and unmounted stamps! Coupon expires a week from this video publication. Continue to receive great deals by becoming a PegStamp VIP here. As a PegStamp VIP you’ll get a weekly deal via email plus links to fabulous tutorials by me, Lindsay the Frugal Crafter and other designers.


Another fun idea would be to use the globe as a frame and put a photo behind it for a photo card. I love stamps that do double duty and coming up with ideas to use with my older stuff. I hope you give some of these ideas a try and til next time happy crafting!

Why I’m Quitting Friday Live Streams


Hi friends!  I have been wrestling with this decision for about a year. I have continually been feeling like I have missed the mark on providing good live videos, or maybe the videos are the same as they have always been but people are tired of it. The more time I spend preparing for them the worse they seem to perform (views) and I am just plain burned out. I really thought the low views were a fluke and if I stayed to a consistent time the viewers would come back when they had time but after a year of grinding with no improvement I need to face the facts.

The friday tutorials have been stressing me out. How stupid does that sound? This is art, it is supposed to be relaxing and lessen worry, not add to it. I really have a hard time letting go, or quitting, anything that I start but I have realized if I want to try new and exciting things I have to l give something up. I have spent 3 days preparing for some of the live streams thinking that I want to make sure that there is no wasted time in the stream so it will be as valuable as a prerecorded edited video and I don’t waste viewers time by looking for stuff when I am live. Also to answer questions on the fly I need to know what I am teaching by heart, otherwise I will get distracted and have the dreaded “dead air.” Hmmm, I am probably missing the whole carefree point of live streaming LOL!

It reminds me of this apple orchard we used to take the kids to. It was owned by a little old couple and I think they had all but retired from farming but opened it up to apple picking each year. It was small and near to our house and the apples were inexpensive and easy to pick because the branches were low.  We went there year after year and I started to notice that the trees were not bearing much fruit and every year it got worse. That is how I have been feeling. Successful farmers rotate their crops to keep from depleting the soil. I feel depleted. I need to try new things just like a farmer needs to plant new crops. I want to jump on an idea when I have it and not just write it down in a notebook so I can go back to it when I have a free moment because the energy is never the same. My best and most successful videos are ones where I was so excited to share in idea or technique I discovered that I just couldn’t wait to share it with the world! I need to get that spark back. I need the flexibility in my schedule so I can jump on an idea when I have it. I find when I was worried about “what am I going to paint Friday?” it would preoccupy my mind, make me restless and squash my creativity. I actually have felt more relaxed and creative just since making the decision to take a break from these streams.

I have always been nervous about posting a schedule because I didn’t want anyone to expect something and be disappointed. However I do have a basic framework to my channel which as enough flexibility for me to jump on those fun art ideas. On Tuesday and Thursday I usually post a papercraft project. On Wednesday I have a watercolor tutorial that is real-time and beginners can follow along. Saturdays are usually reviews but can be something else. Sundays are Sketchbook Sunday where I show what I am working on in my sketchbook to stretch my abilities and grow and this is always a narrated time-lapse and can be drawing, painting or mixed media. Anything can happen on the other days, or maybe nothing. I miss playing with other mediums (pastel, I’m looking at you!) and making other crafts like jewelry, clothing and altered stuff. To be honest, I am tired of listening to YouTube “experts” who say you need to focus your channel on one thing and keep people on the platform as long as possible. I think it is better to share such awesome ideas that people want to turn off the computer and create! If that sounds good to you please stick around. We are going to have some fun! Till next time happy crafting!


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