My “Cleanish” Palette!

Hi friends! I’ll never be known for my housekeeping ability but for an oil painting palette clean-ish is a good thing!


Watch the video to see what I mean!

Over time the grey patina that builds up on your palette will make color mixing easier. Remember you are creating an art studio, not an art supply museum, use those supplies and let everyone see the evidence of a life lived creatively!

If you are looking for an in-depth oil painting class may I suggest Paint and Pallet Essentials: A Beginner’s Guide to Oil Painting from fellow Craftsy teacher Jay Senetchko (it’s 50% off today!) or The Oil Painters Handbook  by Tony Curanaj to get you started in the fun and exciting medium! Remember, all crafty classes are in high-definition and you can access them forever so you can take your time, learn at your own pace and refer to them again and again! And if watermedia is your cup of tea be sure to check out my new Craftsy Class Mix it Up Mixed Media Step by Step at 50% off! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!





Stamp School: Easy Layered Mixed Media Card!

Hi friends! I know a lot of people are intimidated by using “messy” supplies on cards but I hope to help you get over your fear with today’s simple card:


All you need is cardstock, a stencil, foam and rubber stamps and acrylic paint. You can use either a cosmetic sponge or foam brush to apply the paint and yes they can be washed and reused. Watch my tutorial to see how easy it is!


The stamps and stencil came in a kit from Stampendous, they have 3 of them, one with an indian/elephant theme, one nature bird theme and this urban theme. I have all 3 and they make mixed media layering a breeze. When I first posted the video they had the sets at Simon Says Stamp and Blitsy but now both places are sold out:( I bet if you ask your favorite stamp store they will order it for you (these are brand new so they should:) plus that helps you local stamp store if you are lucky enough to have one, win-win!  If you are not sure if you like this sort of thing I recommend trying one and see if you care for it before stocking up on all 3. I hope they make more kits like this!


Don’t forget to add some light-colored paper to the inside of the card if you are working on dark cardstock to make an area for writing. I use pattern paper scraps for this, hey, the back side is white, why waste it? A little bit of washi tape can also snazzy up the inside without making it to fru-fru!


If you would like more in-depth lessons on Mixed Media please check out my new class at Craftsy, I am giving a 50% discount to all of my readers, just click the 50% off link here. I break down the process of creating interesting mixed media paintings into manageable step by step layers. I am really proud of this class and I think it can really help beginners learn the “Why” as well as the “How” of some of the popular mixed media materials and techniques out there all while keeping your budget in mind by getting the most use out of versatile supplies. I don’t like to buy a product that has only one use that ends up sitting on the shelf collecting dust and I don’t think you do either! You can take the class at your own pace and you have lifetime access to the class so there is no rush BUT if you want the 50% off savings enroll in Mixed It Up Mixed Media Step By Step soon! I can’t wait to see your artwork in the classroom! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!



Poppies in Oil! A Beginner Tutorial

Hi friends! Today we are going to paint this poppy painting in oil paints:


It is very easy to do if you follow along with my step by step tutorial. Feel free to try it in acrylics or pastels if that is what you have. I will be using the Lukas 1862 oil paints for the first time and I like them!


When I checked the painting 18 hours later the paint was almost dry except for the green areas. That is fast for oils. I like not having a wet canvas sitting on the easel for a week because in my studio who knows what could get stuck to it!

The colors I am using are:
Permanent yellow light
Cobalt blue
Yellow ochre
Titanium white
Alizarin Crimson

12″x16″ canvas

Brushes: a random variety of brushes you like, honestly it does not matter as long as they are brushes you use for oil:)

Reference photo

I hope you feel confident enough to try this painting, it was so fun!

And now for something completely different….

My daughter Lila and I were working on a fun kids craft video segment last night when we heard a horrible crash behind us…


Luckily we did not get hurt but a few stretched canvases got punched through, a pot broke and one Pan Pastel shattered (I am hoping to be able to fix it though and post a DIY later! The shelf was on the wall with a French cleat and the cleat on the shelf was nailed (not screwed) in and the nails pulled out. What a scare! I went through the rubble last night and tried to find new homes for what I could but I still have piles of canvasses to climb over downstairs this morning, oh well, it’s an adventure LOL! So much for my “Super Strong Shelf” I though my stamp binder shelf would be the first to collapse, wait, why did I just say that and tempt fate? If you are having a rough Monday think of my predicament and have a good laugh, it’s OK, I don’t mind! Happy crafting!

Embossing Powder Fun and a Fancy Fashion Card!

Hi friends! I made this card a couple months ago and thought it was about time I shared it!


We will use a lot of techniques here, mainly playing with embossing powders and adhesive sheets, I hope you enjoy the tutorial!


Embossing powders are so versatile and I hope this video inspired you to use them more!

Double stick tape and sheets (Punch Place Plus/Craft Chameleon) Check out their Adhesive Sheet Seconds for fantastic quality at a lower price-basically there might be a wrinkle on the backing paper but the adhesive is fine, why pay more?
Embossing Powder (rust tapestry and gold)
Stamps & Stencil: (Stampendous: vintage labels & Fashion Dame)
Patterned paper: DCWV-Hippie Chic matstack
Ribbon: Burlap and grosgrain
Alcohol markers
Ink pads in black (pigment versa color) and brown (memento)

I hope you give these a try! Thanks to Craft Chameleon for sponsoring today’s video and til next time happy crafting!

LIVE Kingfisher in Watercolor/Colored Pencil Tutorial 12:30pm ET today!

Hi friends! Wow, what a whirlwind week! I have been so busy with the launch of my Craftsy class that I did not get a chance to prepare my live stream project until this morning, here is what we will paint:


Just a heads up, I plan of doing the free live painting classes every Friday at 12:30pm Eastern Time so you can plan on that even if I am late preparing the lesson. I don’t want anyone to miss out on the live chat! If you want to chat live, ask questions and hang out with your crafty friends you can do so on the YouTube watch page. As always you can also watch the live show or the replay in the player below:

This tutorial is sponsored by Jerry’s Artarama!

I can’t wait to hang out and paint with you on YouTube. Please feel free to share this with all of your artsy friends! The more the merrier! Happy crafting!


DIY Card Box for Weddings, Showers or Graduation!

Hi friends! Have you ever wanted to decorate plain boxes for pretty storage? Today I am going to show you how to make a box to hold cards at a wedding, shower or graduation. It is a good idea so cards do not get lost in a pile or gifts or misplaced. Even if you do not have one of the occasions coming up you can still use the techniques I will show you to cover other boxes with fabric for gift giving or storage and if you are anything like me you’ve got boxes.


One of my favorite writers, Erma Bombeck, said “I never met a box I didn’t like” or maybe it was “She never met a box she didn’t like” and she was talking about a crazy relative, either way the shoe-box fits! Watch the video to see how to cover one with fabric!

Cardboard box
Satin Fabric *Papermart has an awesome deal on satin fabric right now!
Hot Glue
Strong double-sided tape
Rhinestone Jewel ribbon
Optional: Flowers

1. Open the flat. Use the box as a template to cut the fabric, I give 2″ of extra fabric all the way around. Save your scraps for making rosettes.

2. Spray the “outside” of the box with spray adhesive and press to the wrong side of the fabric.

3. Trim around tabs. Leave extra fabric around flaps and use double-sided tape to adhere the excess fabric to the inside of the box.

4. Fold the box back up and decorate it!

I hope you enjoyed this project. Wedding card boxes can be very expensive so it’s nice to make something classy and save some cash while matching the décor of the party. You can also use the satin fabric to make chair bows or covers or sew them into sweet little favor bags (check out this tutorial for tips on sewing on satin fabric!) Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Sponsored by Papermart.

Jellyfish in Pan Pastel Tutorial (Beginner)

Hi friends! I have another pastel tutorial for you tonight, this time using Pan Pastels. Many people dislike the scratchy sound pastels make and even more folks dislike getting their hands chalky and dirty. Well, this is the solution to your problem!


I really enjoy using Pan Pastels. They are expensive but you can do so much with a thin layer of media that I think they are cost effective over some other pastels in the long run. Watch the video for a full beginner tutorial. Feel free to replicate this in regular soft pastels or oil pastels if that is what you have. Always use what you have, I am trying to show you what is out there so you can decide what is best for you instead of you buying tons of stuff that is not right for you.


Supplies *Affiliate links to Blitsy used:
PanPastels (I recommend starting with the Painting set because you can mix all of the other colors from that one, also it comes with sponges and tools)
Blitzy accepts competitors 40% off coupons! Here is one 4MOM42416

Pan Pastel Accessories: Sponges, palettes and blending knives

Pastel Pencils: (any brand is fine)

Pastel Paper

Do you have Pan Pastels? What do you think of them? You can also follow along with an oil painting or acrylic painting tutorial with them as you apply them in the same manner, I think it makes them very versatile and the palette is always ready with no worry about paint drying out. Thanks for painting with me tonight and til next time happy crafting!




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