Birthday cards for my twins!

Hi friends! Today I am sharing 2 videos! I love making custom cards so today I will share the cards I made for each of my daughters for their birthday last week.

First up is Maizy’s card! I chose images that are personal to her but weren’t easy to combine. I’ll show you how to make unrelated elements go together.

Supplies for Maizy’s card: *These supplies are old favorites and most are discontinues but I tried to fine them or substitutions if available but it is unlikely you will make a card just like this as you will create a bespoke card for your loved one. Still, in case you really loved something I used I tried to find it. *Affiliate links used in this article.

Now on to Lila’s card, I had a lot of fun with this one!

Supplies for Lila’s card:

  • Rubber stamps, you will want 3 backgrounds you can layer, a strong focal image, and some accents. I found vintage fashion, stitches, and script here if you like things similar to what I used
  • White cardstock: This is the accent opaque that is super smooth and great for ink blending and OK for alcohol marker. The heavyweight is a good card base option and well priced. I use the 80# for layering. You can choose the weight you need. Cheaper than Neenah classic crest but not as good IMO for alcohol markers but not bad. It is as good for ink blending and stamping tho.
  • The skintone marker set I’m using is from Art-n-Fly
  • Other: Inkpads, sprays, blending brushes *If I had to do it again I would only get brushes with white bristles. I like the colored handle ones too. Lots of inexpensive options here. larger size is better IMO

I think the lesson from these tutorials is to use the things that make your cards meaningful. It doesn’t matter if you have the latest stamps and embellishments, what matters is that you make it from the heart. Happy crafting!

Misty Woods in Oil Pasels (You can paint this!)

Hi friends! Do you have a box of oil pastels gathering dust? Well, go get them and paint with me!

This project took me 45 minutes but I did speed it up a bit for the demo.
Feel free to pause the video if you need to!

Supplies (Affiliate links used)

Check out this video if you want a similar scene in watercolor. Happy crafting!

It’s Sat CHat time with a Dollar Tree Frug-haul!

Hi friends! The days are just flying by friends! Sit back, have a drink and lets chat about the week!

FYI-I never “save” money at the dollar tree (really, I went in for 1 thing!)

Cool YouTube videos and other stuff I mentioned:

  • Gotta see vellum stamping tutorial from  @stampscapes  *This is the short 2-minute version but he also has a real-time one, he is so good!
  • The  @Art Prof: Create & Critique  channel just posted some timed drawing videos perfect for practice sketching!
  • Here is my live sketching session if you need a bit more guidance in drawing:
  • And the cardmaking tutorial I mentioned using unrelated stamps. *If you like my cardmaking videos please give them some love as they don’t get recommended by Youtube much, thanks!
  • Dollar tree Halloween craft supplies can also be purchased online in bulk which is great for teachers: *Or you can browse and get an idea of the new things they have this year. The selection in Brewer Maine was awesome last weekend! A tutorial with the wood things I bought will be coming soon, hopefully next week!

Have a great weekend and until next time happy crafting!

Did you Know I have a Podcast?

Hi friends! I am trying to get better at posting all of my videos and podcasts here on the blog. Here is my latest podcast. you can catch up with all of my past podcast episodes here. In addition you can find my podcast on several podcast apps. I have 8 episodes up so far and I am learning but I might as well put my radio broadcasting degree to good use LOL!

In this podcast titled “You learn more from the messes than the successes” we’ll talk about how our art journey is not a linier one and we go off course from time to time and even backtrack, but if you learn to enjoy the process you will improve, grow and most importantly enjoy your time making.

FYI The podcast host will be down for scheduled maintenance from 7am-9am EDT on September 18th so if you are having trouble listening at that time please try later.

See you tomorrow for Sat Chat! Happy crafting!

Sketching the deer in my yard

Hi friends! We have had so many deer around lately! It’s driving my dog crazy but I love watching them graze and play. I even managed to snap some photos of them yesterday and we are going to sketch from them

Grab your sketchbook and pencils and join me for some deer-sketching fun!

Supplies (affiliate links used)

Which deer is your favorite? I’m torn between the grazing deer and the surprised deer LOL! If you would like more drawing instructions I have a class you might like called Learn to Draw with Lindsay. I take you through the basics and then introduce you to other drawing media you might enjoy. My goal is to teach you to draw what you see and not what you think you see. Click here to find out more or enroll today! Til next time happy crafting!

Winsor & Newton Promarker Watercolour Review

Hi friends! I have enjoyed the Winsor & Newton watercolor markers since they came out 6 years ago. I only used them when I had important watercolor marker work to do because they were a bit precious and pricey and they were the only lightfast watercolor marker I had. Then about a year or 2 ago I was seeing them pop up on amazon cheap and I worried that they were going to be discontinued. Lucky for us they were not but they did rebrand and repackage them under the Promarker line, A range Winsor & Newton acquired from Letraset a few years ago. So I wanted to know how the new version compared to my beloved older ones. You can see how they rate in todays video!


  • Lightfast
  • Pigment info included
  • Rewets easily on watercolor paper, Bristol and mixed media paper
  • Clean saturated color


  • Not refillable as sold (although you can yank the fine nib off and refill the inner felt if you are so inclined, what have you got to lose?)
  • You can easily damage the nib if you are not careful replacing the cap
  • Price $4-$6 per marker *I think it’s justified for a lightfast product but refills would be nice.

Bottom Line: I like the new version as well as the old one. They are a lot of fun to use because you can sketch, add water and have a painting. I think it’s worth mentioning that the old version was made in France and the new ones are made in China. I found the quality to be the same but I know many viewers do not wish to buy products made in China and I personally wonder what is going on with a legacy art supply company when they move production. For what’s it worth I still like them a lot. If they are in your budget and you want a lightfast watercolor marker they are a great choice! Happy crafting!

Tips for watercolor portraits

Hi freinds! Today I have a portrait of my daughter Lila in watercolor.

My girls just turned 17, where did the time go? I love that you can capture the essence of a person in watercolor and keep it frozen in time forever. I hope the tips in this time lapse help you with your portraits and if you want a real time version of this lesson you can find it in Critique Club. *Critique club is a subscription with monthly prompts and over 60 long more advanced tutorials. I post 2 new classes and one creative prompt every month and you have access to all past lessons while you are a member all for $5 a month and you can cancel anytime. You can also upload your work for feedback from me. Learn more here.

Supplies (affiliate links used)

  • Lukas watercolor kit (my favorite for portraits and figures) *contains Mimik faux squirrel brushes and Fabiano or Arches watercolor paper depending on availability.
  • I also tried out Hahnemulhe “the collection” watercolor paper for the first time on tis painting, I like it!
  • I did the hair with a 1/2″ Creative mark sword brush *This has long bristles and is floppy so it holds more paint but you have less control. And a 3/8″ dagger *this has golden talkon bristles for more control but less paint holding capacity. Tip: the shorter the bristles the more control you have but the trade off is the brush holds less paint.

I hope you have a lovely day and til next time happy crafting!

Let’s make a bookpage wreath!

This project is a lot of fun and you probably have all of the supplies you need at home already to create one!

Watch the video and see how!

Supplies (afflilate links used)

  • Old book (non glossy pages like a cheap paperback)
  • Wreath frame I used a metal one and wired on my flowers but you could cut a frame from cardboard and hot glue them on.
  • Hot Glue gun and sticks
  • Flower stamens or wire and beads. If using a double ended stamen then fold in half before inserting in paper flower.
  • Large flower dies (Tim Holtz tattered florals and leaves) mostly but any large flower die will work: You can also trace and cut out flower shapes by hand if you don’t have dies. They don’t have to be perfect. You might have a die or template in your stash that will work.
  • Spray inks (I used Distress oxide spray) But I also use some DIY shimmer sprays made with blick liquid watercolor which is a versatile product to have in the art room (if you have reinkers you could also use those to make sprays)
  • DIY Spray mist tutorial

Sorry to be delinquent in my blog posts. I have been posting on YouTube but for whatever reason failed to complete the loop LOL! I have a new Sat Chat here and a new podcast episode here. Goodness I have enough new content to blog daily, I guess I need to write a to-do list. I hope you had an excellent weekend and til next time happy crafting!

Substituting products on Mixed Media Paper!

Hi friends! Have you ever seen a tutorial that you would like to try only to find out that you don’t have the supplies the artist is using? I think we have all been there. Today I will show yuo how to get a very similar look with 3 different media so hopefully you can find a product that will suit your style or give you ideas on how to make what you have work better!

I also want to mention that this painting took nearly 4 hours so please don’t expect similar results in 30 minutes. I didn’t want to time lapse this so I had Jason edit it down but keep it real time so you could get a feel for the techniques better but I realize that might make you think it was drawing quicker than it was and I like to keep it real:) Often when someone isn’t happy with their art (especially colored pencil or marker) it’s because it’s not done yet. I hope this video inspires you!

Supplies (Affiliate links used)

Here is a closer look at the artwork:

Colored pencil with touches of white pen

Adding a base media can save time and give great results!

Watercolor base with colored pencils & white pen.

And my favorite…

Alcohol marker base with colored pencils and white pen.

Which one did you like best? Happy crafting!