Gifts You Can Make for Many! Sweet Wreath Ornament Treats!

Hi friends! Over the next 2 weeks I will be sharing quick, easy and inexpensive cards and gifts that you can make for friends, coworkers or your kids classmates this holiday season. These small favors can show that you care without breaking the bank. They are also quick and easy projects you can batch up in an evening. These candy wreath ornaments are great for folks with a sweet tooth but feel free to use glitter, beads or sequins to make a permanent shaker card with this method. You can also adapt this idea to make a keepsake photo ornament by placing a photo behind the window and omitting the treat cup. This would be a lovely project to do with a classroom as parent or grandparent gifts. As always you are encouraged to share these projects with your community and teach others as I am teaching you. You can even pass this along to any teacher or scout leader you know.

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Intro: These beautiful gift ornaments hold sweet treats! They can also be used as gift toppers.


  1. Fold a piece of heavyweight cardstock in half the long way. Then take a 3 ½” circle die and cut circles allowing the edge of the die to hang over the fold so the circles stay hinged together. 
  2. Using a die the same size as your treat cup cut a window on one of the attached circles to make the from of the ornament.
  3. Stamp a greeting on the back (solid part)of the ornament and stamp a wreath around the hole in the front. Let ink dry and flip over the ornament.
  4. Attach a  loop of ribbon to the inside of the ornament using hot glue. Fill the treat cup with candy, remove adhesive liner and place in ornament hole. Add more hot glue the the ornament edges and press closed.

Let’s spread dome cheer friends! Happy crafting!

Let's Take is Easy and Paint a Simple Watercolor Christmas Card!

Hi friends! Each year I like to make kissing balls to hang on my porch. As I await for the floral foam to be delivered (I usually get the wet floral foam disks at Dollar Tree but they were out! I have a tutorial here if you are interested) I thought I might as well paint a simple one from memory. I painted this on a watercolor greeting card but it would work well small on a gift tag too. If you want more watercolor card and tag ideas for Christmas check out my Hand-painted Holiday online mini class! Now, onto the video!

Supplies (may contain affiliate links)

Today is such a gorgeous day, I just got back from walking the dog and it is so bright and sunny so I think we will get the porch decorated (except for the kissing balls) while the weather is nice. We managed to get the tree up and inside of the house decorated on Tuesday while everyone was snowed in so it is looking pretty festive around here! I hope you are having a great day and til next time happy painting!

Snow Day & Santa Cards!

Hi friends! Today is out first “snow day” where school is canceled and we are all home. I have all my Christmas cards ready to be addressed and mailed out and I think we will decorate the inside of the house for Christmas. I think I will make some homemade pizza dough today too since we are all here and I love the smell of bread baking. It doesn’t get much more homey that that!

Today I am going to share one of this years Christmas card designs. I will warn you I am using some older product so if you want to make this card you can substitute it for stuff you have. I love using up older products and mixing older stamps with new papers and stuff. I don’t like how stamping has become so “fast fashion-like” with stamps being discontinued as soon as you buy them. You can use any frame or wreath stamp in lieu of the frame I used and stamp a Santa face if you don’t have this paper (although I just bought this sheet of paper so it should still be available LOL!) Watch the video and then make your own!

Supplies (affiliate links may be used)

  • Pattern Paper: the Paper Studio (25 cents a sheet on sale)
  • Kraft cardstock (lightweight)
  • Cream cardstock (#110 heavyweight)
  • Ink (versafine Clair ink Rainforest and Glamour)
  • Embossing folder (Botanical 3D folder by Sizzix/Tim Holtz)
  • Sentiment Stamp & Dies (from Poinsettia stamp set by Stampendous)
  • Stamps: Sorry, I can’t find these available anywhere:( Frame Stamp & Die (from Cameo stamp set I think was from Time Holtz/Sizzix)
  • Mini Bow Die (Waffle Flower)
  • Other: Gems/Pearls/Rhinestones

I’ll share some other quick and easy Christmas cards and favors over the next week or so. In addition to making something meaningful crafting can give you a relaxing break from the hectic holiday season. Happy crafting!

How did the Oil Painting Challenge go? Well…

Hi friends! Today is December 1st and I thought it would be fun to look back at my November art challenge of oil painting. You can see the paintings I did in today’s video.

Was the challenge a success? Well, define Success. I challenged myself to paint 20 paintings and I only got 12 done so in that respect I failed. That said These paintings were in addition to my normal workload and I really enjoyed my painting time so that was a success. If I hadn’t challenged myself I would not have done any so I’m calling it a win. I wanted to do 45 minute paintings and many of my paintings took twice that long so I probably spent the amount of time I had expected to paint but with less output than I hoped. I’m still calling it a win.

I’m not doing a challenge in December. I want to slow down and enjoy the holiday’s with my family. The kids are sophomores and junior in high school so I know I don’t have too many more Christmases with them at home so I want to make the most of it. I will be ready for a challenge in January, maybe I’ll revisit oils or (gasp) give acrylics a whirl. I am honestly kinda excited to use those Golden Open acrylics I just bought. I’ll keep you posted.

I think challenges are important. I had struggled with burnout the past couple of years and having personal goals seems to be an antidote. Getting better at something, learning and improving is security that you will have these skills in the future no matter what happens in your current situation. Education is not something that just happens when you are in school. If you always push yourself to learn more and be better you can stay in the atmosphere of growth.

I think we can stagnate as we get older and that was definitely part of the burnout and funk I was in earlier this years so I’m gonna fight like heck to stay out of it from now on. How do you stay inspired in your art? Let us know in the comments below and we can cheer each other on! Happy creating!

…and by the way…

Sorry for the back to back blog post. I totally forgot to mention that tomorrow is the last day to save 50% on my Hand-painted Holiday class. Regular price $39, with coupon code XMASTREAT $19.50 through 12/1/19. Use the coupon code if the discount doesn’t automatically show up.

Jump in now and you still have time to hand-paint beautiful greeting cards and gift tags in time for Christmas! Learn more here. Happy painting!

Enjoying a Slow Saturday

Hi friends! How are you? I hope you are enjoying the weekend. It always feels weird on the days after Thanksgiving. The kids are home, many people are off from work and it feels like a couple of Sundays strung together. You see different neighbors when you walk the dog and things are slow and calm. I am sure that’s not the case in town for the folks working or shopping and however you choose (or have) to spend the days following Thanksgiving I hope you enjoyed it:)

I’ve been making my Christmas cards. I made 32 today of one design and I did 12 of another design yesterday. I hope to get them mailed out on Monday and then I can share the designs with you. I was able to use up a lot of older product and that feels so good! I love coming up with new ways to use old stuff and mixing old with new. It’s so satisfying to use stuff up, don’t you think?

Today is Small Business Saturday. I thought it would be nice to highlight a couple of small companies that sell watercolor stuff and are nice people. First up the Etsy shop “A Little Creative“. I met the owner April last year and she also lived in Maine, unfortunately (for me) she moved but luckily we still keep in touch. She sells the Polish line of watercolors called Renesans. They are a very high quality/low cost paints. I reviewed the pans here and the tubes are also excellent. She is offering 10% off (keep in mind the prices are shocking low to begin with) and free shipping on orders over $35 through Tuesday. These paints will make an excellent gift to any watercolor painter on your gift list.

Another small company that I am a big fan of is The Portable Painter. They make my favorite travel palette that I have been using pretty much exclusively since I got it and it was on my Christmas Gift Guide last year. It’s a 12 pan sketch-box that comes empty and you fill with the paint of your choosing (maybe the Renesans paint I mentioned above) and it has 2 water-buckets that attach to each end and I can rest it over my leg when painting in my Kayak or set it on the ground at the beach and the water-bucket legs keep the palette out of the sand. It’s brilliant! They are making a micro palette that is less expensive than the portable palette and cute as a button and I though you might like to know about it. I’d say it would make a cute stocking stuffer but I’m not sure if it will be out by Christmas but the original portable painter is a fantastic palette to give any painter who wants to paint out in nature. Here is a look at the new micro version. I will review it when it comes out.

Finally I did want to mention a big sale from a company that has been growing the last couple of years: Arteza. They have been knocking it out of the park with affordable, quality art supplies. I have been very impressed at the quality of their products and customer service. I would rate their supplies at the level of the serious student/crafter and you always get more than your moneys worth. I really like their Ever-blend alcohol markers (their 120 set is on sale for $72 this weekend, regular $129), Gouache paint, Real brush watercolor pens, canvas panels and expert watercolor pencils to name a few. Honestly the only thing I don’t love from them is their watercolor paint but I am very picky with watercolors and theirs are fine, they just didn’t knock my socks off. I am not sure if you can use a coupon on top of their black Friday sale which is up to 60% off but you can try PROMO10 and see if you can save more. I am so happy to see this company grow and hear from my viewers how well they were treated by them when they ordered.

I hope you are having a good weekend. I plan on taking one of my daughters to the local antiques mall tomorrow to do some Christmas Shopping. I hope to find some unique treasures that will bring joy to my loved ones this year. I know there is a lot to choose from these days so I just wanted to highlight a couple of online business that I think are worth a look and offer clever and reliable products that would make nice gifts. Just as a disclaimer I am an Amazon and Arteza affiliate and I do earn a small commission if you make a purchase through some of my links. I think I am going to head back down to my craft room now and see if I can come up with another Christmas Card design to batch out, I have an idea for a farmhouse style card, now, I just have to see if I have a pickup truck stamp, if not, I’m sure I’ll find something that will work. happy crafting!

fun Idea! Have an Ugly Sweater Party!

Hi friends! Tis the season for cookie swaps, office parties and gift exchanges! One new tradition is the “Ugly Christmas Sweater” party!

It started as a way to poke fun at the gaudy sweaters we get at Christmas and morphed into scrounging thrift stores for them and now you can go to stores and buy some real doozies if you like. On one hand I think this is super fun but the thrifty environmentalist in me cringes a bit of buying something to wear once so I decided I would design something that is fun and that I would wear more than once. Actually my daughter Maizy asked if she could have this so it will get worn a lot. The other bonus to this project is that since you are altering an inexpensive sweatshirt (mine was under $8 at the big box store) it is soft and comfy unlike the scratchy cheap novelty sweaters you would buy. I think having a party to make the sweaters would be really fun too and suitable for all ages! Watch the video for a full tutorial!

This video is sponsored by Conda. They have affordable art supplies for all ages and sell on Amazon.

Supplies (sponsored/affiliate links used)


  1. Always sketch out your design on paper and make corrections before starting your fabric project. Any mistakes made with the fabric paint will need to be worked into your design. You will be happy you took the time to practice!
  2. You can sketch your design on your shirt with chalk if you want before painting. The chalk will wash off or can be brushed off when the paint is completely dry.
  3. Light color fabric is better than dark-colored fabric because you will use less paint. If using dark fabric I recommend the metallic paints as they will show up better.
  4. When covering a large area I recommend mixing several shades of paint together so you don’t run out and spreading them out with a paintbrush.
  5. You could also cut a shape out of felt and use fabric glue to apply it if a large solid area is desired.
  6. Wear a smock, apron or old shirt when working with fabric paint. If you accidentally get fabric paint on your good clothes wash them immediately with soap and water.

I also wanted to mention that the dual tip brush 100 count markers are excellent quality and very affordable. If you are looking to replace your warn out dual brush water-based markers or get a gift for a stamper, scrapbooker or papercrafter they are an excellent choice!

I hope you are having a great day at til next time happy crafting!

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