Easy Watercolor Landscape! (Timelapse)

Hi friends! Today we are going to paint a lovely scene of a mountain, forest and lake in watercolor. I loosely based the painting on an image from The Artist Photo Reference: Landscapes book I bought last month. I love this book because there are so many photos of different lakes, mountains, trees and skies and you can adapt the photos to meet your needs. Unfortunately they are out of print so you just have to see what used bookstores ave for sale on Amazon. I was able to get all of the book in the series at an awesome price last month on Amazon. Good luck if you are hunting them down.


If you are a beginner I recommend you watch the video through once all the way before painting, then you can restart the video and pause as needed (or use the gear at the bottom of the player to slow down the video) so you can go at your own pace.


I hope you enjoyed this easy beginner tutorial! Painting does not need to be hard or complicated. Take a bit of time each day to practise and you will progress in no time! Happy crafting!


The Middle is the Worst!

Hi friends! I have a confession to make. I am procrastinating.  I am in the middle of a large freelance project. Actually, I am about 70% done. I am past all the good fun juicy creative parts and I am now slogging away at the minutiae. The editing, the writing, the fussing. In any long-term project we hit the plateau stage. Here are some examples:

  • Getting ready for a craft fair, the products are made (that’s the fun juicy stuff) but then you need to price and package everything and figure out your displays (that’s the slog aka plateau) then you have the craft fair (that’s the payoff for all of your hard work.)
  • Getting a project published in a magazine: You make something and it gets accepted to a magazine (yay!) you have to write and edit the article and wait for it to be published (slog) magazine arrives on newsstands (Payoff!)
  • You are repainting your house: You pick colors (yay!) priming, taping, edging (slog) rolling on that juicy color (yay!) painting the trim, replacing outlet covers and hardware, cleaning up and putting supplies away (slog) awesome pretty new house (payoff!)
  • Getting in shape….do you need me to explain this? sloggidy slog slog slog.

You are probably saying, “Great Lindsay, tell me something I don’t know, like how to get through it!” OK, then, here is my solution: quick wins! This blog post that I am writing isn’t just me procrastinating. I know taking a 30 minute break from my project will help me return refreshed to it and I will have completed something in the process.  It’s a quick win. It’s like taking 15 minutes to paint a small watercolor on a greeting card or jogging around the blog. It changes your perspective and gives you the satisfaction of completing something. When I used to “work for the man” I would do my workout on my lunch break or run an errand so I would feel like I got something done, the quick win.  Maybe you are decluttering your home and you feel like it is never going to be finished but hit that nightstand drawer, get that in ship-shape and you have completed something! The great thing about your “quick win” being art related is that it won’t get undone. I remember when my kids were small (I have 3 kids less than 2 years apart) I felt that nothing stayed done. My job of caring for them was the most important job I’d ever do but it was hard to feel good about myself when the cleaning, cooking and feeding was never done. Wash a load of laundry and there was another one waiting BUT if I made a scrapbook page it stayed done and could be enjoyed for years and years. It also gave me perspective if I was feeling irritable. Looking at the sweet photos of your precious children you forget about all the work and you appreciate the reward.

We all have long projects. We can either break them down into smaller tasks or plow ahead until we hit a wall and look for a quick win project to revive us. This is why I like to have several projects going at one time so I am constantly starting something new or enjoying the finishing payoff. It makes the middle feel like less of a slog.

What big projects are you in the middle of? Let me know in the comments below. I hope this helps you get unstuck with whatever you are in the middle of right now.  Happy crafting!

Playing with Pantone’s Color of the Year: Ultraviolet!

Hi friends! I was brainstorming some idea with REbecca over at Rubber Stamp Tapestry the other day and she suggested trying a project with the color of the year and I thought that was a great idea as purple is a color I don’t use very often.

Since it is not one of my go to colors I didn’t have any cardstock, pattern paper or ribbon that was that particular shade of blue-violet so I grabbed my media and got to work!

I am a bit embarrassed to admit that it took the course of 2 days to make the backgrounds, create the cards and clean up after myself (which, truth be told happened several days after the mass creation!) In fact I walked down to my studio yesterday forgetting the state I left it in and just about had a heart attack thinking someone came in and ransacked the place LOL! I didn’t use all of the supplies I grabbed but it did get me looking at and using stuff I had forgotten about. I am going to show you the process of making the backgrounds I used in these cards and I urge you to try something similar with the media you have on hand. Don’t feel like you must have the exact stuff I used, feel free to substitute, we are not making a souffle, substitutions will be just fine:) And, hey, if you mess up, keep adding more layers til you like it!


This video is sponsored by Rubber Stamp Tapestry! Use coupon code FRUGALJANUARY18 on all stamp orders over $10, expires 1/31/18

Supplies for Rubber Stamp Tapestry!

Other Supplies

The only rule here is to have fun! Don’t worry if your paper warps as you work because using it later in the die cutter will flatten it right out. Also make sure you cut your window before you emboss it so you don’t squash out the texture. You really can’t go wrong, just keep going until you like how it looks!

Exciting Announcement!!!!

I have a new line of stamps coming out with Rubber Stamp Tapestry! If you want to get your hands on them make sure you sign up for their VIP newsletter so you will be the first to know when they are available! My samples just came in the mail today and I can’t wait to play with them! I hope you like them:)

I hope this post inspired you to dig out that messy media and play! I have a couple of tutorials if you want to make your own gelatin printing plate. I have a traditional plate and a permanent plate. Make sure you refer to the recipes in the video descriptions of the videos for the most tried and true recipe. Either of the homemade plates can be remelted if you want a different size or if it gets scratched. Due to the expense of the glycerin needed for the permanent recipe I am not sure if you save much in making one over buying a gel plate so I’d probably recommend making a traditional plate and freezing it between uses so it doesn’t get moldy. Wow, that’s a lot of info! Don’t get overwhelmed, just grab supplies and play…yeah, I could have just said that from the start huh? Til next time happy crafting!


We are painting Live in 30 Minutes! Tea & Tulips 12:30pm ET!

Hi friends! Sorry for the late post but time escaped me as I worked on the practise for today’s live watercolor tutorial:


You can watch the live stream or replay in the player below but if you want to chat live and ask me questions be sure to watch on YouTube.

Tutorial Sponsored by Jerry’s Artarama! http://www.jerrysartarama.com/ Use coupon code: frugal20FS49 for 20% off $49 + Free Shipping (Excludes: Sale, Super Sale, Egift Cards, Buy It Try It’s and Vendor restricted items. Look for the green coupon eligible icon on the product listing.


And here is a pic of the photo I’m working from! I hope to “see” you soon during the live stream! Happy Crafting!


PS…one more thing…if this tutorial moved a little fast for you and you want more comprehensive beginner instruction please consider checking out my online course. My Essential Tools and Techniques for Watercolor class will start you off on the right foot with everything you need to know to get painting right away (the right way!) You can go at your own pace and you get lifetime access so you can come back to the lessons at any time. Find out more here or join over 800 happy students and enroll today!



How To Draw and Paint a Bird of Paradise Flower (for beginners) and a Cheap Paint Review!

Hi friends! I developed this project to satisfy three viewer requests:  1. Paint a Valentines card, 2. paint a bird of paradise flower and 3 review the  MozArt Komorebi  watercolor paints.


These paints remind me a lot of Gansai Tambi watercolors, you can see my review of those here. In today’s video we will sketch and paint a bird of paradise and discuss the difference between eastern and western watercolor paints. This is a great beginner project of warm up for a day of painting. Have fun with it!


Review of the MozArt Komorebi watercolors.

Product details:
40 full pans of colors that are housed in individual full pans that can be removed. Comes with a paintable color chart, plastic liner that can be used as a mixing surface and metal tin.

Cost: $25
Rich vibrant colors including 6 neon and 8 metallics
Contains good bright clear primaries as well as convenience mixes
Works well on lightly sized paper like art journals and cardstock as the paint is a bit thick.

No pigment info available
Does not move much on paper compared to traditional watercolor paints
No refill pans available

Who is this paint best for? This is an “eastern style” watercolor paint which means it is thicker and designed for use on unsized paper like rice paper so I would recommend this paint for cardmakers, scrapbookers, art journalers and papercrafters as it will be much easier to work with on uncoated papers and cardstocks than traditional watercolors. Also because I can’t find pigment info the colors are probably not lightfast so I wouldn’t recommend them for permanent work that will be hung in sunlight. They should be just fine in a journal though.

Bottom line: If you like the popular Gansai Tambi watercolors you will like the MozArt Komorebi  too as they feel and behave the same as far as I can tell from my work with both brands of paint. Good paint for the price!

Get Unstuck!

Hi friends! Given the fact that we are on the internet right now there is a good chance we are procrastinating. I totally get putting off an unpleasant task but what about when we put off something that we love to do, like creating? Today we are going to talk about creative block, perfectionism, getting stuck and getting started so hopefully by the end of the video you will be ready to jump into your next creative project!

Did any of those points resonate with you? Let me know in the comments below and if you want to hear what John Cleese has to say about creativity you can watch his talk here. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Top 5 Reasons to do a Preliminary Sketch

Hi friends! I have been thinking a lot about creativity, artist block, perfectionism, procrastination and time management lately and I have a little trick that can overcome a lot of those stumbling blocks we face. It’s simply doing a quick practise sketch.


I did this 10 minute color study before Fridays live show to make sure my colors were going to work for the mixes I wanted and also to make sure the paper I was using was OK. I was using some Winsor & Newton Artists Watercolor paper that is nearly 20 years old and it was just fine. This sketch allowed me to quickly get down some colors so that I would be prepared for the main painting.

Top 5 Reasons YOU Should do a Preliminary Sketch Too!

  1. You can test out your colors and materials to make sure they are in good working order and work well together.
  2. You can try out a composition (how your objects in the painting are arranged.)
  3. It allows you to paint quickly and freely without worrying about messing up the “good” project. It’s a great “warm up” to a day of painting!
  4. You can test out techniques you are unfamiliar with before attempting it on your final painting.
  5. If you are contemplating adding mixed media to your final painting you have a practise piece to try it on first.


The odd thing is that I usually like the practice sketch better than the final painting and I think it is because of the free feeling I had when creating it. Knowing you are only going to spend 10 or 15 minutes on something let’s you create with abandon! I hope you give it a try and til next time happy crafting!

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