My Crafty Resume

Lindsay Weirich: Artist/Writer/Craft Designer

Lindsay Weirich has been teaching art for over two decades. She has reached thousands of students of all ages through her classes and workshops. Lindsay operates the popular blog and YouTube channel The Frugal Crafter with nearly half a million subscribers where she publishes new painting, cardmaking a craft tutorials each week. Her designs have been published in legions of art and craft publications including The Decorative Painter. She has also illustrated two children’s books, Rainbow Pants, and Sea Glass and the Lighthouse by Kelly Brooks Bay. Weirich lives in Maine with her husband and three children where she creates something new every day. You may contact Lindsay via email

Past Design Teams

Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff: Owner/Stamp Designer

About Art Accents February 2009-2017

Pink Persimmon: June 2011-2013

Lost Coast Designs: July 2012-2016

Columnist for Scrap & Stamp Arts Magazine

The Rubber Cafe September 2008-October 2009

Creative Cuts & More February 2009-January 2010

Published Work


Watercolor and Colored Pencil Illustrations for Sea glass and the lighthouse (Childrens book written by Kelly Brooks Bay Copyright 2017)

  • ISBN-13: 978-1-63381-123-2

Watercolor and Colored Pencil Illustrations for The Rainbow Pants (Childrens book written by Kelly Brooks Bay Copyright 2013)

  • ISBN-10: 1938883586
  • ISBN-13: 978-1938883583


Simply Cards & Papercraft issue 216 (2021)

Interview & Projects: Behind The Scenes with The Frugal Crafter pg. 80-83

Paper Crafts Magazine “Stamp It! Cards”

Volume 8 Summer 2011: Exclusive digital stamp design pg. 162 “Celebration Banner”

Take Ten

Take Ten Summer 2010 “Apple of my Eye” pg 61, “Happy Birthday” pg. 97

Just Cards

Just Jewelry! Volume 2 2015: “Pastel Floral Ring & Earrings” Cover & page 76-77

Just Jewelry! Volume 1 2014: “Felt Floral Statement Necklace” pg 18, “Shambala Bracelet”t pg 69, “Recycled Soda Can Earrings” pg 70, “Recycled Glow Stick Earrings” pg 70, “Art Deco Jewelry set” pg 80, “Cheery Cherry Necklace & Earrings” pg 87, “Faux Jade Necklace and Earring Set” pg 95, “Pretty in Pink” set pg 97, “Vintage Key Necklace & Earrings” pg 98, “Vintage Bicycle Necklace & Earring set” pg 99

Just Cards! Volume 32 Winter 2014: “Flocked Santa” pg 84,

Just Cards Holidays! Volume 5, 2013:  “Batty for You” pg 68

Just Cards! Volume 31 Fall 2013: “Trick or Treat” pg 100

Just Cards! Volume 30 Summer 2013: “Happy Birthday Cupcake” pg 59,

Just Cards! Volume 29 Spring 2013: “Thanks So Much” pg 104, “October 31” pg 96

Just Cards 3-D Volume 1 2013: “You Make My Heart Spin” pg. 53

Just Cards Christmas Volume 1 2013:  “Merry Christmas” card pg 35,

Just Steampunk! Volume 2 2012: “Treasure Box” pg 66,  “Steampunk Stitchery” (card) pg 96, “Happy Birthday Steampunk Style” (card) pg. 100

Just Cards!  Volume 28 Winter 2012: “Happy Birthday Vintage” pg 51,

Just Cards!Volume 27 Fall 2012: “Hug & Kiss”g 40-41, “Best Witches” pg 74-75, “Trick or Treat” pg 76-77

Just Cards! Volume 26 Summer 2012: “Thinking of You” pg 51, “Thanks Dear” pg 112

Just Cards! Volume 25 Spring 2012:“Gratitude” pg 102

Just Cards! Inside & Out! 2012: “Oriental Screen” pg 24, “Sweetest Day Ever” pg 44-45, “Sock Monkey Gift Card Holder” pg 44-45,”Thank You, Thank You Very Much” pg 112-113, “With Gratitude” pg 116-117

Just Cards! All Occasions! 2012: “Congrats” pg 20-21, “Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers” pg 26-27, “Chewable Asprin” pg 74-75, “Perk Up” pg 75,

Just Cards! Volume 24 Winter 2012: “Have a High Flying Birthday {version 1}” card pg 56-57, “High Flying B-Day 2” pg 62, “Painting Candy Canes” card pg 85

Just Steampunk! 2011: “Pick a Man” bookmark pg. 99

Just Cards! Volume 23 Fall 2011: “You’re Sweet” pg 24-25, “Dream” pg 36-37, “Lucky Jig” pg 92-93, “Thank You Cupcakes” pg 105, 114-115, “Many Thanks” 116-117

Just Cards Holidays! (2011) Volume 3: “Scare” pg. 68, “Holly Branch Gate-Fold” pg. 94-95, “Asian Deer” pg. 102-103, “Christmas Joy” pg. 106-107

Just Cards! Summer 2011 Vol 22: “What a dear” card pg. 28-29, “You GROW Girl” pg. 78-79, “Happy Easter” pg. 82-83, “Corset Card”, “Plant Pic” pg 110-111, “Teacup” pg. 113,  “Sweet Treat Orniment”, “Winter Attire”, “Fun in the Sun” cards pg. 114-115, “Frogs and Mushrooms”, “Christmas Tree Sucker” pg. 116-117

Just Cards! For Kids 2011 “Let’s Go to School” pg 60-61, “Have a High-Flying Birthday” pg 88-89

Just Cards! Spring 2011 Vol 21“First Day-Learn” pg. 78-79, “Love is Blind” pg. 110-111

Just Cards! Just Birthdays 2011! Vol 2 “Pretty in Pink Birthday” pg 31., “Cherries” pg. 34-35

Just Cards! Winter 2011 Vol 20 “Thinking of Ewe” Card pg 22-23, “Believe” pg. 40-41, “I Adore You” pg. 44-45

Just Cards! Fall 2010 Vol 19 “Welcome Baby” Card pg 72-73, “Vintage Santa” pg. 84-85

Just Cards! Holidays Vol 2 (2010) “Bunny Card” pg 34-35, “Letterpress Thank You” pg. 100-101, “Happy Haunting” pg 65, “Boo t2 U” pg 69

Just Cards! Summer 2010 Vol 18 “Together” Card pg 12-13, “Celebrate the 4th” pg. 54-55

Just Cards! Holidays! 2009 “Boo” Card pg 60-61, “Cheer Peace Joy” pg. 112, “Retro Reindeer” pg. 113

Just Cards! Volume 15 Fall 2009 “Good Luck” share card pg. 48-49, “Grouchy Thanks” pg. 114-115

Just Cards Volume 16 Winter 2010 “Thank You Bird Cage” card pg 98-99

Just Cards Volume 17  Spring 2010 “Cute Cupcake” Cover& pg 37, “Broom Parking” pg. 82-83, “Vintage Easter” pg 84-85, “Kiss me, I’m Irish” Pg 88-89

Just Cards Birthdays! 2010 “Happy Birthday” pg 21, template pg 119, “Cupcake” pg 56, “Just for You” pg 92, “Happy Birthday Buckaroo” pg 103

Scrap & Stamp Arts

Scrap & Stamp Arts November/December 2014: Fancy Folds 101 (article and projects) pg 44-47, Clean House=Lazy Stamper card pg 56

Scrap & Stamp Arts August/September 2014: The Frugal Crafter: Washi Fake Out! (article and project) pg 26-27

Scrap & Stamp Arts July 2014: The Frugal Crafter: Soap Making With Stamps (article and project) pg 24-25

Scrap & Stamp Arts May/June 2014: The Frugal Crafter: European Style Paper Beads (article and project) pg 44-45

Scrap & Stamp Arts January 2014: The Frugal Crafter: Homemade Resist Spray (article and projects) pg 19-19

Scrap & Stamp Arts December 2013: (Cover Feature ) The Frugal Crafter Christmas (article and projects) pg 11-13

Scrap & Stamp Arts September 2013: The Frugal Crafter: Cards With Spring! (Article and project) pg 24-25

Scrap & Stamp Arts July 2013: The Frugal Crafter: Many uses for glitter (Article and scrapbook page) pg 22-23

Scrap & Stamp Arts April 2013: The Frugal Crafter: Selling your Wares at Craft Fairs (Article and project) pg 30-33

Scrap & Stamp Arts March 2013: The Frugal Crafter: DIY Painted Brads (Article and project) pg 50-51

Scrap & Stamp Arts December 2012: Time to Creat Art Canvas (Article and project) pg 22-24

Scrap & Stamp Arts October 2012: The Frugal Crafter: DIY Honeycomb Paper (Article and project) pg 38-39

Scrap & Stamp Arts September 2012: “Crafty Storage on a Budget-Part 2” article and photos pg 40-43

Scrap & Stamp Arts July 2012: “Crafty Storage on a Budget-Part 1” article and photos pg 58-60

Scrap & Stamp Arts March 2012: “Stamp a Party” article and artwork pg 32-35

Scrap & Stamp Arts January 2012: The Frugal Crafter article and photos pg 52-54

Scrap & Stamp Arts October 2011: “Gothic Arch Photo Display” project and article pg 54-55, Simple Stampin’ “Trick or Treat Card” pg. 38 & 66

Scrap & Stamp Arts September 2011: “Homemade Faux Buttons” Cover Feature, article pg 20-21

Scrap & Stamp Arts July 2011: “The Marker Market” Article reviewing 12 top brands of markers and a 2 page comparison chart. 3 cards and 3 step-by-step projects are included ion the article. Pg. 50-53

Scrap & Stamp Arts June 2011: “Greetings!” card pg. 43, 69

Scrap & Stamp Arts April 2011: Time for tea: Cover Feature pg. 30-31, templates pg.56-57

Scrap & Stamp Arts December 2010:  Cardstock Comapison part 2-Cardstock for Cricut MAchines pg. 48-49

Scrap & Stamp Arts September 2010 “Cardstock Comparison” article  pg. 51-53

Scrap & Stamp Arts October 2009 “Fit for a Tween” article and stationary set pg. 28-29

Scrap & Stamp Arts June 2009 “Hot Glue Embellishments” pg. 15. “Butterfly Inspire Card” pg. 43, 68

Scrap & Stamp Arts January 2010 “Hi Card” pg 42, 65

The Decorative Painter

Issue 3, 2011: “Christmas Countdown” 3-D watercolor project, pattern and article pg 38-45

Issue 1 2011: “Peacock” Colored Pencil Project pg. 122 (photo) from members only online exclusive project.

Issue 4 2010:”Empress” Watercolor Painting and How-to article pg. 9-12

Summer 2009: “Eggs 5 Cents” Mixed Media Painting and how to article pg. 84-89

Issue 3 2008 “For Good Measure” pg 88-93


October 2010 “Monster Mini Books” Cover Feature, Article pg 15, Template pg 65

February 2010 “Out of this World” Lollipop Holders pg 12

Crafts ‘n Things

June 2009“Happy Birthday (faux bandanna technique)” pg. 104

Vamp Stamp News

*Quick tips in every issue since December 2008

June 2012: “Sweetheart Mending Birthday Card”  pg 17

February 2012: “Smile” valentine pg 18-19

September 2011: “Boo!” card on cover, pg 2, “Boo to You” wal hanging pg 11, Quick tips pg 10, 12

October 2011: “Handmade Sewing Book” pg 19

August 2011: “Teacher’s Gift Set” pg. 14, Tips: 16, 17

July 2011: Esspressly for You” card pg 5, “It’s a Boy” card pg 23, Tips: Ribbon Stamping pg. 13

May 2011 Quick tips: Buttons pg 19

March 2011 “In My Thought” pg 13-14

February 2011 “Happy Anniversary” pg 27-28

December 2010 “gift box Trio” Centerfold plus tips

November 2010 “Just a Note” pg. 7-8, Tips: pg 19

October 2010 “Dreams” pg. 17-18, “New Heights” pg. 31-32 Tips: pg 25

August 2010 Summer Seagulls 3-D card pg 7-8, Here for You card pg 17-18, Cheers easel card pg 31

July 2010 Score PalEnvelopes pg 22, Tips: 24, 25, product featured pg 27-28

June 2010 Father’s Day Card (Back cover & pg31), tips on pg 22, 24, blog highlight pg 14

May 2010 Cards in Page17-18, tips on pg 14,21, 22, 24

April 2010 cards on pg 17, 18, back cover, Tips on pg 14, 19,

March 2010 “Botanical Stamped Set” card and envelope pg 17-18, Tips: pg 21,22,27

February 2010 “Love Bingo” card front cover, “Queen of Hearts” bookmark pg 17-18, tips: pg 12,22, 24,

January 2010 “thinking of You” card pg. 15-16, ” You’re Sweet” & “Happy Mother’s Day” cards pg. 17-18

December 2009 “Holiday House Mouse card” pg 15-16, “holiday: Vintage Santa card” pg. 17-18, Tips pg. 21, 24, 25

November 2009 “Found Textures: Smile card” page 17-18, Tips: pg. 13, 14, 19,

October 2009 “Creative Corner Challenge: Halloween Card” pg 17-18, Tips: pg. 9, 11, 14, 25, 27,

September 2009 Many Thanks (front cover), Elegant Wedding Card pg. 5, Happy Birthday Card pg. 16, Back to School Card pg. 17, Colored Pencil tip pg. 24

July 2009: “Butterfly Celebrate Card” (Front cover),3 stamping tips pg. 21,25,27

June 2009 “Girlfriend (bra) Card” and Tip pg 17, 18, 25

May 2009 Shaped Thank You card pg. 17,18

February 2009 “Family”, “Frosty”, “Love”  resist cards (center insert)

January 2009 “Mermaid Earrings”, “Winter Fairy” (both on back cover), “Time 2 Party!” (center insert)

December 2008“3-D Christmas Tree Card”

Rubber Stamp Madness

Holidys 2011-2012 (Issue 174): “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” card pg 12, “Welcome Baby” card pg 58

Fall 2011 (issue 173): “I {heart} You” card, “Beep Beep Birthday” gift card holder pg. 40-42

Holidays 2010-2011 “First Christmas Snow” Pg 31-33, “Alice Underwater” pg 48-49, “Alice ATCs: Caterpiller, Storm of Cards, Mad Hatter” pg 52-53

Spring 2010  “Asian Garden” card pg 33

Bead Trends

July/August 2008 “Chunky Choker” pg. 20-21

The Stampers Sampler

Catch-Up Issue Spring 2011 “Chess Pocket Card” pg. 103

August/September 2009 “Thinking of you” card, page 11

The Bug Magazine (crafts made with Cricut machines)

July/August 2011: “Back to School” Scrapbook page pg. 31, “Teacher Appreciation Gift Set”, “Back to School Pencil Box and Card” pg. 32

Complete Cardmaking (UK)

Issue 32 Spring 2010 Card and Tea Tin, pg 56 as part of the Sarah Paris feature.

Miniature Collector

December 2014: Mminiaturecard pg 31

In addition to the above print magazine publication my work has appered dozens of times in the following e-zines: Ready-Set-Create!, Scrap’nArt, and Scrapbook News & Review

Teaching Experience

I have been teaching drawing, painting and mixed media since the late 1990’s. I worked both as a art director for the non profit Couri Foundation creating art programs for their summer camps and senior center. I owned and managed the Art Studios of Bangor where we hosted a variety of classes, workshop and summer camps for children and adults of all ages. I have taught professional development workshops for art educators as well as workshops for artists and crafters at conventions. Currently I teach self paced Watercolor, Drawing and Mixed Media in my online school. I look forward to many more teaching opportunities in the future!

Here are a few of the places my paintings/art have been exhibited. Thank you for looking.

Marbles by Lindsay Weirich
Marbles by Lindsay Weirich
  • September-November 2009 “Tray Chic” Maine Discovery Museum Show and Auction
  • June-November 2006 “Hold Everything!” Maine Discovery Museum Show & Auction
  • June-November 2005 “Treasure Boxes” Maine Discovery Museum Show & Auction
  • June-November 2004 “Lookin’ Good” Maine Discovery Museum Show & Auction
  • June-November 2003 “Sitting Pretty” Maine Discovery Museum Show & Auction
  • June-October 2002 Belfast Bear Fest” 3rd annual exhibit of sculptural work in downtown Belfast Maine
  • January-March 2002 9/11 Disaster Relief Benefit, Bangor Art Society
  • June-October 2001 2nd annual “Belfast Bearfest”
  • March-April 2001 Solo Show Warrington House, Blue Hill Maine
  • August 2000 Solo Exhibit, Marsh River Theatre, Brooks Maine
  • August-September 2000 Soloe Exhibit Larkin O’Shea Gallery, Bangor Maine
  • June-October 2000 “Belfast Bearfest” Belfast Maine
  • January-April 2000 “Winter Show” University of Maine, Orono Maine
  • August-September 1999 Solo Exhibit Larkin O’Shea Gallery, Bangor Maine
  • 2000 Commissioned Mural: “Bangor, Urban Renewal?”  Maine Technoligies Center, Bangor Maine.

More Info

I have been an artist all my life. I began selling my work in high school. In 1996 I received a degree in communications form the New England School of Communications and worked as an announcer and copywriter in television and radio. I began teaching art professionally in 1998 at the Art Studios of Bangor, and became the director in 2000. After my children were born I started working from home in the art publication industry and I currently am an art instructor and freelance artist. My work is available in shops throughout Maine. My classes can be found in my online school. I also have thousands of projects and tutorials on my blog and YouTube channel.