Another Ask a Crafter LIVE tomorrow!

Hi friends! I wanted to give you the heads up that there will be another Ask a Crafter Live tomorrow at noon ET. You can ask questions on The YouTube LIVE watch page (you can even add them in the chat on that page now) or you can watch the show live here on my blog in the player below. I will not be able to monitor comments here though, so if you want to get your questions in you will need to ask it in the chat box on YouTube.


My Guests include:

With these fun gals on board we are bound to have a great time! Hope to see you live tomorrow but if you can’t make it the replay will be available directly after the broadcast! I’ll be back later today with crafty tutorial but til then happy crafting!

I almost restarted recording but thought nah…oh, and winners!!!!

Howdy friends! I just got back from my kids elementary school band concert, it really means the school year is almost done when that rolls around! Last week when Kathy and Lorraine came over I talked them into filming a second AAC episode for you! I am not sure when the next one will be because I am “right out straight” until the Heirloom Stamp show. Speaking of that, I have winners to announce!!! The following people will get a free admission ticket to the Heirloom Production Show in West Springfield MA, don’t fret if you did not win you can still get discounted pre-sale tickets online for $6 each ($8 at the door) and while you are there you might want to sign up for one of my watercolor for stampers classes. I am so excited about meeting many of you at the show! If I had fewer than 12 people enter to win I was going to give some winners extra tickets but since we had many more than that each winner will get one weekend pass to the show. The winners are:



Syd Howard


Ginny Maxam

Betty Wlazlo



Jen Johnson


Carol Blais


Winners, I have sent your email addresses (the one you used when leaving a comment here) to Heirloom and you will receive a custom printable ticket via email. I can’t wait for the stamp show!

And now, here is the latest Ask a Crafter, we got off to a rough start, well, what’s new right LOL!

I’d love to chat more by it is getting late and I need to chillax…OK it’s late, I normally don’t talk like the cool kids, well, like they did 5 years ago LOL! Have a great night and til next time happy crafting.

AAC is Back & Sign-up to Win Tickets to the Heirloom Stamp Show!

Hi friends! I spur-of-the-moment called Kathy and Lorraine yesterday and asked them if they could shoot an Ask a Crafter episode, turns out I had enough questions in the jar for 2 (yay! there will be an AAC next week too!) I really wanted to have them on because we are getting so excited for the Heirloom Stamp Show in West Springfield June 6-7 and Heirloom is giving me 12 tickets to give away! Just leave a comment saying you want to win tickets if you will be in the W. Springfield Massachusetts area June 6-7th so I can make sure someone who can use them wins. Also note if you could use an extra ticket, that way if fewer than 12 sign up I can make sure that none go to waste. I will give the email addresses of the winners to the folks at Heirloom Productions and they will email you printable tickets (no need to put your email in the comment, I can see it on the back-end, that is why I am doing to contest here and not on YouTube because it is hard to get hold of people there if they win.) I’ll pick a winner next Wednesday. Oh, and I am teaching 2 watercolor for stampers classes on June 5th at the convention center. There is room in the Watercolor Techniques for Stampers class but the Using Watercolor to Stamp is almost full (it might be sold out because you can’t register online for it anymore, you have to call) so if you are interested in either of those classes sign up now! I also think we ought to have a meet up, maybe at Chili’s Friday night, or at Micheal’s Craft Store…anyone?

OK, enough of that, I don’t want anyone to be sad if they do not have a stamp show near them (heck, we have to drive 5 hours so I feel your pain, at least I have good company for the ride!) so let’s get on with the show!

That WAS fun! I am so glad I got caught up on projects and was able to squeeze in time with the ‘girlfriends! Thanks so much for spending some of your busy day with us and til next time happy crafting!

Ask a Crafter & a bit of a rant!

Hi friends! I am trying to get into my happy space after opening a bill from my hospital after my “procedure” last month. Wouldn’t you think if an insurance company will only agree to pay half that the hospital is grossly overcharging you? I think so because the level of care I received and the bill did not jive. For that price I should have got a boob-job and not a mammogram! I’m ticked off. I am trying to shake of the negative vibes I am feeling. Grrrrrr. But on a positive note it’s ask a crafter time, I’m solo this week but hopefully I can get together with Kathy and Lorraine next week.

Video! (Sorry that the video is not showing up for email subs, I still do not know how to fix it, please click over to my blog to see the AAC video)

And more of my American healthcare rant, you can stop reading if you like, I don’t mind, really:)

I’m sorry to so cranky, I actually thought of deleting this rant, but nothing makes my blood boil more than the cost of healthcare in this country. Insurance is insanely expensive and they do not cover everything, not even close. We all pay 5x or more for insurance that what other countries pay to provide healthcare per person. Hats off to the UK, I wish they would teach our leaders how it’s done. Let’s get rid of insurance companies and only spend healthcare dollars on people providing healthcare. Get rid of billing departments and insurance companies, think of the money we’d save. Have drug companies compete for business. Prices would drop because the winners would be the sole provider of the drug, implant etc. We can even retrain the people who used to work for insurance companies to be doctors and nurses, we can find them jobs. Best of all everyone will have healthcare and since we are not paying crazy insurance premiums we can afford a little extra taxes. It’s not socialist…OK maybe it is but then so is public school and I’m all for that! Don’t get me started on the price of a college degree that is not worth the paper it is printed on! Sorry to get political on you, actually I do not care for either of the political parties but I always vote! Feel free to leave an AAC question in the comments or a healthcare rant, I am sure I am not the only one frustrated by this. I apologize for going off topic there but I do feel better venting, thanks for listing guys 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Ask A crafter S3:E27 Dealing with “thumbs down” and the frugal tip that wasn’t…

Hi friends! Tonight the gals and I are tackling the thought-provoking issue of the “thumbs down/dislike” button. OK, not that thought-provoking, we are kinda laughing at how ridiculous it is, you can’t please everyone right? I’m not sure what we will do for next weeks show, we have all been so busy and Lorraine will be out-of-town on crafty business…ohhh, we can say she is away on assignment (I want that assignment!) so you will likely have Kathy and I or just me, or maybe we will take the week off.  We will have to see how the week plays out. Anyway we are here in full force for ya tonight!

Video! (email subscribers can imagine the 3 adorable awesome hosts looking surprisingly like we did last week)

OK, I need to print a retraction (that sound official huh?) I want to take back some advice we gave last week, I think it was last week, everything just runs together when we pretape episodes, but we had a question about using long dies on standard cutting pads. I don’t have any long dies but the gals had cut long dies with their standard pads by cutting the die halfway, flipping it around and cutting the other way with no problem. I did not think to ask if they were thick or thin dies, it did not occur to me but a viewer very politely informed me that she tried this with a long, thin Tim Holtz die and it cracked so I want to urge you not to try this at home AND urge you to use caution when trying any of my frugal (not what the tools were intended for) stunts. This kind viewer did not want the same fate for anyone else and she said it is actually more frugal to get the long platform and plates because you can cut many dies at once and save time. And you will not risk ruining your dies. So, I ask you viewers for advice. If you are cutting long dies with short pads how are you doing it? What kind of dies are you using? Let me know in the comments!

To recap:

  1. The haters gonna hate.
  2. Don’t cut long dies on short pads.
  3. Video thumbnails are still not showing up for email subscribers, boo.

I hope you are having a fabulous evening! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Happy Ask a Crafter Day!

Hi Friends! I almost got top 50 degrees today and I am starting to see bits of ground outside! Yipeee! And it was sunny today! It sure does wonders for a gals outlook! Do you have any spring weather happening in your neck of the woods? I hope so, we have all had a doozy of a winter this year and I’m sure I’m not the only one ready for spring! Speaking of sunshine I am with my gal-pals Lorraine and Kathy for another riveting Ask a Crafter, grab a drink and join us, wont you?


Thanks so much for spending time with us today! In a word full of rushing around isn’t it nice to relax with friends sometimes? Thanks so much for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

The 75th Episode of Ask a Crafter!

Well, that sneaked up on us huh? I can’t believe that we have filmed that many! So many questions answered (and the jar is still pretty full!) Let’s see what we have in store this week as Lorraine, Kathy and I dig into the jar to answer your burning crafty questions!

You know the drill, leave a question and it may show up on a future episode! For those wondering about the weather in Maine it is 19 and windy with a fresh coating of slush from last night. Spring is right around the corner…right? Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

What Time is it? AAC Time!

Wow, what a difference a week makes, it was 55 degrees out today, I was ready to break out the suntan oil and hit the beach! Of course that would mean ice skating rather than sunbathing but still, it felt like spring and  could almost ignore the 2 feet (yes! down from 3!) of snow in my yard. Small favors:) Enough about the weather, it’s time for the latest Ask a Crafter and you get to meet one of my cats who paid us a visit, never a dull moment LOL!

Leave your questions in the comments as well as any tips or advice you have for the folks asking questions. The community is so awesome for helping each other out! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Ask a Crafter!!! (Did you miss us?)

Hi friends! We are back with a brand new AAC today after taking last week off! Lorraine came back because she could not stand missing the rest of winter. I think Kathy and I should go stay at her place in Florida for a while LOL! Oh well, it did get to nearly 50 degrees today! Let’s melt some snow! OK, enough weather rambling, here is the latest Ask a Crafter!

Here is the link to my friend Renae’s free handmade training course.The deadline for registering is today. I saw the first video in the class yesterday and it was amazing! If you happen to click over and the site is down just keep trying, the site crashed a couple of times last night because so many people went over to sign up. If you have a question for an upcoming show you can leave it in the comments! Thanks so much and til next week happy crafting!