Sat Chat 4/29/23

Hi friends! Yesterday was such a lovely day! I went painting with a friend on the Brewer Riverwalk and got 2 paintings done!

pastel painting on an easel next to a pink magnolia tree and river
pastel painting on an easel next to a pink magnolia tree and river

Today the weather looks nice too! I have been super worn out this week but I am feeling well rested and energized which is good because I have some work around the house to catch up on. What are you up to today?

Stuff I mentioned:

Enjoy the day my friends and til next time happy crafting!

Pretty Pastry Paint Along!

Hi friends! Today we are painting cute mini raspberry cheesecakes!

painting of raspberry cheesecake cupcakes

I hope you enjoy this relaxing real-time watercolor tutorial. Reference photo from the #Pastrypaintchallenge on Instagram. I hope you enjoy this real-time painting tutorial. Sadly the watercolor set I used is sold out.

Supplies (Affiliate links used)

This was a lot of fun to paint and I really enjoyed my new watercolor palette, especially that cobalt black paint! If you have Mars black (PBk11) in your palette it will react the same way so give that a try if you like the effect. Happy crafting!

painting of cupcakes surrounded by watercolor swatches

3 Ways to Use Acrylic Paint Pens: More Artsy-Fartsy Cards!

Hi friends! Do you have any acrylic paint pens in your stash? They are versatile tools for artists and crafters. You can use them to add details to a painting, or paint on virtually any surface from rocks, to glass, to clothing! They are wonderful on cards too as I will show you in today’s video!

three impressionistic scenery greeting cards

I will teach you three different ways you can use your acrylic markers for cardmaking but remember you can use these techniques on any surface you like! Let’s get started!

Supplies (affiliate links used)

  • You can find the acrylic markers I used at Ohuhu: Use coupon code Lindsay10 to get 10% off your order on the Ohuhu Website now through May 7th 2023.
  • You can also find Ohuhu markers on Amazon
  • Black and white cardstock
  • Stamps (Technique Junkies)
  • Large Stamp Mount
  • Smooth watercolor paper
  • Black Archival Ink
  • Scenic stamps
  • Double-sided tape
  • Scrapbook paper
inside of cards decorated

I like to make custom envelopes with my hoard of scrapbook paper. It is a great way to use papers you are not in love with. Save the scraps to decorate the card with like I did on the inside!

handmade envelopes

These cards were so fun to make and you don’t need lots of supplies to make them. I hope you enjoyed this project and will give it a try soon. Happy crafting!

Ranking my Artist Grade Watercolors from Best to Worst

Hi friends! In today’s video, we are going to take a look at the artist-grade watercolors I use. I have an extensive range due to my years of painting and reviewing paint. I haven’t tried everything though so please don’t be offended if your favorite brand is not on my list. There are a lot of good paints out there and all artists have different preferences so just because I like something, or dislike it doesn’t mean that you should too. We are all different and there is a paint for everyone. I also want to warn you against searching for the perfect product instead of using what you have. We have the ability to find and buy paint from all over the world. It is tempting to want to try them all and sometimes we can be lured into the belief that our paintings would be so much better if we only had this paint or that brush. The ONLY thing that is going to make you a better painter is painting. As long as your supplies are sufficient you are good. Even if you are painting with paint that isn’t top-quality you are still going to learn and then you will notice a marked improvement when you upgrade. If you constantly bounce around from paint brand to paint brand before building your skills you can get confused by all of the adapting you may need to do and actually slow your progress. I know watching this video might trigger the ‘want monster” so I felt this needed to be said. Use this information to learn more about the paint brands available but keep in mind that they are all good and if you have paint you are happy with, use it!

Paints (I will link to the best price and my favorite set if applicable) *affiliate links used

I had several viewers comment that my Schminke paints are very weak compared to what they have experienced so I might have got a bad batch. Let me know your experience if you have used them. I might need to give them another look. Let me know your favorite watercolors in the comments below and til next time happy crafting!

Happy Earth Day-Sat Chat 4/22/23

Howdy friends! I hope your weekend is going well. We are enjoying a relaxing day today, not very ambitious at all in fact! Mr. Frugal and I went out to lunch and planned to do some groceries afterward but after our tummies were full buying more food just seemed silly! Future Lindsay will be filled with regret but present Lindsay is happy as a lark! Now on to Sat Chat

Affiliate links were used in this post. Happy crafting!

You talked me into painting cocktails again! (I didn’t need much convincing LOL!)

Hi friends! Last week I shared a painting of cocktails I did using my new Faber Castell watercolor markers.

painting of colorful cocktails,

I didn’t record it because I was painting away from home at an open studio. I didn’t intend to do a tutorial on this but I had several requests from Critique Club members to post a lesson of it so I decided to redo it a bit differently.

painting of cocktails with art supplies in the background

I was curious how the markers would do on my cellulose Strathmore 400 paper because I had done the previous one on Arches 100% cotton paper. You can find the real-time lesson as well as a line drawing pattern for BOTH of the cocktail paintings, along with hundreds of other mixed media art lessons, monthly prompts and so much more in Critique Club now! You can see the timelapse and hear so additional thoughts about the project in the video below.

Supplies: Affiliate links used

This was so much fun to paint, even the 2nd version. There is something so artistic about mixed drinks. The colors, textures, and translucency of the glass just have me captivated! If you know of anyone who needs an illustrator for a cocktail recipe book please send them my way! Happy crafting!

Painting of cocktails in a row

Whimsical Teacups Beginners Can Paint!

Hi friends! Today I have an easy, real-time watercolor plus pen tutorial that you can draw and paint along with me.

Painting of stacked teacups, watercolors and paint pens.

Feel free to use what you have and follow along! If you don’t have acrylic paint pens you can use gel pens or skip that step. do it your way!


Painting of stacked teacups, watercolors and paint pens shot at an angle.

If you like these longer tutorials you will love Critique Club! You get access to over 100 real-time mixed media tutorials, monthly prompts, and the chance to upload your art for feedback from me, all for $5 a month! I post 2 new tutorials every month too and I just posted another today, but more about that tomorrow, till then Happy crafting!

Get Ready for a Free Class Coming Up on May 12th!

Hi Friends! I hope you will join me for a free class on May 12th at Michaels online! We are painting this:

Ink and wash drawing of a carnation on a watercolor greeting card surrounded by art supplies.

You can sign up for free here and download the printable pattern and get the supply list. Feel free to use any waterproof pens and coloring media you have but if you have Derwent Inktense pencils, paints, or blocks they will be perfect. Below I have a time-lapse of the project to help you get prepared. I suggest coming to class with a pencil sketch of the flower and we will ink and paint it together. You can draw it free-hand or simply trace the basic outlines from the pattern provided.

The class will be an hour long and if you can’t make it live a replay of the live class will be available a couple of days later. Even if you can’t attend live I would really appreciate it if you signed up. It’s free to do so and it helps Michael’s and Derwent gauge what projects you would like to see more of. It’s a win-win! I hope to see you in class on May 12th, til then Happy crafting!

Let’s Paint Outside in Style with a Pochade Box! Fancy!

Hi friends! I really felt like I should have a beret on while painting with this sweet little pochade box! It’s from Meeden and much more affordable than the other ones I have seen. I was sent the box and tripod for today’s review video but this is compatible with any standard tripod as long as it is sturdy enough to support it. If you want to order anything from Meeden you can use this code for 15% off your order: Lindsay15

There are many ways to transport and set up your art supplies for a day of painting. I think the Pochade box worked well but I do plan on making a series of other travel setups I used for different mediums and methods of painting. I have a hiking set up, a kayak set up, and a pastel set up with my French Easel. The materials I bring depend on how long I will have to paint and how close I can drive to my location. This Pochade box was lighter than my French easel so I could walk further with it but if I am doing any hiking I really want to travel lighter. There really is a good setup for any occasion and all levels of mobility so don’t let anything stop you if you want to take your art outside!

Pochade box set up outside next to a stream.

Let’s look at the Pros and Cons of the Meeden Pochade box:


  • Price (about half, or less, compared to comparable boxes)
  • Lightweight (much lighter than a French Easel)
  • Lots of storage Carries 2 wet canvases (8×10 and 9×12)
  • Beautiful craftsmanship
  • Has wings for a palette and brush holder so you can have it open and also access all of your paint
  • Sturdy (once you figure out how to tighten the tripod-bring a screwdriver just in case!)
  • Paper towel holder
  • Removable dividers in the storage section for maximum versatility
  • The tripod has a hook for a weight or trash bag
  • Bumpers on the bottom of the box allow you to use it on a table without removing the tripod “fast mount” or damaging the table.
  • Both the box and tripod come with carry bags with shoulder straps.
  • Takes canvasses on the easel up to 17″ tall.


  • Attaching the paintbox to the tripod is a bit awkward and if you had strength or mobility issues it would be a bit cumbersome.
close up of pocahe box contents and painting

I found out what the mystery piece of wood in the box was for, it’s a canvas panel adaptor for smaller canvasses. The folks at Meeded shared the following photo with me so I could see how it worked. That’s pretty cool!

picture of the canvas panel holder with the extra wood space in use.

Bottom Line: I really like this pochade box. It gives me almost as much storage as my French Easel but it is much lighter and the “wings” give me more accessibility to my tools and supplies because the palette doesn’t cover the drawer. this can be used with all mediums but I would recommend it for oils or acrylics especially because I can carry home 2 wet paintings mess-free. Personally, I prefer a lighter set-up for watercolor and my French Easel is my go-to for Pastels. We are all different but luckily there are options for everyone. I hope you found this helpful! Happy crafting and outdoor painting!

collage of pochade box pictures and paintings done on location