A Valentines Kiss {painting}

Hi friends, Today I have a real-time step-by-step painting of a sweet little chocolate kiss for you!

painting of a hearshey kiss in pink foil

This was from the #foodpaintchallenge on Instagram and I couldn’t resist painting it! Watch the video and follow along.


I hope that was fun to paint and got you in the spirit of Valentine’s season. After all, Valentine’s Day is only 2 days away, you could paint this on a watercolor greeting card and give it to your sweetie! Happy crafting!

Live Painting Class Today 12 noon ET: Paint a Pocketwatch with me!

Hi friends, I had a lot of requests to do a tutorial of this vintage pocket watch I painted during world watercolor month so here we are! Here is the reference photo I took with a strong shadow. The shadow is what really inspired me!

We will draw together but feel free to print this out and trace it if you are not comfortable drawing it (I promise I will break it down easily for you tho.) Here is the painting from my sketchbook:

You can watch the live broadcast or the replay in the player below. If you want to chat live or ask me questions be sure to tune in at 12 noon ET today on the YouTube watch page.

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I am so excited to visit with you live today! If you plan to catch the replay, don’t worry, I don’t dilly-dally on my lives and I answer Q&A in designated blocks that you can skip if you just want the painting tutorial. It’s the best of both worlds! See you soon and til then happy crafting!

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Great day for a paddle!

Hi friends! We are being treated to an unusually warm week in Maine. It’s been rainy but the sun just popped out and it must be near 70! I think I might be able to squeeze in a paddle before it gets cold for good.

I love those last bursts of summer when you are sure you are in for the long cold season. It’s like getting 2 cherries in a fruit cup. Know what I mean?

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I hope you are having a wonderful and creative day! Happy crafting!

A Quick and Loose Watercolor Sketch

Hi friends, for today’s watercolor video I have a last gasp of summer painting. Enjoy!

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That’s it for today! I’ll post the last pastel month tutorial tomorrow on the blog but if you can’t wait it is up on YouTube now. Happy crafting!

I know it looks like a hampster but the owner swears it’s a gerbil!

Hi friends! I have a cute and fun project to share with your today! There was a bit of a debate over what kind of rodent this was so I asked my schoolteacher friend Jenny, who graciously let me use her photo of her classroom pet to paint from, and she said it is a yet-to-be-named gerbil. Her students will name it when they go back to school. I wonder what name they will pick?

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That’s all from me today. We will be leaving soon to move Maizy into the dorm (sniff, sniff) so it’s going to be an emotional day for us. I hope you are having a good day and til next time happy crafting!

I’m not So Sure About this Painting…

Hi friends! I will say this painting was fun to paint. I will also say that it turned out a bit chaotic in the end and one viewer on youtube came out and called it ugly and overworked so if at any point in the video you like the way it looks feel free to pause the video and just pretend that is the way I left it LOL! I might add some collage and stamping to this later because, hey, what have I got to lose? This is an “enjoy the process of painting” (which I did) so I hope you do too or at least enjoy the company while you work on something else. Onward!

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The moral of this story is even a bad day of painting is better than not painting at all. And to tell you the truth I kinda like parts of it. Happy crafting!

Wild Hair? Don’t Care!

Hi friends! All you need is a Prussian Blue/Indigo and Scarlet/Cadmium Red watercolor paint to create this fun portrait! Well, you do need paper and brushes too LOL!

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The paints I am using are from my Lukas Signature Set. It also contains 100% cotton watercolor paper and Creative Mark Mimik brushes. All you would need is a red and blue watercolor pencil for this lesson. My new brushes will be available in August. If you want to be notified when they become available click here.

I encourage you to use what you have when you are trying loose and experimental works. It takes away the feeling that it has to be perfect. Sometimes art supplies get a little too precious and the longer we put off using them the less likely they are to ever get used. Don’t let that happen, you are worth the good supplies. Use them in good health! Happy crafting!

A Refreshing Real Time Tutorial and a 46% off Birthday Sale!

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Today we are going to paint a refreshing drink. this is one of my paintings for World Watercolor Month. The prompt was “welcome” and I love to welcome people with a beverage. Something cool in the summer or hot in the winter. What would you paint for the prompt welcome?


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Happy crafting!

Watch this if you are scared of wasting supplies!

Hi friends! How are you doing? Do you need a bit of encouragement to stop worrying and start painting? well, I hope today’s video does that for you!

If you would like a real-time tutorial of this project along with 75 others, creative prompts, and the opportunity to get feedback on your art from me you can find all of those things in Critique Club for $5 a month. Or, if you are interested in learning how to paint loose florals intuitively you might prefer my Watercolor Flower Workshop where you can learn how to paint a variety of flowers and arrange them in bouquets, wreaths, or swags. Both classes are a lot of fun!

Supplies: *You can use any watercolors, paper, and water-soluble drawing sticks you have but here are the supplies I used. Affiliate links used.

So, did it work? Are you inspired to paint? I hope so! Til next time happy crafting!