Happy Easter & Tips for detailed stamps!

Happy Easter everyone! By now most children have dived in to the baskets of chocolate booty the Easter Bunny brought, hunted for eggs and might be getting ready for church. Mine are watching Nanny McPhee, a movie the EB left them. they haven’t made it outside to egg hunt yet (which surprised me) it is kind of a cold-war of sorts on Easter morning, they all go out together and they watch each other like hawks in case someone tries to sneak out first and scope the territory LOL! The kids tried to catch the Easter Bunny on film, they put their camera on their window sill before they went to bed and pressed record but the batteries died long before the bunny showed up. (Why in my day we had to try and stay awake to see the Easter Bunny, kids today and their newfangled gadgets…)

DCF 1.0

Here is the card I sent my parents this week, we will all gather at their house today for dinner. My sister has a 3 year old who should really be into Easter this year! It will be fun to watch him run around after eggs! Easter is my favorite holiday to photograph, I love the pastel colors, new dresses and happy children (you can’t get a sour expression when they are running around in search of sweet filled eggs!)

DCF 1.0

OK, so on to the stamping tip, when you are using a very detailed stamp like this rabbit stamp by Magenta use a rubber brayer to apply ink to the stamp. It will prevent gobs and puddles of ink in the tiny detailed dots of a photo-realistic stamp. also use glossy paper (photo paper will work) because it will capture the detail perfectly. I like to lay the stamp rubber side up on my table, ink it with the brayer and press the paper to the stamp. Give it a try! Thanks for stopping by, happy Easter and til next time happy crafting!

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