Happily Hybrid!

One of my favorite things about digital stamps is how I can use them with my traditional supplies and get more bang for my buck. I used the cupcake stamp from my new Love grows here digital stamp set and the sketch from 2s4u, assorted rubber stamps and bits of wrapping paper to make this card.

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Digital Stamp: (cupcake) Lindsay's stamp Stuff, rubber stamps: Rubberstampede, SU!, Die cut: Ellison, Ribbon: Offray

I used a stamp wheel to make the design on the pink paper. The ledger paper strip is digital, the blue scallop strips is wrapping paper (I like the paper more than the gift it was wrapping!) and the postage stamp is a die cut from Ellison that I masked with a post-it and stamped, fun!

*win stamps*win stamps*win stamps*win stamps*win stamps*

On the there of recycling I am posing a challenge, make a card with a digital stamp (any company) include something recycled in it (like a clothing tag, old buttons, cardboard, etc.) and leave me a comment with a link to your card or join my What’s Digital stamping Yahoo Group and post it in the photo section and I will put your name in a drawing for your choice of a stamp set! You have until next thursday to enter, good luck!


Here is a look at the Love Grows Here digital stamp set:

9 cute digital stamps in png and jpg format!

Here is my new Sweet Stuff digital stamp set, I took 11 of my most popular stamps, and wrapped them up into this set. They are in png and jpg format to offer you the most versatility!

11 sweet digital stamps in png and jpg format for $5!

Don’t forget to use the coupon code (MG 2010) when shopping at my shop at MyGrafico so you can save 20% on your entire purchase today (Dec 31st!)

Next week the Design Team will be back from holiday with loads of inspiration (I’m excited, aren’t you?) til next time happy crafting!

Make a Photography box!

A gal from Oriental Stamp Art asked me how I photograph my cards and artwork, she was curious about the handmade setup I had. Well I thought I would share it with everyone here on my blog. To kill a couple of birds with one stone I decided to use the card I made with this weeks sketch at OSA as an example {I’m proud to say that they picked my sketch to feature this week} Here is my card photographed in my photobox:

Stamps: About Art Accents, Paper: K&Co, Other: Assorted clipart and vintage efemera, hand crochted butterfly

I use a Canon Powershot point and shoot camera, nothing fancy 🙂 The pretty stamp I used in this card is from About Art Accents. I crochted a butterfly with white cotton and chalked it to match my card. To photgraph the detail I used the macro mode button on my camera and got close to the card:

here is a close up of the stamped image and croched butterfly

Here is the box, it is made by taping 3 different sized rectangles of foamcore  together. I have a hook on one of the sides so I can photograph hanging projects like ornaments or necklaces. I just turn the box however best fits my project.

this is made from foamcore and tape

I used plain ol’ masking tape to put it together. I made this box about 3 years ago and I use it daily so as you can see it is sturdy (it’s also a bit grimy so I’ll need to make a new one soon 🙂 } it is also cheap to make, all you need is a sheet or two of white foam core and you can get that at the dollar store or wal-mart on the cheap! Other than that you need a utility or craft knife, a metal straight edge (ruler) and a roll of masking tape. cut 3 rectangles of foam core and tape them together on the back to make a 3 walled box, easy peasy!

I work in my basement so I need good constant lighting, here is my set up:

the daylight CFLs shine at a 45 degree angle towards my photobox and the shop light provides an all over light.

It was lucky for me that we have a pool table under the flourescent light, I simply put a large plastic storage tote on the table and my photobox on top of that to get it close to the light. I like to shoot my work on white most of the time but if I decide to use a background cloth I make sure I have part of the white box showing (I will crop it off later) so I can white balance it if I need to when editing. I don’t use the camera flash. usually I open my photo in Paint Shop Pro, click adjust then curves and select either levels or contrast. If it still doesn’t look right I balance it by clicking on the white eyedropper icon, then on a white spot on the photo, and black if need be.

Here is the same project shot on white:

Here is the same project shot on white. Have fun experimenting with your artwork!

I hope this helps anyone interested in taking good photos of their cards and artwork. Thanks for stopping by and till next time happy crafting!

Love is in the Air {and freebies too!}

I hope you all had a lovely holiday! Today out Christmas decorations come down and I get geared up for Valentines day, I just love the red and pink pretties around this time of year!  Here are some Valentines made with my new Love Grows digital stamp set from Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff:

Stamps: Love Grows Here set: Lindsay's Stamp Stuff

The stamps in this kit are so fun and easy to cut out too (I usually avoid fussy cutting but these were quick and easy to cut!

Stamps: Lindsay's Stamp Stuff, Die Cuts: Cricut (wild card cart)

Here is a look at the cards close up:

I used the Wild Card Cricut cart to make this fun card and envie:)
Tip: when coloring an image you plan to trim closely color outside of the lines, it's quicker and looks nicer!
I'll send this card to Mom to thank her for the wonderful Christmas goodies!

Now for the freebies! With all of the wonderful gifts I got for Christmas I need to send some Thank You cards so here is a thank you stamp to thank you for visiting mu blog, you can resize it to fit your circle punches so trimming is a breeze! I am also throwing in the little vintage labels I used on the bird card cuz I love a bit of vintage in my valentines! Click the picture to download!

Here is this weeks freebie, click to download, enjoy!

I have my Monday crew the day off so they could enjoy the holiday with their families, be sure to check back next monday as we are adding a new designer to the Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff team! Until next time Happy Crafting!

A gift bag quickie!

So, how are you going to wrap all of the little odds n’ ends and gift cards that you bought for presents this year? Don’t run to the store to buy a gift bag. make one instead like I did with the cute Warm Winter digital stamp set from Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff:

A quick box I made today, it holds a surprise for a dear friend!

This project was inspired by a project by Liz Miller that I saw in The Decorative Painter, she had 2 cute painted bags made out of watercolor paper and I knew it would be perfect to adapt to use with the Scor-Pal and my Digital stamps!

I printed the snowcouple stamp on plain paper then used graphite paper to transfer my design on watercolor paper (graphite is like carbon paper, you place it behind your image you want to trace and it leaves an imprint on whatever paper s underneath, if you don’t have any just scribble pencil lead on the back of your printed image, flip it over and trace away!) Before I transferred the design I took a 9″x11.5″ sheet of watercolor paper and scored it to make the box on my scor-pal. I score it at 2″(3″ for gussets crease), 5.5″,(6.5″ for gussets crease),7.5″, 11″ then I flipped it and scored it 2″ from each end. then I snipped long rectangle from the top and a bit from the bottom like this:

Here you can see how the box is scored and cut, be sure to paint around the snowmen 🙂

To make the template for the flap I folded a 3.5″ wide scrap of paper in half and cut a curvy shape from it and traced it to the flap area (the red scrap paper in the photo is my template.) Now that I can see where the front of my box is I transferred my stamp. Wet the paper, all except the snowman and paint with blue and mauve, sprinkle salt on the blue while the paint is wet and viola! snow! After the background is dry paint the snowcouple.

I made some faux snow by rubbing two styrofoam balls together and gluing the sprinkles to the bottom of the box. I used scor-tape to secure the box side and bottom. I used my letterpress plates on the tag.

I gave the Design team a two weeks off for the holidays so they could enjoy this time with their families. I have two new sets in the shop this week:

Valentines Day is right around the corner, get crafting with this kit!
11 of my most popular designs rolled into one set, sweet!

I can’t wait to play with the Valentine stamps! Til next time have a wonderful holiday and happy crafting!

P.S. I want a report on all the craft goodies you get under the tree:)

Gifts for Crafters

OK, todays post is not for my regular readers, it is for their husbands, boyfriends and non crafty friends. It’s 3 days before Christmas and you are wondering what to get your crafty loved one. Here is a list, print it and take it to the craft store or if you have one your locally owned independent scrapbook/stamp/craft shop.

For Paper Crafters:

The one thing almost every crafty friend I have wants (if they don’t already have it) is a Cricut Expression. This is a digital die cutting machine that sells anywhere from $200-$500. You an even find these machines at walmart as well as the big craft stores. Call around and see who has them in stock and the best price. There are 2 smaller Cricut machines that are a bit cheaper but many folks who buy the smaller one want the larger one.

If they have a cricut take a peek on their computer and see if they have software to use it with. The cool thing about software is that they can get a lot more use out of there machines. I like Sure Cuts a Lot (SCAL) software because you can call your computer fonts with it and you can convert clip art to cut with it. It is $75 and you can order it and download it from the website instantly (not going to the store on December 22 is a good thing!) they will email you the activation code that will allow you to run it instantly. This is available for PC and MAC computers;) You can use this coupon code:8665847 to save 10% of SCAL right now!

Cricut Design Studio is good if she has a bunch of cartridges because you can only cut designs from the carts you have.

If she hates computers don’t bother with the software, get her a new cartridge instead (you may want to make a list of what she has and take it to the store so you don’t get a cart she already has) again call around to see if any stores has them on sale (AC moore has them for $45 this week in store.)

Cardstock: You can’t go wrong with cardstock for card makers or scrapbookers. I love Die cuts With a View, Bazzil, and Co’ordanations brands. You can find them at most craft stores and they are good quality.

Pattern Paper: this is tricky, stick with cardstock unless you know for sure what she likes ans does not have, if she frequents a scrapbook store call the owner, tell her how much you want to spend and ask her to fill a bag, trust me, she will know what to pick:)

For Jewelry makers you can visit a bead shop and pick out some fun beads, it is hard to go wrong! If you want to wow her get a fuseworks microwave bead kiln, call around to find this. Stained glass supply shops may have them or you can order them online (but you may not be able to get it by Christmas) these kilns run $80-$130 but are totally awesome! BTW you don’t have to use the glass made by that company, I get scraps from my local stained glass supplier that are cheap, beautiful and melt just fine;) The kit comes with some glass to get you started;)

Knitters love fun novelty yarns, a ball of funky yarn can go along way as a trim or a scarf, grab a few fun skeins of yarn to fill her stocking with.

Whatever the craft your lady enjoys she is going to love whatever you choose because it is so sweet of you to take th time to shop for crafts, big hugs to you, and have a merry christmas. If your crafty friend is a guy sorry about all the “shes” and “hers”, have fun shopping ant til next time happy crafting!

Right on time!

I am actually (knock on wood) ready for Christmas. I finished my Christmas gift calendars, did a bit of cooking and knitting and a lot of online shopping and I am all set. Last week I showed you have to make a calendar (click here for instructions) and now I have the rest of the pages done. This was made easy by using my digi scrap stash and my new colored calendar page toppers (I have them in a stamp version too), I created all of the pages digitally and printed out 4 copies for the calendars, I even printed out an extra of each page for my 2009 family album, a years worth of photos scrapped in a short amount of time, it’s a good thing;)

The year at a glance, my 2010 calendar pages with 2009 photos.

Just a reminder that all of the stamp sets in my shop are buy 2, get one free.

Yep, that’s right by 2 stamp sets, get 1 free! Now here’s how it works, if you are shopping at the Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff Shophandmade store you order your two sets, when I email you your order I will ask you what stamp set you want for free, easy peasy, and you will still get a free single stamp for every $5 you spend! *Amendment to this sale, since I sell single stamps in this store I will include them in the sale as well. To keep it simple if you ordered a total of $30 worth of product from my Shophandmade store when I email you your stamps I will ask you to pick $15 woth of free product, that way you can pick what you like and keep it less confusing…I hope;)

If you are shopping at the Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff Shop at MyGrafico you order your two Lindsay’s stamp sets and when you go through the checkout you need to write the Lindsay’s stamp set you want for free in the comment box and you will get that set emailed to you separately. This special is available in my shop only so you cannot combine sets from other designers at MyGrafico to get the deal;) Let me know if you have any questions.

Now let’s see what the Junior Design team has whipped up for us today:

Kristen Hamlin

Joy Stagg

Karin Martin

Jennifer Bliss

Cheryl Gorka

Anette “Nettie” Robins

Cassandra Cushman

Thanks for stopping by, have a stress-free next few days and a wonderful Christmas! And as always happy crafting:)

Jackson’s Pollock Pretzels

My son Jackson’s teacher asked me to make a sweet treat to send into school for the Christmas party, here is what we made:

We made Pollack style pretzels for my sons class, SWEET!

The kids loved drizzling melted chocolate over the mini pretzels. When My husband saw what we made he sad “wow, that’s pollocky!” And Jackson Pollock pretzels were born (and it is extra cool cuz my son’s name is Jackson…not after Jackson Pollack though;) Here is a painting by Jackson Pollock but it is not nearly as tasty as the pretzels!

Here is how to make the pretzels, You will need: Wilton disposable decorating bags, Melt n’ Mold chocolate wafers, mini pretzels, wax paper, a pan of water on medium heat (grown-ups only please) or a microwave.

Fill a decorating bag with chocolate wafers leaving about 2″-3″ at the top empty and twist closed. Dip them in hot water for about 5 seconds at a time then smoosh the bag to melt and mix the chocolate, do this until melted. Or you can melt the wafers in the microwave (see package instructions)

Place a sheet of waxed paper on the table and dump a layer of pretzels on top.

Snip off the end f the decorating bags filled with chocolate and gently squeeze the bag as you drizzle the chocolate over the pretzels. Let cool, then peel the pretzels off the waxed paper, break them apart and store in a tin, jar, treat bag or plastic container.

If you would like to know more about Jackson Pollack visit this website, if you want to kill some time click here to paint your own pollack on the computer (just don’t let your boss catch you LOL) this is appropriate for children too.

This would be a fun art history project for children, and tasty too! Thanks for stopping by and till next time happy crafting!

A Sparkly Heart Freebie!

Hello friends 😉 I heard an awful rumor that Christmas is next week! Tell me it’s not so! LOL!  I’m wrapping up my shopping and homemade gifts this week, one of my most popular gifts is my scrapbook calendars. Here is a page from this years using my Colored Calendar Page Toppers and paper from the Winter Printables kit from Lindsay’s stamp Stuff:

All Elements: Lindsay's Stamp Stuff

Can you see I am on a red and aqua kick these days. To see the January page and learn how to make a calendar check out last Thursdays post, you can also read about the awesome sale I have happening in my stores 😉  As you can see I am gearing up for another holiday, Valentines day! These pics were taken last Valentine’s Day, doesn’t my hubby look handsome;) Here is a little freebie for you, I used both of these elements on the above page:

Oh la la! a sparkly flourish and valentine for you! Click the picture to download 😉

Now let’s see what the talented Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff DT has been up to:

Janet Rossi

Shannon Neparko

Margie Visnick

Lisa Jurecek

Erin Bailey

Tracey Allen

Melissa Craig

Tamara Bennett

Cindi Hooks

Micki Harper December Guest DT

Thanks for taking a little time away from your busy holiday schedule to visit with me today, Till next time Happy Crafting!