A Quick and Loose Watercolor Sketch

Hi friends, for today’s watercolor video I have a last gasp of summer painting. Enjoy!

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That’s it for today! I’ll post the last pastel month tutorial tomorrow on the blog but if you can’t wait it is up on YouTube now. Happy crafting!

A coastal pastel painting // Working from photos and memory

Hi friends! Last weekend we went down to the coast and I snapped a few photos while I was there. I thought they would be fun to paint. Today I’ll show you how to combine photos to make a painting and how to impart your own experiences and memories into your work.

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Thanks for stopping by and I hope you painted along! Happy crafting!

Welcome to the Pottery Playhouse! (A tour of my summer pottery shed)

Hi friends, I recently started a new hobby and I took over the kids’ old playhouse in the backyard to house my new pottery wheel and tools and contain the mess a bit while I try and figure out what I am doing. Ironically as I write this I am getting ready to move the wheel into the basement as it is getting too chilly to work with wet clay in an unheated shed. It’s great in the summer tho!

Disclaimer: I am not a professional potter (in case that’s not painfully obvious) this is a hobby and this is a tour of my pottery shed. I also make a pot in this video, my technique is lacking and I probably use too much water. As I said in the video, this is not a tutorial, it’s a vlog. For god’s sake don’t take any of this as advice for pottery, I’m just doing what works for me. Below are some pottery channels I like who know what they are talking about, follow them, not me for pottery stuff.

Now, about the pottery wheel, Vevor sent me this to try out. I don’t feel comfortable doing a review because I am not familiar with other pottery wheels (other than using a tabletop one 20 years ago and a treadle one in high school) but this feels sturdy (nothing like the pottery wheel toy my kids used to have) and I am happy with what I am making on it. Vevor is offering a discount to viewers if they want to purchase one tho. I have the 14″ pottery wheel. You can see all of the options in the Vevor store. Coupon Code: VVG5%OFF (5% OFF for all the products in VEVOR)

I hope you enjoyed this look behind the scenes at one of the things I do just for fun. Happy crafting!

I read a spooky book and painted a spooky boat!

Hi friends, I’m not sure if everyone would find a battered old boat on a foggy lake creepy but after reading The House Across the Lake by Riley Sage I do!

A real-time narrated version of this tutorial is up now in Critique Club. Enjoy 90 real-time (more complex than youtube) art lessons with 2 new ones added every month along with creative prompts and the ability to upload your artwork for feedback for me for only $5 a month! Now on to the timelapse!

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That’s all for today! Happy crafting!

It’s been a busy week, let’s catch up! Sat Chat 9/24/22

Hi freinds! Fall is here and it feels like it! The days are getting cool and crisp and the leaves are just starting to turn. I hope you have are having a nice weekend!

Stuff I mentioned:

What are you up to this week? Happy crafting!

Oil Pastel Peppers (Sneak Peek of Arrtx oil pastels)

Hi friends! Today we have an oil pastel tutorial of some peppers I picked up at the same farm stand as the flowers from earlier this week.

You can use any basic set of oil pastels for this.


Thanks so much for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

I hope you like sunflowers…

Hi friends, I bought a couple of single sunflowers at the same farm stand where I bought the bouquet I used for yesterday’s tutorial and I had to paint it!

Grab your supplies and paint along, that is, as long as you are not sick of sunflowers:)

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That’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and til next time happy crafting!

A different kind of pastel background (for a farm fresh bouquet!)

Hi friends! Pastel month continues with another fun project! I used a looser, more open technique for putting in the background so the paper shows more. It’s a loose, painterly background technique for a more casual subject.

Jason and I stopped at a farm stand over the weekend and they had lovely bouquets for sale for $5, I couldn’t resist!

You can see how I painted it in today’s video! Want more soft pastel lessons? My Soft Pastel for Beginners workshop is on sale for 50% off this month to celebrate Pastel Month! *Offer good on one-time purchases or payment plans. The offer ends on 10/1/22. Use coupon code PASTEL50 if the discount doesn’t appear automatically


Are you painting along with my pastel tutorial this month? How do you like them? Please share these free lessons with a friend who might like them, you can use the handy sharing buttons below:) thanks! I’d really appreciate it. Till next time, happy crafting!

A classic car to paint!

Hi friends! Inktober is just around the corner so I decided to try out a new travel sketching kit from Viviva and see how I like it.

I used the Inktober sketching kit. It is currently sold out but you can find the folio and other sketchbooks and paints for the kits (that are actually cheaper and the Inktober branded one) from Viviva if it looks like something you would like. Otherwise, you can use this as an idea to create a sketching kit using what you already have.

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  • Travel art kit from Viviva
  • The reference image is from the Artist’s Photo Reference Book: Reflections, Textures, and Backgrounds by Gary Green. I love this series of books and have collected them all over the years. You can get used hardcover copies on Amazon and I think they even have Kindle versions of some of them. I like the hardcover versions because I tend to get distracted online so being able to grab a book to leaf through on the deck with my art supplies is nice. Be sure to look at “more buying choices”, they can be as low as $4, and often a pricier version with “free shipping” is listed first. You can see the other books in the series here.
  • Dr Ph Martin Bleedproof white for highlights

That’s all for today! I hope you find some time to sketch today and til next time happy crafting!