Happy Easter! Let’s paint a chick and eggs!

I want to wish everyone who celebrates a happy Easter today! And happy Sunday to everyone else! If you have a quiet moment today and wish to create I hope you will try painting this easy watercolor pencil card with me:

DCF 1.0

You can follow along with the video, I will show you how to draw and paint it with your watercolor pencils. It is very easy, probably the easiest project to draw that I have shared so far!

Here are the colors I used in the Derwent watercolor line, feel free to substitute for the colors and brands you have.

DCF 1.0

Here is a close up of the painting for your reference.

DCF 1.0

Have a wonderful day and as always happy crafting!


19 thoughts on “Happy Easter! Let’s paint a chick and eggs!

  1. AMAZING dear Lindsay! Thanks so much for sharing your fantastic knowledge… I am repeating myself when I say that you are the best teacher ever! But it is the genuine truth!


  2. Thank you so much Lindsay. I was able to give this a try and I can’t draw AT ALL. Loved the video and your little chick is so cute and realistic. Just adorable. Happy Easter! (I posted my version in my gallery if you want to see a very rudimentary attempt at your creation. LOL. This is literally the second thing I’ve ever tried to do freehand. The first was an apple. 🙂


  3. I hope you had a wonderful Easter celebration with your family. My Church had an outstanding singing service called, “The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power/Jesus Is Alive”. Afterward, I was surprised with a gift from my secret prayer partner, which was a 50 piece pencil set. Now…if only I had your talent. Your chick painting is adorable. Thank you for the tutorial!


  4. That’s such a cute watercolor! I absolutely love it! And you’ve done a really great tutorial – it must be so hard drawing upside down! 🙂 And I learned a new technique – I never tried to get the color on a tip of my brush from the pencil – I have to try it now! 🙂


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