Mixed Media Fun: Markers & Pens!

Happy weekend folks! I am still tired and I honestly think someone switched my coffee to decaf this week! Do you remember those Taster’s Choice commercials from the 1980’s where you would see a shot of people in a restaurant and the announcer would come on and say “we secretly switched their coffee to Taster’s Choice Instant coffee, let’s see if anyone noticed…” We’ll that is how I felt this week. Hmm, come to think of it was it Folgers,  Taster’s Choice..or Sanka, I don’t remember. I even asked my husband if he switched my coffee because I had run out and I had him grab me a bag at Dunkin Donuts. His reply was “Why would I want that, you not having caffeine is not good for anybody.” LOL! It would be a really dirty trick on school vacation too. Anyway, I have an art journal page for you today using a quote by Oprah Winfrey:

DCF 1.0

She always comes up with great inspirational quotes! I used markers in my journal. I did not try to blend or do anything fancy, just have fun, I hope you like it! I also used homemade stencils, spray inks and masks, nothing fancy to see here folks!

Sorry about the lost train of thought when the phone rang, to finish the story a lady had emailed me about how to fix her old-style Spectrum Noir markers because she just bought them and some were dry and I told her to put 3-5 drops of denatured alcohol or blending solution in the marker and she was good to go:) Thanks to Oriental Trading Company for the Canson XL Journal and Micron pens I used today and thank YOU for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!