Let’s Paint a Robin in Watercolor!

Howdy friends! Sorry to disappoint anyone tuning in today for Ask a Crafter, I mentioned in last weeks video that I would take this week off for school vacation. The kids and I have been busy! Bowling, swimming, Easter! I could use a vacation LOL! Before we headed out to spend the day at the pool I took an artsy vacation for 20 minutes in my studio and painted a robin. It has been on the request list for a while but I thought I should wait til spring. It is an easy tutorial, I’ll even show you how to draw it:

The colors I used are: Ultramarine blue, sap green, alizarin crimson, light red (A brownish red, you can use burnt sienna with a touch of red) and yellow ocher. I used a 1″ wash and #6, #10 and #2 round but honestly you can do it all with a #6 round and a flat wash brush so don’t let a lack of supplies stop you. Even if your colors are not exactly the same as mine you will still have a lovely painting when you are done. I painted on a 140# Canson watercolor greeting card. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!