LIVE Watercolor tutorial Today // Geraniums in Watercolor!

Hi friends! Today at 12:30pm Eastern Time I will have a live painting class and you can watch it here, or if you want to chat along you can watch it on YouTube.


We will be painting a bucket of geraniums with an American flag, here is the pattern. You can use a clear or white crayon to save the white of the paper on the forget-me-not flowers and stars or use masking fluid. If you use wax don’t transfer the stars to your watercolor paper or you will trap the pencil marks on the paper.


You can watch the live show or the replay in the player below BUT if you want to ask questions as we go you will need to watch it on YouTube.

Supplies from Sponsor Jerry’s Artarama:

I hope you can make it to this live painting class. There won’t be a live class next Friday because I am teaching at the Heirloom Productions Stamp Show in West Springfield MA and I still have a couple of spots open in the second class if you want to come! Thanks for stopping by and till next time happy crafting!

A Southwestern Landscape Watercolor Tutorial & an Unfortunate Bird

Hi friends! I had several people ask me to do a landscape this week so when I saw this gorgeous photo by Terry Dekker at Paint My Photo I had to paint it!


Watch the video to see how!

Now for a bit of brutal honesty, that bird in the tree, what was I thinking? LOL! Someone said it looked like a great horned owl and I thought about saying that’s what I meant to paint but I like to keep it real. And here is another truth nugget, after I finished this painting I did not let it sit like I said I would and should, I charged in there with some payne’s grey hoping to add some better values and interest. It did not go well, it was so bad, I will chopping that one up to turn into bookmarks. Huh, I have not had a painting I felt like chopping up in a long time, I am due LOL!

Speaking of birds, the one I mentioned in the video finally few out the window! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Watercolor Painting on Yupo!

Hi friends! Today I will share tips and tricks for using Watercolor paint on Yupo paper. Yupo is a synthetic (plastic) paper that accepts many types of art media. All of the supplies I am using came in the May Smart Art box.


Yupo paper is not for everyone. I used to use it quite a bit for watercolor before I started my YouTube career. What I loved most was working in huge sheets and filling it with big beautiful washes of color. It is a very freeing medium but not for someone who want a lot of control in their work. I think it is a nice change of pace. Keep in mind it is not going to behave like typical watercolor paper. Don’t be discouraged when using it, you can always rinse it off if you are not happy with it. For that reason in might ne nice for children who tend to create a lot of art! Are you ready to give Yupo a try? Watch the video for handy tips!

Supplies from the May Smart Art Box
  • Watercolors
  • Yupo paper
  • round and flat brush
  • pencil and eraser (not included in box)
  • water buckets (not included in box)
One thing I wanted to emphasis is that Yupo is an unusual paper, you will not get the look of a traditional watercolor with it so if this kit is your first introduction to watercolor I recommend you pick up a pad of good cotton watercolor paper to try. It is about as opposite as you can get!
If you would like to receive a surprise box of art supplies to your door every month please check out our sponsor Smart Art they ship to many countries and always contain full size supplies, not samples. You can also purchase past boxes from their website if you don’t want a surprise. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


LIVE: Let’s Hear it for the “Bouys!”

lobstershackfinalHi friends! Today we are going to learn about dry-brushing and textures in the FREE live painting lesson happening at 12:30pm Eastern Time on YouTube. You can watch live or catch the replay in the player below but if you want to ask questions in chat be sure to view it on the YouTube watch page. I occasionally have some people tell me that they can’t comment in the chat live, usually it means that your browser is out of date. Chrome and internet explorer work well for me. I find I can watch and comment on my phone but I don’t see everyone elses comments. Also you need to be logged in to your YouTube account to comment (if you have left a comment on  a video in the past you have one, if not it is free and easy.) I sketched out a pattern for you to use if you like, simply print it out and trace it on your watercolor paper. there is a link to the reference photo below, I moved some buoys around and eliminated some detail.


You can watch like at 12:30pm ET in this video player!

Supplies available at our sponsor Jerry’s Artarama:
Turner Watercolors (or whatever brand you like)
Colors: Ultramarine, phthalo blue, Turquoise, Gamboge, Perm Yellow, Yellow ochre, Burnt sienna, pyrrole red

Ebony Splendor brushes (or a variety of your favorite synthetic watercolor/acrylic brushes)

Fabriano Artistico Watercolor Block 9″x12″ CP 140#

Note, you can get the brushes and watercolor block I used and LUKAS 1862 watercolors in this money-saving kit with collapsible water bucket and travel bag:  The set I showed is Item # 59146A but they have lots of value kits to pick from!

Reference photo by Linda Willason at Paint my Photo


This was the color study I did this morning to prepare for the full shack painting. I will try to keep the lesson to an hour but we might go long due to the complexity of this one. Don’t worry, the replay will be available in case you can’t do the painting all in one sitting, I totally get that! I hope to see you live at 12:30! Til then happy crafting!

Paint this Cute Cow! {In B&W or COLOR!)

Hi friends! When I was little I had 4 pet cows. I vividly remember going out to visit them one day and toppling into their water trough which was as big as (and for all I know could have been) a bathtub! My mother was always worried that I would get trampled by the cows and one cow had a temper so before I was too old they moved over to my grandfathers dairy farm. That was fine because his cows grazed in the big pasture between our houses so I could see cows whenever I wanted. I no longer drink milk but when I was a kid every night my grandfather would drop off the newspaper and 2 glass jugs of fresh milk (with two inches of cream on top that my dad used in his coffee and shredded wheat in the morning.) I was never a farmer but I loved seeing the cows and also helping myself to musk-melons and strawberries that my grandparents grew. My sister now lives next to my grandparents old house and she even keeps my grandmothers flower gardens growing and the old rhubarb patch is still there for my occasional raiding LOL!


Today I thought I would return to my roots and draw a cow. The first part of the tutorial is completely black and white using the supplies in the April Smart Art Box. They still have some boxes available if you want one. The thing I like about the Smart Art Box is that it has everything you need to complete a project and get a strong foundation in an art form without being overwhelming. Here is my drawing using only the supplies in the kit:


In today’s video I will take you through he drawing and then at the end show you how to add mixed media touches to colorize your drawing if you wish.


Having the strong grayscale painting really makes adding color a snap. I love the versatility of the micron pens too because I can use them under water based and alcohol based media with no smearing!

In the first part of this tutorial I am using supplies from the April Smart Art Box:

  • 7 Sakura Micron Pens
  • 6″x8″ Strathmore mixed media pad
  • Alvin draft line pencil (0.5mm)
  • 3 Touch Five Twin tipped markers
  • Creative Mark eraser
  • Addition supplies I used for the mixed media bonus at the end of the video: pastel pencils, watercolors
  • Reference photo by Debra Underwood at Paint my Photo

Watch the demo for the full instruction. I love how the Micron pens are permanent under alcohol markers and watercolor. This painting took 30 minutes in real-time to create:) So, which is your favorite? The black and white or the color version? Let me know in the comments!


If you would like to order this box or sign up for a Smart Art subscription please visit our sponsor Smart Art Box. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


LIVE Today 12:30pm ET Hydrus Watercolor Demo!

Hi Friends! Today we will play with Dr. PH Martin’s Hydrus Watercolors live at 12:30pm Eastern Time. These liquid watercolors have been the topic of many questions and requests from the community so I decided I better get my hands on some!

Update! Here is the painting we did on the live stream, you can watch the reply in the player below:)



I think I will demo painting glass bottles with them (Just don’t tell my co-host Sarah, she is still traumatized by our last watercolor bottle project LOL!) I saw this image by Kathy Throop over at Paint my Photo and thought it would be wonderful to render in liquid watercolors. Just don’t tell Sarah, I really need her to help me with the live shows so I can answer all of your awesome questions as I paint so be sure to watch on the YouTube watch page if you want to hang out and chat with us live!

This LIVE broadcast is sponsored by Jerry’s Artarama!

****For more info on Hydrus Fine Art Watercolors or other Dr. PH Martin Products, including printable color charts please visit their website.

I will be doing reviews of all the Dr PH Martin products soon but I want to play with them a bit to see what makes them different from what is already out there. I also want to let you know that I am teaching a class on Dr PH Martin Bombay India Ink as part of the year long Wanderlust 2016 mixed media class. The class features 50 classes and 26 prominent mixed media teachers throughout the year for the low price of £99.00 (approx $138 USD / €125 Euros) and you can access the classes you missed if you are just joining now. The class is only on sale until July 2016 and you can watch any of the 50 lessons on line through June 2017 BUT all lessons can be downloaded and kept forever if you like:) Each month goes in-depth with a new media and 4 classes showing you the ins and outs of the product and inspiring projects on how to use it. You can find out more about wanderlust 2016 here. Happy Crafting!

Another Epic Crash!

Hi friends! Have you ever heard of the book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day? Well, substitute Alexander for Lindsay and that was yesterday in a nutshell. I had so much computer work to do yesterday that I didn’t get down to my studio until after 2pm and there was an epic flood! The sump pump stopped working and there were inches of water on the floor. Luckily I just did a pretty thorough cleaning 2 weeks ago so it was not that bad, and I keep everything valuable off the floor just in case. I did leave a bolt of fabric leaning up against a shelf and that wicked up the water pretty good but other than that I had wet socks and mild irritation to deal with. I got the pump working and the cellar draining and I started to film, when another event took place.  I like to make use of all of the vertical space I can so stuff is stacked to the celling. I was cranking an embossing folder through my die cut machine and the wiggling of the machine sent a stack of boxes tumbling on top of me, luckily they were filled with sponge brushes and crochet snowflakes but something heavy hit my hand and I am typing with a bruised pinky finger. The agony. One of the boxes knocked over and broke the bulb in my tabletop filming light too. So after I finish this blog post I will go down and deal with glass shards and any puddles that did not drain on their own. This little ordeal reminds me of the epic crash of last week when the “super rugged shelf I found on the side of the road” gave up the ghost and came off the wall taking dozens of canvasses and pan pastels with it. Luckily only one pan pastel was injured and today I will show you how to fix it!


Tip, if you want a prettier surface on the pastel then lay a piece of cheesecloth on the pan of wet pastel and use a smaller jar to tamp it down so it looks nice like the others. It will still work fine either way. I did not want to waste any pastel that might stick to the cloth, and I did not have any right on hand so this was fine for non-picky me.

These recent events have had me rethinking my craft-hoarding tendencies AND my carpentry skills. It’s kinda like the universe is trying to tell me something…

What do you think? Are you a craft hoarder or do you only keep the bare minimum of supplies around? My problem seems to come from the found objects and packaging I save to upcycle into cool awesome stuff. What is your crafting weakness? Let me know in the comments below, let’s support each other and our wonderful craft hording tendencies LOL! Wait, maybe not hahaha:) Until the next epic crash, happy crafting!



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