Feeling rusty? You won’t after this!

Hi friends! Last weekend I posted a painting of a section of rusty chain link fence on my Instagram and several people asked for a tutorial.

So that is what I have for you today! Grab your supplies and paint along. You can pause or rewind whenever you need to. This is designed to be a paint with me lesson. Enjoy!

I have another rusty painting here. Want more lessons? I have in-depth classes in my online school.

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That’s all for today! I am planning to do a live flip through of all of my 31 world watercolor month paintings tomorrow at noon eastern time on YouTube if you are around. Otherwise there will be a relpay available. Just wanted to give you the heads up. Happy crafting!

Have You Ever Wondered What These Glass Things Are?

Hi friends! I kept seeing these glass globes in antiques shops and import shops I I wondered what they were. I knew they must be nautical but I didn’t know exactly what they were or how they were used.

It turns out that Japanese fishermen used to use them to keep the top edges of their nets afloat in the ocean and then they would cut them free after they pulled in their catch so they would wash up on shore for beach combers to find. You can see me paint this and learn more facts about Japanese fishing floats in today’s video! If you would like a real time narrated tutorial of this project you can find it in Critique Club.

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I hope you enjoyed this project! I love nautical themes, and painting glass so this ticks all the boxes for me LOL! Happy crafting!

Refreshing Watercolor Class (FREE)

Hi friends! This was one of my world watercolor paintings and I painted it live on Youtube!

Here is a replay of that free long lesson. Please skip past the first couple awkward minutes of me getting the stream set up LOL!

If you like this you might also like my Watercolor Glass Class!

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I hope you have a great week and til next time happy crafting!

Sweet Cat Watercolor Tutorial

Hi friends! Today I have a fun tutorial of a sleeping kitten.

Watch the video to see how!

All of the supplies are from this inexpensive pagos watercolor kit. (affiliate link) and here is the reference photo.

I hope you enjoy the project. I am keeping this post short as I had my 2nd covid vaccine yesterday and I am totally wiped out today! I did manage to film a sat chat though so that will be up on YouTube tomorrow:) Have a great weekend! Happy crafting!

NEW Derwent Pastel Watercolor Review

Hi friends, today we are taking a look at the new Derwent pastel watercolor pan paint set of 12. You can find it on the Derwent website as well as a download of the color swatch with lightfast info and on Amazon USA. (affiliate link) This product sold out shortly after my review went live on YouTube but it is a new product and I’m sure it will be restocked soon. You can take this as an opportunity to decide if this is something that would add to the supplies you already have.

*This product was sent to me for review.


  • Nice color selection (thought I would like a brown in place of one of the greys)
  • Color layer well
  • Smooth
  • not chalky
  • Good quality small waterbrush included
  • Price $25
  • Good lightfastness for pastel shades


  • I wish there was a brown in place of one of the greys and a cleaner warm green instead of the drab kakhi green.

Bottom line: I prefer this pastel set to the other pastel watercolors I own. They lay down well, layer and are not chalky. I wouldn’t recommend it as a stand-alone set but it is a great addition to other traditional watercolors.

I will have a tutorial for the macarons next week! Happy crafting!

Inspired by Garbage

Hi friends! I was going to toss these eggshells out after making my daughter a sandwich but I thought they were to pretty to discard. So I rinsed them and set them on a paper towel to dry and that is where this still life came from.

A simple monochrome subject is an excellent thing to practice because you really have to look for the subtle changes in line and value so it doesn’t look invisible. You can find a real time version of this tutorial on Critique Club or enjoy the time-lapse below!

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I hope you are having a great week! Happy crafting!

Smoke on the Water…

Let’s paint this misty lake!

If you ever wondered what in heck to use pastel watercolors for this tutorial will give you some ideas!

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If you would like to learn more about watercolor landscape painting check out my watercolor landscape class!

Happy crafting!