An art journal flip through, a new tripod and other bargains….

Good evening friends! Another crazy school vacation day! I love having fun things planned but whoa, this week is running me ragged! In between dropping off and picking up I stopped into my local Goodwill. I am a contradiction, I have had the urge to purge clutter from my house so usually my trips are dropping off but today I went inside…and you know how good I am resisting a bargain…not! Well, they had a couple of tripods for sale. Both were missing the “hot foot” adapter but that was OK because what I was looking for was one with a screw on the bottom of the center pole to attach a camera to. The price was $5 but I noticed that there was a broken part on it and with the missing adapter I asked if they could do better on the price and I got it for $2! Check it out:

So, really, I could have done this with my other tripod but this one is sturdier so hopefully it was not $2 wasted…anyway I would not have thought of this without the new adapter. I found other goodies that I didn’t need but bought anyway (I clearly need my head examined) I got a nice baseball mitt for $4, a Cricut cartridge for $2, an LL Bean backpack for $3 and brand package new hefty freezer containers for $3 that will be handy with the garden I plan on growing this summer and the bounty of veggies I plan to freeze…or freezer jam. I do make good jam.  At least I didn’t buy the 3 pack of full size wooden hockey sticks that were bargain price of $3, I’m crazy but not that crazy! 😀  Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!