Let’s Paint a Robin in Watercolor!

Howdy friends! Sorry to disappoint anyone tuning in today for Ask a Crafter, I mentioned in last weeks video that I would take this week off for school vacation. The kids and I have been busy! Bowling, swimming, Easter! I could use a vacation LOL! Before we headed out to spend the day at the pool I took an artsy vacation for 20 minutes in my studio and painted a robin. It has been on the request list for a while but I thought I should wait til spring. It is an easy tutorial, I’ll even show you how to draw it:

The colors I used are: Ultramarine blue, sap green, alizarin crimson, light red (A brownish red, you can use burnt sienna with a touch of red) and yellow ocher. I used a 1″ wash and #6, #10 and #2 round but honestly you can do it all with a #6 round and a flat wash brush so don’t let a lack of supplies stop you. Even if your colors are not exactly the same as mine you will still have a lovely painting when you are done. I painted on a 140# Canson watercolor greeting card. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


23 thoughts on “Let’s Paint a Robin in Watercolor!

  1. Love your watercolor tutorials!
    I got my bow jig today & guess what I’ve been doing for the past hour? Please tell your hubs that it’s gorgeous & I love it.
    My question for the next AAC is- what is the best way to clean a versamark pad? Mine is shamefully disgusting! Thanks so much Lindsay!


    1. En esta pagina Web abajo de los lapices de colores, a la derecha en el rincon donde dice “search” escriba “watercolor pencils”. Buenas tardes.

      Lindsey – Just coming out of lurkdom for this lady She would like to know if you have tutorials for watercolor pencils, so I have instructed her on how to search. Love everything you do. Clearly your fans span the globe. Thanks for all the great tutorials.


  2. Hello! What kind of canvass did you use for painting the’ blue skies and birch tree’? 🙂 and also as well for the “watercolor sunset”. 🙂


        1. no, i clip it to foamcore while painting because it is a folded card but if it is single layer you don’t need too, it does help it from warping though and it you are going to get the painting really wet you should tape it down while you are working.


    1. I am using watercolor paper but you need to prime canvas if it does not come primed because it makes the paint flow smoothly rather than get absorbed into the fabric. Oil paint will rot unprimed canvas as well.


  3. I just love watching your videos…they are so inspiring! I am going to try to watercolor the robin…thanks for sharing your talent!!


  4. I just received my bow jig and I absolutely love everything about it. It’s beautiful and I will be making all my cards with bows now. Let your husband know he did a wonderful job, and it’s also so beautiful and … it smells nice! I just love the smell of painted and varnished wood, so I’m a little odd. =) Thank you so much!


  5. I love it when you demo watercolors! (and watercolor pencils) that’s a medium that I’ve been tentative on trying…you make it look so easy! I ‘d love to see you do a mother’s day card front with flowers, especially hydrandgeas! :0)


  6. Beautiful Linday. I have to tell ya. Those paint droplets were not my cup of tea before, but now, I actually love them on a card. Do ya think your style has grown on me LOL?? Beautiful.


  7. Loved your Robin, looks so easy when you do it….I have a question about water color paints. You told me awhile back that the tubes of paint I have would crack and to add some Glycerine in them. I finally received my Glycerine but don’t know how much to how much paint…
    If I put a small circle of paint out would I use the same amount of Glycerine…
    Thanks, love your wonderful videos..


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