Bring on the Bows!

Hi friends! Today I will show you how to make a Bow-Tie Necklace:


You can even use this technique to make bows to put on barrettes and headbands too! Watch the video to see how.



1. Cut a 7″ and 2″ piece of gold ribbon. Glue the 7″ ribbon into a loop (right side out.)
2. Glue the edges of the short piece to the back. this will be the center for the bow.
3. Flatten and accordion fold the looped ribbon, then place it on the center strip.
4. Glue the strip around the pleated bow.
5. Cut 25″ of black chiffon ribbon and glue to the inside of the bow loops to make a necklace cord.

Thanks to Offray for sponsoring this post and til next time happy crafting!


8 Responses

  1. Very Cute. This would be a great Bowtie for Derby Day. Thanks!


  2. Totally adorable!!!! I can see myself making bows for my great niece with this tutorial!!! Thank You!


  3. You come up with some of the cutest, simplest ideas! They make me smile and spending a little time everyday watching one of your videos ensures I will smile daily no matter what else may be happening. God Bless you, woman! Now, do you purchase your ribbon straight from or Offray ribbon from a big box store like JoAnn’s or Hobby Lobby? Which would be more frugal?


    • it depends on how much you need, the craft stores sell the ribbon in shorter spools or by the yard and from you get the larger spools like what the craft stores sells by the yard. They have Sooooooo much stuff on the website so it might be overwhelming unless you know what you want. But if you are doing a large project or a wedding/party go to the website so you can get the amount of what you want for less per yard.


  4. Reblogged this on fashionornaments and commented:
    Yeah! I had a good look at your video and I wanted to watch on and on, I find it really interesting. I like the video you upload! Thx!! Will try to make a similar one with jewelry making supplies. :)


  5. Pretty clever!


  6. Too adorable for words!


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