Funky Water-drop Background Technique! {Quick & Easy!}

Hi friends! Here is a quick and fun technique to use as backgrounds on your cards. All you need are watercolor markers and water! Have fun & watch the video to see how it is done:


Happy crafting!


16 Responses

  1. Wow I like. What if you stamped something on top like a butterfly or flower and cut if out. You could do you colors so they would work with that. Have a good week Lindsay!!!


  2. I know you make your own spray inks. Is the recipe you used the one you have that says Lindsay’s resist spray recipe, or if not, can you send the recipe you used for this video. I LOVE this technique.


  3. This is a great technique. It is always a surprise how it will turn out. I have sprinkled rock salt on the wet paint and get a similar effect. Thanks for the time you take to get us all rocking with paint!


  4. loved it now I don’t have to use up all ranger inks I can get the same effect with water. Thumbs up for sure


  5. Love it, you always inspire me Lindsay!


    • I love doing this technique with children. Once they have mellowed out… 😉 , I could punch out flowers from my Big Shot, for them to do another simple “chill out” activity, making a card. Thanks, my Maine friend!


  6. How FUN!!!! Will certainly play a bit with this technique! Thanks so much Lindsey!!!
    Paper Hugs,


  7. I love this papers and will certainly try it out.
    Think it´s great for “watercolor-scrap-art” that i´ve shown on my blog…
    Thank you for this inspiration Lindsay!


  8. This is my first quickie with you!! Love watching your videos and was surprised at how quick this one is!! Thanks for sharing this great tip!


  9. Love this technique…and it does look like super fun…thanks for sharing…


  10. Cool backgrounds Lindsay.


  11. Lindsey….I tried this with my Tombow markers without luck. So, I guess those are not the right ones? Or maybe my watercolor paper wasn’t the right kind? Any ideas? The water didn’t really do much except on the area with the blue marker.


  12. It looks cool!


  13. I do this a lot, Lindsay! I’ve not done it with a brush (that’s really cool) but I flick water onto it with my fingers. It’s lovely to hold it up and let it run, too! I’ve done it with my Dylusions spray inks and also with blended distress inks. Have you tried spritzing the whole thing with water, and then scattering coarse sea salt on, and letting it dry? That’s an awesome effect – I think I’m an addict!



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