Slow Internet + Sick Kid = No Project Tonight {So you get a haul video!}

Hi friends!¬†I’ve got nothing for you tonight, a project I should have knocked out in an hour took all day and the internet (which I pay though the nose for) is incredibly slow tonight (both uploading and downloading so I am not sure what’s up, even if I did know I wouldn’t because I don’t really understand the magical airwaves that carry the bits and bites from my house to yours) so I’ll share this haul video I filmed on a more productive day last week.



Not too shabby eh, you keen viewers can probably tell I filmed that before the tulip and painting party videos. Sorry for being so nonlinear and out of context but that is how I am feeling this week…nonlinear¬†and out of context. I have a lot to get done this week, I am kinda stressing so if I am not super quick to answer facebook and youtube comments that will be why. Just catching up on work before the kids have spring break. I really want to be caught up so I can chill out with the kids on their vacation next week. Bear with me if I am flakier than usual:) Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!