Ask A crafter S3:E27 Dealing with “thumbs down” and the frugal tip that wasn’t…

Hi friends! Tonight the gals and I are tackling the thought-provoking issue of the “thumbs down/dislike” button. OK, not that thought-provoking, we are kinda laughing at how ridiculous it is, you can’t please everyone right? I’m not sure what we will do for next weeks show, we have all been so busy and Lorraine will be out-of-town on crafty business…ohhh, we can say she is away on assignment (I want that assignment!) so you will likely have Kathy and I or just me, or maybe we will take the week off.  We will have to see how the week plays out. Anyway we are here in full force for ya tonight!

Video! (email subscribers can imagine the 3 adorable awesome hosts looking surprisingly like we did last week)

OK, I need to print a retraction (that sound official huh?) I want to take back some advice we gave last week, I think it was last week, everything just runs together when we pretape episodes, but we had a question about using long dies on standard cutting pads. I don’t have any long dies but the gals had cut long dies with their standard pads by cutting the die halfway, flipping it around and cutting the other way with no problem. I did not think to ask if they were thick or thin dies, it did not occur to me but a viewer very politely informed me that she tried this with a long, thin Tim Holtz die and it cracked so I want to urge you not to try this at home AND urge you to use caution when trying any of my frugal (not what the tools were intended for) stunts. This kind viewer did not want the same fate for anyone else and she said it is actually more frugal to get the long platform and plates because you can cut many dies at once and save time. And you will not risk ruining your dies. So, I ask you viewers for advice. If you are cutting long dies with short pads how are you doing it? What kind of dies are you using? Let me know in the comments!

To recap:

  1. The haters gonna hate.
  2. Don’t cut long dies on short pads.
  3. Video thumbnails are still not showing up for email subscribers, boo.

I hope you are having a fabulous evening! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!