I need more markers like a hole in the head…

Hi friends, let me tell you about the markers I just got! (collective groan) OK I have a lot of markers, they’re like potato chips, you can’t have just one. These markers are unique. They are liquid chalk markers by CraftyCroc. They wash right off non-porous surfaces with a wet rag but they hold tight to painted surfaces (I used them in a children’s craft class to decorate the trinket boxes I shared on the blog yesterday.) They are juicy and vibrant and have reversible nibs (bullet and chisel) and I am having a ball with them, in fact I used them on the tile of a scrapbook page I hope to share this weekend. And, I think they might just be my perfect white ink; matte, opaque and quick drying. I have had trouble with white inkpads not drying and needing to be heat set. In these cards I used the white marker to ink up a stamp and stamp with it. I love the look:


I’m sure you want to see these in action so watch the video!

I was hit with the urge to doodle as soon as I saw the bold neon colors on black paper. Now that’s a marker! The best value if the 10 color pack of markers but if you only need white they also offer a 4 pack. The labels are available in packs of 64 in a  fancy and plain rectangle design. If you write on the label and change your mind you can wipe off the marker with a wet rag after it is dry, great for re-labeling containers.


I love it when I find a unique product that does not duplicate items I already own. I can think of many ways to use these but do not use them on painted chalkboards (you know, DIY chalkboard made with chalkboard paint) because it will not come off completely) but go ahead on glass, metal and plastic. Sometimes we will right messages on out oven door (like “toxic” if I have been baking, and doodle on a skull and crossbones or bio-hazard symbol LOL!)

The marker package says that it is artist quality but I think they are just plain fun and playful and I hope you give them a try. What would YOU write on with these? I want to thank CraftyCroc for sponsoring this video and thank you for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

15 thoughts on “I need more markers like a hole in the head…

  1. Hi, I started painting about 7 months or so ago and my 1st watercolor-ever-was your birch tree with the mountains in the background-EVERYONE loved it, ok enough chit chat. I bought, on your recommendation, the spectrum aqua markers and 6 of them had no ink on the thin fine end!!! 6! Yes I kept them flat as you said, Very disappointed and I ordered the nature- no white, black, red, are these colors not found in every aspect of nature?. I’m sorry I rambled-You are my go to girl for my watercolors-I need a lesson on how you do the brush strokes-like the acrylic tulips-LOVE it but I can’t achieve the softness and roundness of your strokes! and I want to!! Awesome work, keep em comin’, Mo (PS: I’m going to be 63 in a couple of weeks, never painted before in all those years. 🙂


    1. Hi Maureen, did you order them from Hallmark Scrapbook? They will replace them I am sure as should any company you purchased from. The spectrum colors do not duplicate colors between sets so the red and black were probably in another color family. I’m so happy you are enjoying painting!


  2. Have never tried chalk markers before, have tried chalk ink pads.
    Thanks Lindsay for sharing these markers, lovely colors.
    I’ve lots of markers too 😉


  3. I was quite interested in the CraftyCroc 4 White Liquid narkers so clicked your link to Amazon US and they are $13.99- not too bad, so I looked up on UK Amazon and found the unbelievable price of £44.77- approx $66.99. Don’t think I will be buying them just yet:)


  4. My goodness, those pens are nice and bright. What fun, and I bet every school teacher that sees them will want to own a set.


  5. Lindsay, will the ink work on photos? I’d like to use them to stamp small sayings on photos, or even doodle on photos. Thanks!


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