What would YOU put in these?

Hi friends! I love these cute little kraft jewelry boxes from Papermart, they are even more cute when you paint them and add beads!


Watch the video to see how easy it is to make them!


I love that you can use your scraps to decorate these boxes and plastic beads are an inexpensive embellishment. These are great to make with kids too because it is a fast project that they can complete before they are bored and it makes a wonderful gift box that they can put a treasure in.


Kraft boxes
Acrylic Paint & brushes
Plastic beads
Chalk marker: CraftyCroc
Hot Glue
Craft glue or Mod-Podge
Scrapbook paper scraps
Wax paper (to protect your table when painting)

1. Take fluff out and paint the boxes. Let dry.
2. Glue 4 beads to the bottom of the box to make feet.
3. Glue pretty paper to the lids of the box.
4. Glue large bead to the top of the box.
5. Decorate edges of box with marker.

If these boxes are too tiny for your liking don’t worry, they come in many sizes and are all a great value. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!



6 Responses

  1. I LOVE it. They are so darn cute and easy to do. Thanks for the great idea.


  2. Would be a great tooth fairy box.

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  3. Great for custom designing a gift box. I make my own boxes too!


  4. LOL. This reminded me that my 4 yr old grandson shared some tiny little rocks that he says have gold in them. Grammy went right in and pulled them out of my zipped up special pocket that they were in (thank you Lindsay before they hit the wash), made a special little package for them in a special little box forever! Hugs

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  5. These are so cute! I would put the little pieces of paper that my grandson seems to think are precious into them!


  6. I would put the little gifts my godchild give me.


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