WOYWW: Ask A Crafter {week 3!}

Hellooooo friends! It Wednesday so that means it’s time for What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday over at the Stamping Ground. My desk, well, this is how it looked at 11pm last night when I closed up shop. I am in the middle of illustrating a children’s book.  I am hoping to have everything wrapped up this week and off to the publisher soon. I can’t wait to share some of the illustrations with you but for now here is the desk littered with my drafting tools and watercolor pencils and a mirror. Oh don’t forget the wine glass, I was working late last night, The beauty of being self-employed, don’t judge.

DCF 1.0

Also since it is Wednesday it is time for another episode (I’d say installment but episode is more me…look, there’s Lindsay having an episode LOL, see it fits!) of Ask a Crafter. I had another epic 3 pages of questions submitted by blog readers and YouTube viewers and I got to them all without my camera running out of juice. I’m golden this week I tell ya!

So, if YOU have a question just leave a comment and I will answer it on next weeks Ask a Crafter segment! If you want to see more crafty desks check out WOYWW at the Stamping Ground. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!