WOYWW & Ask a Crafter Week 6!

Hi Folks! It’s Wednesday and time for your weekly glimpse into my creative space. The fact that I have been able to create anything in here is a miracle! You know how when you have one home improvement project going the rest of the house goes downhill fast? Well, case in point, my studio! I have been ripping up my old kitchen tiles and trying the save the floor underneath and I must say I have never been so discouraged with a project! At lease once a day I have to escape to my craft fortress of solitude and make something however I have not been so inspired to clean up after myself. Today I will by golly, I will! So, what that huge disclaimer here is my What’s on you Workdesk Wednesday photo:


BTW, after seeing all of the cool Gelli plate art on fellow WOYWWers desks I had a go at making my own and I made one and it works like a dream, recipe here if you are interested. You’re welcome.

And because it is Wednesday it is time for Ask a Crafter! Oh joy, how lucky for you, 3 pages of questions, 40 minutes of video, I suggest you just press play, crank the volume and go about doing chores or crafting, while you listen…nothing to see here folks LOL!

That’s it for me today. If you want to see other crafty desks head over to Julia’s blog for the complete list of WOYWW players! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!