Save Money, Cut Your Own Picture Mats!

Happy Monday Folks! Just a quick reminder that today is the last day to enter to win a free stamp from About Art Accents, you just need to leave a comment on last Tuesday’s post for a chance to win and I will pick a name tomorrow! Now on to today’s tutorial! Have you ever purchased a mat for a picture at a craft store and wish you could have had a more custom size or paid a framer an ungodly amount to cut one custom for you? If so watch my 5 minute video to see how easy it is to cut your own picture frame mats:

All you need is mat board, it comes in 20″x32″ or 32″x40 sheets, you can buy it at a art/craft sore or order in online and save a couple of bucks per sheet. A Logan 2000 push style cutter (about $20, buy a pack of blades while you are at it), a craft knife for strait cuts, a metal yard stick ($2 at the hardware store),a pencil and a scrap of cardboard to cut on.

The best thing about cutting your own mats is that you get just the size you want. Also you can cut smaller mats from the scraps! If you are selling your paintings or photographs or storing them for a long tome you can slip them into clear acid free bags like I did here, then they go right into my print rack for art/craft fair sales. cha-ching!

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Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!