Sew a 10 minute Skirt {and accessories!) Crafty Video!

Howdy folks! I was going to wait until tomorrow to post this but I thought you just might feel the need to sew after watching me make a skirt in 10 minutes, actually it takes less time if you get right to it! You need 1 yard of fabric for this project. I got the idea from the Grosgrain Fabulous blog, and it is, well, fabulous! I was so excited that I wore my new skirt to a baseball game Thursday night (and practically  froze my behiney off!) but darn it I looked cute! I’m going to pick up a couple more yards of fabric and elastic when I am in town today because I see many more 10 minutes skirts in my future!

DCF 1.0

The important thing to remember when you buy your material is to make sure the salvage (finished) edges look good and the pattern extended all the way to the edge, that way you won’t have to hem this puppy! Here is the video to show you how to make this easy and I daresay cute skirt!

And because I know you want to be extra fabulous here is how to make some cool hair goodies:

Fun huh? So now you see why I didn’t make you wait, you will want to sew something new to wear today right? Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

DCF 1.0