A New Camera & Watercolor Wash 3 Ways!

Howdy folks! I thought you might be tired of the non zooming out of focus videos I have been sharing since I dropped my good video camera so yesterday I bit the bullet and bought a new one. I agonized over the choices, decided on one, but was still hesitant to buy thinking maybe shooting video on my daughters point & shoot cyber-shot was OK, and it was OK but not really what I wanted (plus, hello, I certainly did not want to drop HER camera!) So I decided to go with a Samsung H90, it had everything I wanted (and stuff I didn’t know I wanted until I read about it LOL!) and it was what I wanted to spend (about $150) and I am pleased as punch with it. Here is a still picture I took with it:

Examples of Open Drip, Wet in wet and controlled wash.

Examples of Open Drip, Wet in wet and controlled wash.

And here is the video, testing out the camera and showing how to do watercolor washes, 2 birds, one stone;)

I didn’t edit the video, I uploaded it straight to you tube using the intelli-studio software that came with it. You can edit with the software too but I wanted to see what the raw video looked like, good enough for me! BTW I took it to my sons Little League game last night (he pitched the entire game-a shutout!!!) and I could zoom right in and get a great shot of him pitching, the camera has 52x optical zoom! Not bad for $136 including sales tax! The camera also happens to be on sale until tomorrow at Best Buy and my store had a promotion that let me save $20 more so I am one happy videographer! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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