DIY Painted Brads Video Tutorial!

How’d you like some fancy brads?


Neat huh? I got some brass brads from Staples Office Supply (they come in two sizes) and I painted them with colored nail polish, then stamped on with my new Salon Express fingernail stamping kit I bought at Rite-Aid this week (it’s with the “as seen on TV” stuff), it’s really fun and easy, check it out:

Here is the card I made in the video. I used the shaped card that came in my new SVG set Chevron Chic from Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff, BTW everything is 40% off through Friday so snag them while they are on sale!


And here the brads close up:


Thanks for stopping by! Don’t forget the 40% off sale at Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff goes through Friday! Til next time happy crafting!

11 thoughts on “DIY Painted Brads Video Tutorial!

  1. I Loved watching this video & also learning so much from you.
    We do not have a Rite Aid near us but I will see if CVS
    carries this.


  2. Thanks for sharing the secret of your fabulous brads, Lindsay. They’re so cool and the options are only limited by a persons nail polish colors. Now I’m wondering where the closest Rite-Aid is. lol I’ll have to Google it.

    Your card is beautiful! I love the chevron shape from your new set.


  3. What a fantastic idea! I am definitely going to get that kit…for both my nails and my brads! I’m thinking of all kinds of things to use it on….charms, buttons, home decorating projects….Thank you so much for sharing this video!


  4. superb idea Lindsay doing some email catch up here.. waay back when was away!!..
    I guess we have such things here ie nail stamps but not sure where?? they certainly are cool. thanks for sharing and even the plain polish looks really cook great tips! ta, Shaz in Oz.x


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