They like me, they REALLY like me!

I’m having a Sally Field moment today! I won the video tip grand prize at My Craft Channel! They had a contest for viewers to send in a tip that was less than 1 minute and 30 seconds. That was a real toughie for me since I like to jibber-jabber:) I used up every last second! Here’s my quick tip:

Now, here is the awesome prize package I will get:

 6 Tickets to a Scrapbook Expo Event for you and your friends (you pick the location)

Year Subscription Scrapbook Trends, Cards or Cricut Magazine (you choose)
Xyron Creatopia Bundle (over $200 value)


Time to start stalking the postman LOL! So what magazine should I pick, I think I will go with Cards or Scrapbook Trends. 😀

Thanks for stopping by and sharing my happy news (it is an honor just to be nominated…) and til next time happy crafting!

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