Save those buttons, buy some gluesticks, and make your own envelope glue!

What an intro, eh? With back to school time upon us I found myself weeding out my kids clothes to make room for new school cloths and pass along stuff that is too small (and also get rid of the worn and stained stuff!) I was tossing some pants and shirts in the “rag bag” when I noticed the cute buttons on them, so I did what any frugal gal would do, I grabbed my seam ripper and cut them off to scrap with later! Pockets are also great free embellishment to take from clothes destined for the rag pile. How cute would a corduroy pocket be on a scrapbook page..very my friend, very.

So then I went off to target and what did I see? Glue sticks and crayons galore for 20 cents a pack! Stock up now cuz in a month they will be a buck again. I have 3 kids under the age of 6 and they go through the glue sticks! I but a ton this time every year and I could always use more. This year I ran out in March, glue stick rationing…it’s not pretty!

Another way to save $$, use up extra supplies and be ultra creative is to make your own envelopes! I love the “Rip and Flip” fold a lope templates from Green Sneakers because you can make an envelope in seconds with no cutting and you can use up all of those stacks of paper that seemed like a good idea at the time. If you don’t want to by a template check out these sites for free envelope templates: Mirkwood Designs, Craft at home, and a DIY Network article. I make up a batch of envelopes while sitting in front of the TV so I don’t feel completely useless. And now for the glue.

Envelope Glue Recipe: Mix equal parts Elmer’s glue and vinegar together. Brush on envelope flap and let dry. When you are ready to use just lick and stick! Great for kid’s stickers too!

Have fun!

5 thoughts on “Save those buttons, buy some gluesticks, and make your own envelope glue!

  1. BRILLIANT! Oh! And I guess I didn’t know you had 3 kids…unless I forgot! lol SORRY! Thanks for the comments on my blog as always…I’ll check out your links for the award!!! Cool!


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