Make an Embossing Pouch!

Happy Saturday! Did you know you can make an anti-static embossing pouch that tops anything you can buy for free? well you can! All you need is a scrap of thin fabric and a Tablespoon of cornstarch or cornstarch based baby powder. Cut a 5″x3″ piece of fabric, fold in half and sew up two of the sides to make a pouch. turn right-side-out, stamp a design on it if desired. Fill with corn starch and stitch closed. Easy peasy. If you don’t have a sewing machine, or if you want an quicker version simply cut a 6″ circle of fabric, place the corn starch in the center, gather up the edges of the fabric and secure with a rubber band. You are good to go! Rub this pouch on your paper before you heat emboss and it will keep the embossing powder from sticking where it shouldn’t. You can also rub a sheet of vellum with it before ink jet printing! Enjoy, you just saved $5-$10 on an embossing buddy!

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