Stamp School #10: Ideas for decorating insides & backs of cards & envelops!

Hi friends! I have a cardmaking tutorial for you where we will use the stamp positioner I showed you in SS#8 and we will talk about what to do with the insides and backs of cards. We will also use the clear embossing ink I showed you last week with chalk for a background, Fun!


You can do as much or as little as you like, here are some ideas in today’s video.


1/2 sheet of white cardstock
12″x12″ sheet of patterned paper
Altenew Vintage Flowers and Painted Butterflies
Funny Handmade card stamp: Judikins
Back of Card Stamps: EK Success
Spatters: Rubbernecker
Floral background: Cardmaking & Papercraft magazine freebie
Ink: Memento
Stamp positioner
Clear embossing ink

Let me know if you have any other techniques you want to learn on Stamp School!


Sorry if my photos look off this week, I just upgraded my computer and I am trying the photo editing software that came with it. I am trying to decide if I want to keep it or try to transfer my old software over. Do these photos look weird to you? Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Sending “Mice” Wishes!

Hi friends! Oh I do love a good stamp pun, don’t you?


I have to admit I am usually not a big user of cute stamps but I have loved the House Mouse stamps since my friend Tracey introduced me to them years ago, I stamped out a few of hers to color and I was hooked. Before you knew it I had my local stamp store (sadly, no longer in business) special ordering me stamps and one time I hit the mother lode at a yard sale and bought a bunch. Until recently you could only get House Mouse stamps mounted on wood, I have a lot of those and while they are beautiful sitting on my shelf they could be tricky to stamp because they were so detailed. I love that most of their designs are available in unmounted rubber now (and some even in clear sets with sentiments!) because I get the detail of the rubber but I can put them on my curved block (I am using a Mega Mount in my video but the Rock-a-blocks also work well and are much cheaper) and get a perfect impression every time. I have to say I wasted a lot of paper stamping those old wood mounted ones. Tip, if you have the wood mounted House Mouse Stamps you will get a great impression if you lay the stamp rubber side up on your table, ink it up and lay your trimmed cardstock on the rubber and rub the back of the paper. I had to mention that because I have lots of the wood mounted ones and they are too pretty to unmount LOL! Don’t you dare call Hoarders on me!

I will also share some fun coloring tips and tricks in today’s video!



  1. Use a curved block for better detail (I used the Mega Mount from Impression Obsession, Rock-a-Blocks from Crafters Companion are also good)
  2. I used a thin strip of wood from a hand plane to stamp my sentiment on.
  3. Experiment layering your coloring media for rich colors!


I hope you learned some cool tips and tricks that you can use on your next card! Please note that links to Hallmark Scrapbook are affiliate links and I earn a small percentage of sales made through the links, you do not pay more by clicking through the links but you help support these free video tutorials. Thanks so much for spending some time with me today and tl next time happy crafting!

Stamp School 9: Branching out with heat embossing!

Hi friends! Wow, I thought I would only do 8 weeks of stamp school but I am having so much fun, I hope you are too! We really did a lot with a few basic supplies and today I want to add another helpful set of supplies to the mix: embossing powders. They are great for resist effects and adding a look of class and professionalism to a project like these bookmarks we will make today:


This video is sponsored by ArtNeko, they have a cool bookmark kit that contains a gorgeous set of bookmark stamps, 10 bookmark sleeves and 10 tassels. I will also list all of the products I used a ‘la carte below. As a stamp school member you get 10% off any order or free shipping on orders over $50 if you mention “the frugal crafter” when ordering. I thank them for their support making this summer Stamp School series free for everyone!

Now, on to the video!

OK, that was a lot of info on embossing, it might bore the long time stampers but beginners need to know this stuff!

For heat embossing you will need:
Embossing powder
Clear embossing ink or pigment ink
Bookmark stamps
Gingko Leaves stamps
Washi Paper
Bookmark plastic sleeves

How to Heat Emboss:
1. Dust paper with embossing pouch (cornstarch, baby powder, or talc)
2. Stamp image with clear embossing ink, pigment ink or glycerin.
3. Sprinkle with embossing powder.
4. Heat with a heat gun.

I hope you liked this addition to stamp school, I think heat embossing gives you a lot of bang for your buck and makes all the stamps you have more versatile. Embossing powder can be found at any large craft store. Thanks to ArtNeko for sponsoring this post and thank you for reading it! Happy crafting!

Make Your Own Ombre ink pads!

Hi friends! We are still in a heat wave in the northeast. I spent the afternoon at the lake with my sister and our kids, it was much better than staying home and fighting with my computer (I want to render a fabulous new stamp school video for you and it wants to come up with exceedingly new and clever ways to make me have a nervous breakdown. Good times.) The beach won this afternoon but now I am back fighting with the computer. I have decided that I am getting new software (and probably a bottle of wine.) Anyway, yesterday I made an awesome video, you know, the kind that just turn out well and I don’t have to edit anything. about making ombre ink-pads.  It is cheap, you probably have the stuff you need and if not you can get the supplies to make about 12 for $10, roughly the price of one store-bought ink-pad. That’s cool! Watch the video to see how!



  • Student grade watercolors ($5 for a box of 18 Maries brand)
  • Cut-n-Dry Foam (Ranger, $6 a 8″x10″ sheet regular price)
  • Plastic packaging
  • Tape
  • A flat container like a plastic Tupperware, clam-shell packaging or take out container, use what you have!
  • Old credit card or plastic spoon for spreading the paint.

DIY ink pad directions:
You can make the pads any size you want but I like to make mine 1 1/2″x4″, you can get about 12 from one sheet this way.

1. Glue foam to plastic packaging material.
2. Add tape handles.
3. Add paint on top and use a credit card to work the paint into the surface.
4. Stamp.
5. If the ink pad is to dry add a spritz of water and or more paint.

I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy DIY! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Quick Gift Tags With Layering Stamps!

Howdy friends! Wow, what a weekend, the weather was glorious! I went to the pond today and blissfully floated in the water for an hour and then read for another hour on the beach, so nice! I like the hot weather, and we have had a very pleasant summer so far but the weather has not been really hot until this week. Yesterday I took a break from the sunshine and went down to my comfy cool studio and played with some stamps.


I am using the new(ish) layering stamps and inks from Altenew. They are a fairly new company that has become really popular because of their highly detailed, easy to use layering stamps. I have another project using the butterflies here in case you missed it. I find that these allow me to create really quick projects and they are really fun to use. The key is to use a couple of shades of the same color ink, if you do not have a great selection of ink I recommend “stamping off” your medium color to get a light shade as I demonstrated in this video.


You can find the stamps and ink at Hallmark Scrapbook for a great price and the tags I used are from Papermart. So, is it hot where you live? Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Stamp School #8! Scoring, Reinking and using a Stamp Positioner!

Hi friends! Today in stamp school I will answer some of your questions and show you some basics that we have not covered yet:

  1. How to Re-ink an inkpad.
  2. How to score cardstock before folding.
  3. How to use a stamp positioner and how to make one with Legos!
  4. 4. How to draw a banner and sentiment.

Video! We will also color a sock monkey, yay!

Let me know if you have any questions you would like answered in stamp school, I can’t believe we have completed 8 weeks so far. I plan on branching out with now other supplies so you can see if they are something you want to add, like embossing powder, regular colored pencils and alcohol markers. I will also give options for the materials we have been using as well. Let me know if you have any suggestions! Happy crafting!

…and then I gave up and cleaned the ‘fridge.

Hi friends! Is there something in the air the last couple of days? Is there some big Muse Convention stealing away my creativity? Full moon maybe? I love making bookmarks, I usually find them fun and carefree to make. Fun and carefree go right out the window when your laminator decides to eat them. The other title of this blog post was going to be “The Laminator Ate My Homework.” Mamma said there’d be days like this…well, not exactly like this but you get the point…


I hope you learned something or at least got a laugh:) If I ever felt the need to apologies for a video, this would be the one.


  • Large Shipping tags
  • Wizard of OZ Stamps by Carmens Veranda and Lost Coast Designs
  • Tree background stamp
  • Stencil (A moldy oldie from Club Scrap)
  • Fibers (that’s just fancy yarn)
  • Hole punch
  • Laminator or contact paper or packing tape is desired
  • paper for backing the tag if you like


In case you were wondering I did call it a day after this video and I went upstairs and cleaned the fridge, then I went to the grocery store and filled the clean fridge. After all I can’t be a slacker housewife and a slacker artist all in the same day:) If you were in a creative funk I hope it has passed! Thankfully mine did, til next time happy crafting!


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