Awesome Freebie at Peppermint Creative!

Check out this kit!

You can download it here. They have a great kit every month for free! you do have to go through the store to grab it but once you set up an account you can quickly download their freebies and they don’t charge you a penny!

freebie from peppermint creative
freebie from peppermint creative

If the thought of Computer scrapbooking scares you check out this free easy to use software by Scrapbook Flair. I started out with this a couple of years ago and when I got the hang of it I switched to Paint Shop Pro. BTW you can always get the next to last version of PSP at for $20 instead of $100. They drop the price when the new version comes out!

Have fun with the freebies,


3 thoughts on “Awesome Freebie at Peppermint Creative!

  1. I belong to Peppermint but sometimes forget about the Freebee! I just downloaded it! I really have to get more into Digi…I’m waiting for my software to get here…that would help! lol Thanks for the reminder about Peppermint! I’m going to check out Scrapbook Flair, too! I’ve thought about that for a while but never officially went thru with it


  2. Thanks for the info! I just downloaded it…it’s very pretty. I only use DIgi once in a while (use Scrapbook Flair)…especially when I have lots of photos on a LO.


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