REview of Graphitint Paint & a Livestream Demo Today!

Hi friends! I just wanted to give you a heads up on a live tutorial I will have at 12 noon ET on YouTube using the Graphitint paint pans and pencils. We will paint a bunch of fossils. This livestream is appropriate for all ages and a reply will be available afterward if you can’t join live. But first I have a review of these products if you were curios about them.

Features/Pros of Graphitint:

  • Muted color palette (A mix of water-soluble graphite and color)
  • Granulating in wet washes Great for moody, cold, and desaturated landscapes.
  • Open stock available Paint available in 12 colors, pencils in 24
  • Affordable compared to traditional watercolor
  • Good lightfastness on most colors


  • In a sketchbook the graphite can transfer to the facing page

Explore the range (Affiliate links to blick and Amazon used)

That’s all for now! See you later for the livestream! Happy crafting!

Podcast: The Cycle of Precious

Hi friends! Have you ever wondered why you don’t use your favorite art supplies? Research shows the longer we wait to use a possession the less likely we ever will. How sad is that? I can’t bear to think of my art supplies never being used. How about you? That’s the topic of today’s podcast. How about playing with some of your forgotten supplies as you have a listen!

Happy crafting!

PS if you are reading this in the future and a newer podcast is in the player above you can go to my podcast page and see all of my podcasts.

Let’s Draw Knitting Hands in Mixed Media!

Hi friends! I created this painting for the Inktober prompt “loop.”

You can find a real-time version of this tutorial, along with others (68 total!) and monthly art prompts over in Critique Club. The cost is $5 a month and you can cancel anytime. You can also upload up to 2 paintings a month for feedback from me. I’d love to have you as a Critique Club member.

Supplies (Affiliate links used)

That’s all for today! I should have a new podcast episode up later today as well as a new cardmaking video on YouTube if you want some more crafty goodness. Happy crafting!

Sat Chat (really it is)

Hi friends! The intro is a bit confusing but rest assured, it is Saturday and we a re chatting!


  • Speaking of Critique Club (LOL, nice intro huh?) The full-length mixed-media knitting hands tutorial along with others (68 total!) and monthly art prompts over in Critique Club. The cost is $5 a month and you can cancel anytime. You can also upload up to 2 paintings a month for feedback from me. I’d love to have you as a Critique Club member.
  • My box with Papercraft Society is coming soon! Details here.
  • The Antiquarian sticker book: *Affiliate links used
  • You can sign up for my FREE Michaels class here. It will be on November 16th.

You can mix Alcohol Markers with Watercolor crayons for awesome results!

Hi friends! Today I hosted a livestream on YouTube and we painted this:

Here is a replay. I stopped a few times to take questions from viewers so if you want to scroll past those moments feel free:) I hope you enjoy this relaxed lesson and hopefully paint along!

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BTW A real-time lesson for the knitting hands painting I showed in the video is up in Critique Club. Happy crafting!

A DEmo of an Inktober marker drawing

Hi friends! This week for sketchbook Sunday (a day late on the blog I know LOL!) I decided to share the creating of the inktober prompt “Compass.”

You can see all of my Inktober daily drawings on Instagram. You can look at them even if you don’t have an account. I will do a wrap-up here at the end of the month though if you would rather wait. The prompts this year have been quite challenging but that’s what I like. It gets me out of my hum-drum typical box and has me doing drawings I otherwise wouldn’t. I think I’ve enjoyed this years challenge more than I have before. In the past there were many days where doing the challenge was just another task in a long to-do list but this year it has felt like a joyful treat I get to do when my other work is done. Isn’t it funny how our mindset can change?

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Thanks for stopping by today! If you are taking part in Inktober let me know! I hope you are having a fun time with it. Until next time happy crafting!

How Long does out work need to last? Sat Chat & a New Podcast Episode!

Hi friends,

I am a day late with the Sat chat, sorry ’bout that (hey, it rhymes!)

I go further into the topic of archivalability in this weeks podcast too:

Stuff I mentioned:

I hope you are having a great weekend and til next time happy crafting!

The Making of a Mixed Media Painting

Hi friends! Today I am going to show you how I made an atmospheric background on which I would later use other art media on top.

Check out the video, it’s real time and quick so if you have a spare 15 minutes you can give it a try!

Supplies Affilate Links Used

After the paper was dry I took my Arrtx Alp grey tone marker pack (because it has a great selection of warm and cool greys that are all logically numbered) and defined the tops of the buildings. I also decided to play with the sky a bit and use some soft pastels. Then I added some fine liners and pastel pencils to the front row of buildings.

At this point I was kind of afraid of messing it up but I thought it needed more so I sketched on some birds with pastel pencil and then went over them with a waterbrush filled with ink to make them blacker and crisper.

So what do you think? Do you like how I finished it off or should I have quit while I was ahead? I’m happy with it and it was a lot of fun! If you are looking for something fun and artsy to do next month why not join me for Paintsgiving on Sktchy! *This link includes a $5 discount when you add the class to your cart but if you don’t see it use coupon code: WeirichPG Regular price is $39.99, with discount $34.99. Offer good on Paintsgiving class. Happy crafting!

New Podcast Episode: Business vs hobby

“You should sell that!”

Hi friends, How many times had a friend or relative said that to you? How many times have sad that to another artist or crafter? We all mean well and when we say that we honestly thing the craft has value but those words can put a lot of pressure on a maker. In today’s podcast we will discuss if you should try and turn your hobby into a side hustle or if you should keep it for the pure enjoyment it provides.

What do you think? Do you sell your work or does the mere through of it stress you out? Let me know in the comments below! Happy crafting!