Another Alcohol Marker Cupcake! Rainbowy

Hi friends! Here is a colorful cupcake for you!

Watch the video and learn how!

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I hope this art cheers you up! Happy crafting!

Floral Facemasks

Plain white cotton face masks get a stylish upgrade with a little creativity from you! We will use Inktense on fabric to make permanent reusable masks. You can also use these techniques to decorate t-shirts and other cloth items! Watch the video to see how!

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The only think you really want to pay attention to if your mask has a nose wire and your design has “right way up” is to make sure the nose wire is t the top when you paint so the mask will the right side up when you wear it. Happy crafting!

Easter Cards To Make Using Older Supplies!

I love to use up older supplies. It validates the stuff be bought years ago and held on to. If you have some oldies in your stash that you want to give new life to read on!

I start with patterned paper and then pull the embellishments and do any stamping and coloring to match. I like to make envelopes with the pattern paper and then use the scraps to decorate the cards. To make the envelopes simply measure corner to corner, add one inch to that measurement and cut a square that size. Then fold the points around the card. This will work for any square or rectangle card! Watch the video to see it done!

I also have the habit of making embellishments. I think I enjoy making embellishments more than finished cards sometimes so it’s easy to end up with too many. I went through quite a crochet flower phase about 12 years ago and I am still enjoying the bounty LOL!

Here is a list of supplies I used in this video. Many things are discontinued but I used affiliate links if they are still available. Fee free to substitute with what you have. (If you are making Easter cards today you will probably have to LOL!)

I also have tutorials for my DIY supplies (warning, the crochet flower one is OLD!)

As you can see I was pretty late to the Easter card making game this year. They have not been sent out yet, I might try to hand some out or just save them for next year and be ahead for once, what do you think?

I hope you have a great weekend and till next time “hoppy” crafting!

Drawing Apples in a Bag in Colored Pencil Real Time Tutorial

Hi friends, yesterday I hosted a live tutorial for this project on my YouTube chanel.

You can watch the replay in the player below.

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I hope you have some time to paint along, it’s a fun one! Happy crafting!

If you need me I’ll be in my blanket fort coloring…

Hi friends! Have you ever wished you could be a kid again? This week I decided to grab some kids crayons and see what they can do!

Watch the video to see how it went and feel free to grab a box of crayons and join me!

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PS I am going to try and do a livestream tomorrow, most likely early afternoon but I will try to notify on social media. I will be sure to post a replay here but subscribe to me on YouTube or Instagram if you want a heads up before I go live. I have switched to livestreaming on my phone because it works better but I can schedule it that way (I don’t think anyway LOL!)

Happy crafting (and coloring!)

Let’s Try Brusho! (and other watercolor powders)

Today we are going to play with fun, spontaneous and vibrant watercolor pigment powders!

You can find a real-time version of this lesson in Critique Club.

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This was fun to paint, I hope you enjoyed it and consider trying it! Happy crafting!

Sat Chat Time!

It was a busy week! Hear all about it!


Happy crafting!

Derwent Chromaflow Colored Pencil Review

Hi friends, Today I have a review of the new Derwent Chromaflow colored pencils. They are made in Britain like the other artist quality pencils from Derwent however they are only available in India and the United States right now. There isn’t any info about them that I could find on the Derwent Website but there was some Q &A on the Amazon Sales page. I reached out to my contact at Derwent when I saw these were available to check if they were legit and she confirmed that they were. She also said that they are initially going to launched in India and USA and sent me some for review. So, without further Ado here is the review!

Derwent Chromaflow Colored Pencils are available in tins of 12 and 24 at Blick and Amazon *Affiliate links used.


  • Vibrant Soft 3.5mm wax based cores
  • Highly mixable for infinite colors
  • Good coverage with little pressure (good for weak or arthritic hands as long as the skinny barrel isn’t a problem)
  • Sharpens well in a small hole sharpener (if you don’t have a small hole sharpener use a shallow point sharpener)


  • Skinny barrel
  • No open stock availability as of yet
  • No lightfast ratings as of yet but the company says lightfastness is similar to other Derwent pencils
  • Only 24 colors
  • Only Available in USA and India currently

Bottom line: I like these a lot as someone who prefers a softer pencil. These are similar to Coloursoft but these mix in fewer layers rather than blend and seems to have a bit less waxy bloom. It is a very small difference but with this limited color range mixing is important. I hope they come out with more colors and I’d love for them to have a larger barrel like other Derwent pencils. they are a bit more budget-friendly than Coloursoft but not much. Given that and the fact there are no open stock colors I’d recommend Coloursoft over these but I would change my mind if open stock, lightfast ratings and a larger range were available. Still, this is a great versatile set and not a bad addition to any artist’s pencils bag. I hope this answers any questions you might have about these elusive pencils and til next time happy crafting!

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